April 2nd, 2005

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Does anyone know if the nose studs they have at Milano's aren't too expensive. Or could anyone point me to a place where they aren't too expensive but they're good quality it would be wonderful. I already have it peirced I'm just looking for some new studs. Are there any places downtown?

New Boy here!

Hey everyone.

Just introducing myself here. Moved back in January and very happy to be back agian. So yeah, hello everyone, pleasant to meet you all.
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From CNN:


Pope John Paul II, the spiritual leader to more than 1 billion Catholics who spread his message worldwide in his 26-year papacy, has died, Vatican sources tell CNN. Details soon.
lily allen rules the world

Disgusting Lecherous Men.

Dear Disgusting Lecherous Men that I encountered while walking around West Burnside waiting for the doors to open for the Ash and The Bravery Concert-

Thank you for giving me my first highly unpleasant experience while walking around Portland. I've been doing it on and off since I was about 11 (although, I was rarely alone then), and I have not ever once had someone leer and cat call me until last night. I love that it didn't just happen once. I love that as I was walking back up to check on my car in the parking lot the first two of you were obviously drunk. I really enjoyed how you looked me up down and then asked if you could have my phone number to call me some time after your eyes finally settled on my chest. I of course said an emphatic "No!" and continued walking up the street only to have your equally as repulsive walking buddy say "You've got some big titties, there..."

Yes, I know I've got big "titties", thanks for observing it. You will never be seeing them outside of my shirt or my zipped up jacket (which I promptly did after I had been walking around with it open, hoping that it would make me look less inviting to cat calls, etc.)

The next pair I encountered where a bit more frightening even if it seemed less harmless. The drunken idiots accosted me during daylight...So I felt really uncomfortable walking around if that was going to happen and took refuge in Powells. It was about 7:30 when I decided to head back up and already fairly dark. As I was walking out of Powells, making my way back up to The Crystal Ballroom, I encountered the solicitors. They asked me if I wanted to donate money to some cause, which I probably would've liked to, except I am not so apt to contribute to people on the street asking for money unless you are a street performer. That applies to the nice homeless people who come and "converese" with people while waiting in line at The Crystal Ballroom. So, I tell them no thanks, annoyed that me averting my eyes, keeping my head down, and putting out the obvious signs of "don't talk to me" did not stop them from asking anyways. I haven't even made it past the second of the pair and then he asks "Well, then can I have your phone number to call you some time?"



not some vacant sex object who will swoon at your feet just because you oh my gosh! asked for my phone number and objectified me.

Why do men do this? Just because I am a woman who is out walking around and breathing does not mean that you have done anything to warrant asking for my phone number, let alone recieving it. This technique will never work. Ever. Why do you feel the need to make the women you are accosting feel so uncomfortable? I was just minding my own business...me wearing makeup and having breasts is not an invitation to hit on me. If we were in some social situation, like a club, or whatever...maybe. That allows for some converstation...but anyways. Back to my point. This was fucking balls. I normally don't feel very intimidated by people when I'm walking on the street, but just finally living on my own it has come to bother me. Plus, having it happen two times in one night really not so much upset me, but just made me feel really angry.
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market research anyone?

Hey guys, guess what :D
i got a job, and now we're looking for some people ok?
here's the shpeel:

"We're looking for Caucasian fathers in Beaverton between the ages of 21 and 39 to participate in a paid focus group dealing with educational issues. The group is on Monday evening, at the Lloyd Center and we've got 2 more spots to fill. It pays 75$ cash for 2 hours and light refreshments will be served. If interested, please call 503-281-1270 and mention the Monday focus group for parents. We'll be in the office until 7pm."

so we're trying to get the last 2 people in today so if you could give a call ASAP. if we fill it then i get to go home :D and all of you want that for me :D

if you want to be on the database for the market research stuff, i can hook you up with that too. just say you want to be on the database when you call and like magic, we'll get you in the computer :D

stop it

Geek tools.

I need a CAT5 crimper, a punch tool, wire stippers, and a couple of small screwdrivers for class. I can pick up the last two at my micro-sized Fred Meyer without any problems, but need help finding the other two. Preferably with pink handles so they don't get jacked, but I'll take what I can get. I've seen them at Radio Shack, but was unamused by the price and the quality. I've also heard Home Depot has them sometimes, but I haven't had a chance to look.

Good places to find things like that? I prefer close in, but I'm willing to travel if Tri-Met can get me there. Fry's is not really an option because I can't get to Wilsonville easily, and I'd like to pick them up this weekend. I've got a set I'm borrowing, but I want my own.

patsy stone thanxgiving

a perplexing question part 3683758385

(similar x-posted to my own journal)

so why is it that the nicer you are to someone, the worse they treat you?

example: a romantic relationship

why is it that your bf/gf treated their ex gf/bf (who treated them shitty) better than they treat you? (who treats very nice)??

something i hear time after time and it doesn't make sense to me...someone please explain??

and as for Terri Schiavo thing....
I'm also inspired to do a living will.. (as I have read down below in someone else's post..:-) )
fuck it

Observation from Rainy days...

I noticed this the other day when we were having our non stop rain...

Why do people in Portland who have umbrellas STILL walk under the overhangs where people that don't have them for whatever reason walk? I couldn't find my umbrella and I got the dirtiest looks from umbrella having people who had to lift their umbrella slightly so they didnt hit me in the head as I was walking by.

Am i the only one this happens to?

What is the point of walking under the overhangs if you already have an umbrella?!
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PSU Farmer's Market

I'm glad the farmer's market is back...Got some good Chevrie and Jams...

I released a book there if anyone wants it...

"Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind"

info: http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/2641396/J_3766674

Pics of Drop-off: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/pdx_bookcrossing/album?.dir=/cfb3&.src=ph

Turban Varga
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Bus/van rentals for weddings...

I need to rent a large van and/or bus for a wedding this summer that's out in Oxbow Park (kinda out in the boonies, near Gresham), since many of my friends don't drive and/or don't own vehicles, and there's not really any public transportation that goes out there.

Do you have recommendations for van/bus rentals? Hopefully something in the super cheap to cheap price range... Thanks for any recs!

Do you have an unused room or basement in your house?

My girlfriend and I are looking for a place to stay this summer after our last housing fell through. We're pretty desperate and need a place for May 15-July 15, with the end date being somewhat flexible. We have a small calm cat who will stay in our room and who has claw caps and we are extremely unobtrusive. Looking to pay between $200-$400 per month for a place, anywhere in Portland. We really need the help, will stay anywhere in a house, a basement or whatever. We just need the place for those two months. Please help us out, by e-mailing flower@reed.edu. We will be not trouble, will not bother you, and did I mention we are desperate! Help!

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