April 1st, 2005

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On a completely seperate note,.. Letterboxing

Does anyone here letterbox?
Can you suggest a few urban boxes (downtown would rock,.. not a driver or cycle owner at the moment)
that would be good to begin with.
I found one listed for pge park,..
and theres a missing one listed for the eastbank esplinade,..
any others in portland proper worth checking out?
I am making those two my first two stops.

I need a ride up to Meadows tomorrow morning!

Anyone going? I can supply gas money, obscure Japanese electronica CD's, nature's finest glaucoma medicine, accordion jokes, honey roasted cashews, sub-par navigational $kilz, I'll even hike to the lodge to get the sno-park permit!

There's going to be like a foot of new up there... and I am not sure it's wise to take The Ambassador up there, he's old and cranky...
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good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

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Where is the best place in Portland or surrounding areas to get get fresh veggies? All during my pregnancy I've been wanting raw veggies, but of course the supermarkets aren't selling the freshest produce.
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Worky Work!

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Pope died

Yay...I'm the first to post in DP about it! WOOT!

EDIT - It looks as if Bush called in a favor, and traded Shiavo for the Pope - the ol' bastard is still kicking and spewing out "gays are evil and against human nature, burn them."


EDIT 2 - How so funny and cool and media awesomish would it be if the Pope didn't leave a living will and we had to put a feeding tube in and keep him alive with respirators and shit!?! I can't wait for George W. to try and pass legislation for that, gaining custody of the Pope! Take THAT Italy!

Not Pope related

So, I have some news to share with you, if you will allow me to dredge up the whole Terry Schiavo deal again for a bit.

I have found out where Michael Schiavo will be burying the ashes of his wife. This was a big secret because the other side of the family was going to crash it bringing the media and shit with them.

Anyway, I am sharing the location with you, Damn Portlanders. Please keep the secret safe.

Terry Schiavo will be laid to rest in the garden with the other vegetables.


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Friends, enemies, cow-orkers...Please be kind. Slim, you know your craving for Sprite Ice? I have a similar one for Ben & Jerry's Dastardly Mash, but sadly it is made no more. However, they have a poll to resurrect a flavor from the Flavor Graveyard.

Go, please. Go and vote for Dastardly Mash. Pimp this, ask your friends to vote for Dastardly Mash. I ask so little....


...but if it wins, we could all enjoy the chocolately raisiny goodness!

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If you don't know you don't care
but Spring Scoot starts tonight!

Just thought I'd say the itinerary
is finally up at www.twistnplay.com

I even invested in an Arai for the occasion
ooo baby
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My Philosophy class last term discussed some religion and knowledge. One of the discussions led to how Christians believe in having free will but God knows what we're going to do.

Does this mean we really have free will? If God said "Jones will mow his lawn next week," doesn't it imply that now Jones has to mow the lawn? He cannot decide to go play golf because that would make God wrong. Therefore God would not be omniscient!

What is your take on that discussion? Let's have some smarty mcsmart conversation.

So Gay

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Tomorrow night will be another meet-up for the Let's Go Eat! Club. Come join us!

Ok, everyone, here are the details. Tomorrow night, 7pm at Le Bistro Montage:

301 SE Morrison
Portland, OR 97214

Cross Street: SE 3rd (It's right under the East end of the Morrison Bridge).

For those budget-conscious eaters, check out the bottom of the menu on their website, where the mac and cheese varieties are all around $5-8. And, they now take Credit Cards! Woohoo! You may find it easier, however, to bring cash. You can access their website and check out reviews/recommendations at: Le Bistro Montage on Citysearch.com

No reservations can be made, so we will just play it by ear. Please let us know if you are coming so we know how many to expect. This should be a lot of fun! We'll see you all there! :::crosses fingers:::

We're WALKING tonight

Hey kids, due to the rain, we decided not to ride bikes. We’re still hitting the town, smearing our painted faces on unsuspecting drinkers, raising our glasses to April Fools, and creating general havoc everywhere.

SO -

Meet us at The Boiler Room (228 Nw Davis St) This Friday, April 1st at 9 PM.

We'll hang out and wait until the other clown tribes arrive and then we’ll breeze off to Kelly’s Olympian to catch the rockin' good sounds of Pillow Fight! http://www.pillowfightrocks.com


And then we WALK all over town, stirring up trouble, breaking hearts, and toasting the town.

Rain or shine.

- Stumbles the Clown.

Check out our last ride:

Blue Veil Swoop

Belly Dance Show Tonight at Baladna

If you're looking for something fun and different, check out the Belly Dance show tonight at Baladna (the restaurant formerly known as Kolbeh).

Here's the address:
Baladna (the restaurant formerly known as Kolbeh)
11830 Kerr Pkwy Lake Oswego, OR 97035-1249

Tonight's show starts at 8 and features live Middle Eastern music and performances by great local dancers. There are also lots of opportunities for the crowd to get up and dance, too.

This is a fun restaurant with excellent food and drinks and a friendly atmosphere.

The Viscount Dance Studios' Belly Dance Instructor Tiffany is hosting this Community dance night on the 1st Friday of every month featuring live music by Hilmi and a guest drummer.

This month's line-up includes: Magidah, JuJu, Vee, Graciella, Karissa, Tiffany, and more.

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Worky Work!

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Sorry for the excessive posting...you may hate me if you wish.

Tickets to Breaking Benjamins at the Roseland? Is Doubletee.com the official website? I can't seem to find roseland's official site. This is the only one that keeps coming up in Search Engines.

Anyways...do you have tickets? Know where I can buy them? I'll try craigslist in a second, yes, thank you for that help.


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I KNOW someone has posted about this, yet every time I do a search I come up with nothing. what is the address / contact info of that student psychology clinic?

does anyone know any sliding scale psychiatrists? I need a psychiatrist (preferably covered by lifewise, if anyone has it and has a psychiatrist), but I am already stretched thin with other medical bills.


Would anyone like to join me in a bank robbery? I need money but I don't want to work, and, well, banks have the bling bling so I figured what the hell. Enough of us take 'em on and we can do it! We'll need ski-masks, wooden bats.. no no... GUNS maybe. And uhh, someone to hold the doors open on the MAX so we can run inside. Because chances are we can't afford cars if we're robbing banks, right? Right?

April Fools.

cheap hotels/motels in Seaside??

Hello, my boyfriend just got back from basic training and we would like to go to Seaside for a night. Does any one know of any cheap hotel/motels for one Saturday night in Seaside? We don't care about looks or anything like that, we just need a place to stay Saturday night. Somewhere close (within a mile or so) to the beach would be nice.
Thank you in advance!!
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April 1st

You know, I've got as good a sense of humor as the next guy... and April 1st can really be something to look forward to, as people and organizations of all stripes work hard to create a gag that's shocking, but still within the bounds of believability enough to make you do a double take. LiveJournal saying they're bringing in banner ads for the extra revenue, Google saying they're increasing each user's storage capacity to "infinity plus one," APOD announcing water on Mars, etc.

I think the Vatican is taking it a bit far this year, though.
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What can any of you super kiddos tell me about Noir? Smoking/non? Nice venue? Full bar? Et alia?

We're going tonight to see cartoons and rock (Trevino is so dreamy!).
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Join Us for Free Cone Day (April 19th)

Ben & Jerry’s Hawthorne http://www.benjerry.com/hawthorne/
1428 S.E. 36th Avenue
Portland , OR 97214

Ben & Jerry’s Uptown Center http://www.benjerry.com/uptowncenter/
39 NW 23rd Place
Portland, OR 97210

Ben & Jerry’s Yamhill http://www.benjerry.com/yamhill/
524 SW Yamhill
Portland, OR 97204

Freya The Ferret Update

Thanks to all of you who helped with your donations.

Freya is on her 5th day of aggressive treatment. She was diagnosed with nonregenerative anemia, which means she is not making red blood cells on her own. Her PCV (red blood cell percentage) was down to 7% (normal is 38-52).

Luckily there is a VERY good Ferret Doc. in town and he started her on .12 mg(?) of Prednazone 2x daily, an iron supplement and epoetin injections(sub-cutaneous)every other day (I am SO glad I know how to do sub-cue injections!). We were able to avoid transfusion but the vet bill was still well over $450.00.

Tomorrow at 11:30am we have another blood test which I believe will show vast improvement. Her gums are pink, she is eating like a horse, she bit the cat today(this is a good sign), and she is starting to get some "poing!" back in her.

Once again thank you so much to everyone who kept her in their thoughts and threw in a few bucks.
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the larger issue at hand

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I wanna VCR.

Preferably stereo, with remote, inexpensive. SONY, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, other name brands. (read: no JCPenny stuff or something you found on the side of the road and never plugged in.)

My roommate moved out, with VCR, and the new ones don't have a VCR. But we have lots of tapes! LOTS! And I promise they are all from PBS.


love, joy, anarchy
-mama j

Used book stores.....

Hey damned Portlanders. So, I am wondering what everyone's favourite used bookstores are in this city (asides from Powell's, that's too easy).
I myself have recently discovered Cameron's downtown. It's one of those crowded crowded bookstores, with lots of great deals (and 35 cent racks outside).

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the brakes in my car dont work so i need to get it towed to a mechanic. AAA will only tow it so far before i have to pay a bunch, but i dont know anything about mechanics in portland. this is where all you wonderful people come in...

can anyone tell me a good mechanic that wont try to take advantage of a young female that knows nothing about cars near lloyd center?

thanks in advance.

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