March 31st, 2005

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Does anyone know if there's a way to turn OFF the damn pop-up ads in AIM?
I mean, aside from using something different like Trillian, which gets broken every other day anyway...
straigt up gangsta

new and improved

i now have a baseball cap that, very discreetly on the back, says "cheekyassmonkey".

if you see me, try not to make an ass of yourself, k?

i was hoping it might get panned at the game last night, but no such luck.  the rockets were a thing of beauty to watch, btw.  i hope the blazers were taking notes.

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kayak, fishing, kayaking

deli cups...

anyone know where i can find deli cups like these?

One of my scorpions had babies this week and i'm going to need lil homes for them next month

something tells me the safeway deli department won't just give me 40 of them
suppose i could try costco... not something i've actually LOOKED for...
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The stress is just about killing me

Am I ever going to find a job?
1. I am 19 with no solid work history or experience (I volunteered at a doggy daycare, goodwill, and had a summer internship - all in MA)
2. I do not have a license so it must be somewhat easy to get to via trimet. (I live in the Tanasbourne/Hillsboro area)
3. I am very shy around strangers.

But I am very good with computers, numbers, words, and kids.

It's so frustrating. I've been looking for a job since March of last year. I've applied to at least 50 places, gotten 2 interviews, and no job. I'm pretty much willing to do anything at this point. Is the economy really that bad or am I just a bad candidate?

room for rent - ne alberta & 50th - asap

hello everyone I am looking to find a roommate for my house on Alberta I have an ad on portland
We need someone for april 1st.
the room is big and only $300/mo.
deposit is $50 for the room and $50 per cat.
we already have 2 cats and don't really want any more.
Also no dogs allowed.
We need someone who is kid friendly,(we have 2 four-year olds,in the house.)
Also we would prefer a vegetarian or vegan.
You Must be Queer/trans friendly.
We are a very communal and creative household, and are seeking like-minded eco-friendly people.
please get back to me if you or someone you know is looking for a house in N.E.
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Credit Card

Hi DP'ers,
What's a good credit card (VISA/MC Only) to have? I'm tired of my existing credit card (Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa) because they randomly decline my credit card from time to time, they don't offer an autopayment feature (you can still do it online but you have to remember to go online and make the payment), they charge an annual fee of $39, it now takes more money to get a rapid rewards credit, if you don't accumulate enough rapid rewards points in a year, they expire, their hold times for customer service are 30+ min when their software says 7 minutes to go.

I'm specifically looking for a new VISA/MC credit card with cash back or air mileage, friendly customer service, autopayment of bills, little to no annual fee, no expiration fee for your miles/points.

Thanks in advance.
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Nick Rhodes, vanity

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The return of the Portland Farmers Market for 2005--starting this Saturday at PSU.

2. My employer's subsidization of employee Tri-Met passes (which is good until August of this year)--especially in the face of fare hikes beginning tomorrow.

3. Walking through a valley of tall, grey, concrete buildings in the rainstorm on Monday, and being reminded of the ambience in Blade Runner.

4. Last Thursday happening this evening on NE Alberta.

5. Going to sleep at night with the sounds of the rain falling outside my window.
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Looking for an optometrist and dentist.


I am on a mission for a good optometrist, specifically one who prescribes contact lenses as opposed eyeglasses.

I am also on the hunt for a dentist - I haven't been in YEARS so, preferably, someone who isn't going to ream me a new one cause my teeth are so poor.

Both need to take SafeCo insurance (crappy, yes, but better than nothing).

Any leads would be GREATLY appreciated.

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(no subject)

Award-winning author Jonathon Kozol is coming to the University of Portland to speak on "The Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation: Unequal Education in the U.S. Public Schools." The event is free and open to the public and is set for 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 5 in the Earle A. and Virginia H. Chiles Center on the University of Portland campus, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd.

(Author of Savage Inequalities...among other great books.)
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Amy Goodman in Portland

Join Amy Goodman for "The Exception to the Rulers" Tour!
Internationally acclaimed journalist Amy Goodman --host of the national
daily radio/TV program Democracy Now!-- is on a national tour to mark
the launch of her first book "The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing
Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them."

Support independent media.

Saturday, April 2, 1:00PM
Bagdad Theater
3702 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214

This event is free

Social Security

I am about 30 years away from retirement. Nay-sayers say that Social Security will be defunct WAY before then. SO, why does my SS statement still insist that I'll be receiving approx. $1000 per month, depending on when I retire? Wistful thinking? Voodoo retirement funds?
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Do you have Friday morning/afternoon free?

Want to play with horses?
We need some volunteers tommorrow!!!!
Lessons run from 12:30pm to 7pm. You'd need to be here around 12pm.

Blue Heaven Academy is a riding academy that does hippotherapy (horse therapy) for disabled persons. They don't discriminate based on disability, so we have everything from head injuries, to palsy, to mild ADHD. The kids are a blast to work with. Eventually, they're going to start doing corporate-trainings, things like trust-building exercises, etc.

Blue Heaven is located near Estacada in Eagle Creek. It takes me about 45-55 minutes to drive out there from SE Portland, it might take you about an hour if you don't know where you're going the first time.

If you ever feel uncomfortable about a client's disability, that's not a problem, you can take a break or help out elsewhere in the barn. Most of the clients are pretty high in cognitive awareness, they're mostly learning to walk again after an injury or something like that. There's no clients I've had with major physical deformities or anthing like that (aside from some scoliosis). So, if you're not super used to working around people with disabilities, it's an easy transition.

You can volunteer as a one-time deal or you can do it regularly or irregularly, whenever is convenient for you. There is no minimum time commitment and it's a really relaxed atmosphere. The stable is willing to work with schools for work-study where the school pays you for time spent doing non-profit work. This is also a great opportunity if you're studying physical therapy, etc.

Volunteers do NOT have to have any horse experience, though it's VERY helpful. We can show you how to do everything. Volunteers help groom horses, tack them up (put on saddles, etc), and then side-walk with the clients (walk next to the horse/client during the lesson). Some clients can sit up on their own, others need a little help and the volunteers just make sure that if the client is going to lose balance the volunteers are there to help the client regain balance. It's mostly walking, occaisionally a little trotting. Our volunteers help make this program happen.

If we get to know you better (you come out and volunteer a few times), and if we have time, you're welcome to get on a horse and ride between lessons or learn how to train horses. You don't have to know how to ride. The horses are all absolute dolls - they have to be for the kind of program we run.

If you're interested, go through the webpage and fill out the form to contact Carrie Perry, the program director. I personally teach on Fridays and Saturdays but there are also volunteer opportunities on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday (tomorrow) I am short on volunteers and thus this last-minute plea.

So, if you can help us out tomorrow, CALL the number on the contact page above (don't do the online form, she may not check it in time) and ask to speak to Carrie (the director). She can either fax you or email you a map (she gives you a much easier route than the one suggested by MapQwest).


and thanks!
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hair salons?

what are some good, indepedent hair salons in Portland? I've been in need of a good hair cut and dye job. I've been going to Jaggs (love it) but my favorite hair stylist left, so I kinda want to branch out and try some place new. Price range preferably $30-40 for the cut.

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Tree Gnome in nopo

Does anyone know the gnome that lives in the tree in the irvington neightborhood?
He had a small clown move in with him last november and I was wondering how they were fairing,...
If you have any pictures of them in their current condition I would love to see them,
The clown belonged to my grandmother and I thought woudl be a good companion for the gnome.

Are they both still alive and well in their hollow?

new, stephen h

looking for a few bold individuals...

ok folks, i need models/subjects for an upcoming online art gallery i'm creating. to sum it all up, what i'm looking for is a wide cross-section of portlanders who i can take portraits of, then write mini-biographies to match. sound interesting?

Collapse )

edit: any more guys interested? i seem to getting almost all women, which is lovely, but portland is hardly an all-female town. any guys? also, anyone over the age of thirty is also encouraged to apply.

if you are interested, you can leave a comment here, email me at stephentheh[at], or instant message me using aim/yahoo [screen name:podacter].
Laurel Point horse


It's Portland, some 40 years in the future after an alien race destroyed our cities and cut down all our trees (and apparently moved Mount Hood much closer!) I also don't know why that highway sign is pointing to Portland somewhere off to the right.

Click for larger version

If you missed the movie, don't worry, because it really sucked.
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(no subject)

When I first moved here my friends and I went to a large Goodwill store somewhere in the Portland area, and I am having a hard time remembering exactly where it was located. I believe that it was located somewhere in the SE part of Portland. I even have a "Club Goodwill" card that I got that one day I was there.

Long shot, but does anyone know the address for the Goodwill I'm talking about?