April 3rd, 2005


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Where does everyone get their news?

I am tired of hearing important news things in live journal. I used to read the newspaper everyday at work, but I can't at my new job. I need some dort of online newspaper. One that I can go to, not one that gets sent to me.

And because I want something as unbiased as possible, I don't want just a local network news webpage (KOIN, FOX, etc.). I have been reading Wikipedia news (http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Main_Page), but it only shows maybe three stories, doesn't change often enough, and has too many other things on the page.

Maybe there is something customizable? Something I could have local news too?

DammPortlanders, Where do you get your news?
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I want to do something really special for my boyfriend. Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary, and we couldn't do much, as opposed to go to a movie. We've been through alot these past few months, and I really want to do something to make him happy. However, money is definitely an issue, and if I do something, I want it to be affordable, but sweet. Any ideas as to what to do around the Portland area? Thank you so much.

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so another question-

Would any AAA member here be willing to go with me to get some maps? I used to have AAA, but it has since expired (along with my car). I had a nice collection of maps of the area, but they have all been lost on our many adventures around Oregon.

Or alternatively, does anyone have a collection of maps they would part with? I would like them to be no more than 5 years old or so.

Or.... Does anyone have a map book to recommmend? something that includes foresty areas would be great. And cheap?

PS> Also, does anyone know if I can get maps from Oregon Recreation and Parks? I checked their website and couldn't find anything.
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Ok, girls - where to find wedding dresses. Need a place that has a decent selection, might even welcome walk-ins....

Of course price is a consideration.

However, so is quality, availability, and courteous salespeople.

Anyone you can recommend? I am really trying to steer her clear of David's, because I didn't have a good experience there....

Names/address/website would be great - we are both on the West Side, so that would be preferable.

thank you!

Looking for....

I am looking to start a monthly "salon" (Salon is the French word for "a bunch of smart, artsy people arguing about something topical"). I was thinking we could have each salon member bring a friend or two. We would announce a topic(book, music, etc) in advance, and choose somebody to be the moderator. The moderator would call on people who raise their hands (or fans for the ladies if you wanna be posh) to speak. The salon could rotate to a different person's house or apartment each month. That host provides a light dinner or appetizers. Invitees bring wine, brandy, etc.

Anyone think it sounds like a good idea? Anyone want to help?


Worky Work!

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EDIT - It is now 10:40pm. Time for me to go to bed. Hope ya'll enjoyed this post. And for you 18ers and under...talk to your parents about coming to the next meetup where we can discuss this further. Or just post and I'll read it tomorrow. Don't go past your bedtime's though!

Love ya! ~Slim~


Just a little note to all ya under 21er's out there...

I understand it "sucks" that you can't get into these awesome places or you can't drink legally at bars...yea, it sucks.  I was there too...BUT!...and this is a HUGE BUT...

How badly would it suck if the 21+ bars and clubs all of a sudden made the shows all ages?  How bad would the entertainment be?  What would you look forward to when you turn 21?  Give us older people at least SOMETHING/SOMEPLACE to hang out in without having to listen to B. Spears and the like.  It only lasts a little while anyways until you guys get there.

Sheesh...18?  It's 3 damn years!  The world isn't gonna end, nor is all the bestest clubs gonna close.

You'll thank me when YOU get to be 21 and want to kill all the 16,17,18 year olds who want to club with you or hang out and have a few beers.

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Late-night shooting, news at 11:00

Last night I was visiting my friend Monica, who lives in an apartment in SE 28th just south of Steele. A little after midnight, as we were walking to her door, we saw, rising from the south, a huge column of smoke or fog, lit with a brilliant blue-green color. We walked towards it to investigate, speculating about toxic industrial spills or alien spaceship landings, and saw that it was coming from the Eastmoreland Golf Course.

A large group of people was milling around in the golf course, amid a collection of vans and ladders and rigging. They had a smoke machine that was responsible for the fog we'd seen, and a large bank of lights colored with blue and green gels. They also had a bunch of flood lights, and one giant balloon, easily four feet wide, floating from a string with a brilliant light inside, like a miniature moon on a string. Monica says she heard someone say "Action!", though I missed this. In any case, it was pretty clear that they were shooting a movie.

I don't think anyone there saw us - we were hanging back in the dark. A couple of Reed students, who'd seen the giant glowing orb while driving down the highway, came by too, and we all stayed and watched this for a while. We couldn't pick up much of what they were doing, but I did notice one detail: A man dressed all in a pure white suit, with a great mane of white hair, taking a colorful bunch of balloons on a string. If any such character should appear outdoors at night in some movie in the next couple of years, we'll know that we were there.

In the meantime, do any of you damnportlanders have any idea what this might have been about?