March 30th, 2005

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smoking or the lack thereof

anyone have some successful ideas on how to quit smoking? I have decreased mine by 90% but those last few are really hard to give up. Especially with morning coffee. It is really upsetting my gf that I have not completely quit but I view my near success as an accomplishment. Going from 20-30/day to 2-4/day is cause for celebration however, would like to erase the dependence on those last few smokes.

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Wash with....what??

Just before 6am. Im driving to work North on I-5. Entering downtown on teh side of the road is one of those roadside, light-up information signs. It said:


Now, I really do appreciate the city reminding people of teh importance of bathing. But I would have to question the wisdom of scrubbing down ones self with a fish. I mean... REALLY!
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Woo! Teen Lounge!

Any 12-19 year olds or parents of 'em in (edit)SE PDX should come check out the Belmont Library's Teen Lounge on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30-6...almost nobody shows up, which is a shame, because kids can listen to their own music, dink around on the internet, play on the X-Box, and/or get help on their homework. Just getting the word out, since attendance has been super sparse and it's a pretty cool resource.


Where's a good site for finding guest speakers, spoken performance art, readings, etc? I know Powells has them fairly regularly. I need to go to some for a class. Thanks. :)

Your second to the last warning.

This is going to be the best ride yet!

If it's raining too hard, we might just take public transportation, so prepare to laugh and drink your cute little butts off!

Like clowns? Like to drink? Like to ride you bike?

Then meet us at The Boiler Room (228 Nw Davis St) This Friday, April 1st at 9 PM.

We'll hang out and wait until the other clown tribes arrive and then we’ll breeze off on our bikes to Kelly’s Olympian to catch the rockin' good sounds of Pillow Fight!


And then we ride all over the west side of town, stirring up trouble, breaking hearts, and tripping over our big yellow feet.

Rain or shine.

Stumbles the Clown.

Check out our last ride:
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Over the shoulder boulder holders

So, I recently bought this prettiful dress, and tis smashing in all ways...however, I need a bra for it. My issue? I need to find a strapless bra, but am not sure where to find a store that carries a large selection (or rather, carries sizes up to, at least, a 36D). I'd also like to be able to bring said dress along with me to make sure the two will go together so a place that's cool with that would be smashing.

I was thinking Fredrick's, but to stay somewhat sane, I'd like other options.

S'ank you!

Domino's Pizza

Last night, I decided to order pizza. Domino's is cheap, so I called them up with a coupon. Asked how much for a certain pizza, and was quoted $12.99. Then said I wanted another pizza, as well (buy one and get the other free). So, after giving my phone number (at the beginning of the call), and telling the guy what I wanted, he tells me he needs to check something, and so puts me on hold. Four minutes later, I hung up. (I've worked in call centers, and two minutes is too long to wait on hold for me.)

I then decided to go to the Papa Murphy's nearby, where I could get twice the pizza for a similar cost. I ordered and went to pick it up. Was ready when I got there, paid and brought it home. As I pull up to my place, guess who I see driving away? (Yeah, you can guess, and you already know where this is going, right?) That's right, a car with a Domino's delivery sign on top. I glance at the two pizzas next to me, at the driver of the car, and then put it in park and head up the stairs.

I open the door and my wife has two pizzas in her hands. From Dominos. And she paid $21 for them.

To say I was upset would be saying Mt Everest is a "hill". She called up the store, after I explained what happened, and fought with the store manager for several minutes. Finally, after listening to what sounded like the store manager talking over her, I asked her to get the district manager's name and address. After that, the store manager gave us the information, and agreed to refund the difference in cost between what we were quoted and what we paid.

So now I'm asking you, what else should we do? Is this even legal? Is there someone else we should be talking to? (I never even told the guy at Dominos how I wanted to pay, and there was no confirmation!)
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Mark your calendars.

Come one, come all to the Portland Zine Symposium Carnival and Benefit Show! This exciting event is all-ages at the low, low price of $3-10 sliding scale.
April 9, 2005 at 8 pm at the fabulous Liberty Hall (311 N. Ivy St., Portland, OR).

Featuring music provided by
*Ruby Starfruit
*Sexton Blake
*Voodoo Economics

Plus, downstairs... a carnival and bake sale!
*hula hoop contest between bands
*lollipop tree
*pocket lady
*fishing for zines
*ping pong ball glass toss
*and more....

Tell all your friends.

owch owch owch!!

"Nouvelle Cuisine, roughly translated, means: I can't believe I paid ninety-six dollars and I'm still hungry."
Mike Kalin.


Sooo.... I'm an Englishgirl, soon to be living in Portland, hurrah :-)

I'd really really really value anybody out in Oregon's heartfelt feelings on their favourite places to eat in Portland, and why. Cafes, restaurants, diners, dive bars.... whatever and whyever. I'm a vegetarian/vegan type, so place suggestions that cater either partially or specifically to us weirdos would be greatly appreciated! Where does the food taste the yummiest?? Where is the chocolate the chocolateyest?? Where are the servers the smiliest and most happiest?? Where do you get the most outrageous servings of cheesy pooofs (or whatever!) for your super-hardearned cash??

Please help! I'm at a loss with so so many places about. Online restaurant guides are pants, so i was hoping livejournal might me able to serve the hungry a little better. This probably sounds somewhat trivial, but it's actually kindof important to me. Yr personal opinions and rants would mean a lot. These little things might make Portland seem just that little bit less scary to migrate to shortly :-)

Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Kirsty xxx
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Fave laundrymat in SE or NE?

Until my landlord changes out the dead washer, I need to do laundry! I smell!

SO, DPers....

Best laundrymat in NE/SE? Why do you like it? Video games? Friendly bums? Hot girls in skimpy costumes? Hot guys in skimpy costumes? Help a smelly out :D
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Maroon 5 & The Thrills Concert

My sister decided not to go to the Maroon 5/The Thrills concert, so we have a ticket up for bids on ebay. It's a 7th row floor seat, and it's starting at $50 (what she paid, including service charge). The show is at the Memorial Coliseum on April 29th. If you're interested or know someone who is, the auction is here. Before she got that ticket she bought a 14th row one (yes, I know, two separate tickets for a show she apparently doesn't want to see...I fail to understand) as well, and I'll probably list that one soon. Or, if one of you buys the one up now, you can have the 14th row one for another $50. Thanks all.


.:.I always get good advice on where to from this site..I have a gift I need to buy..I need to buy a very high end airbrush for pretty much like the ones used by professionals to paint murals and details on things such as cars and models..any advice would put a smile on my face..heh..oh yeah and is there a site like damn portlanders on My Space?..for those who have an account there..*nods*..anyways..THANKS!!Image hosted by
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used bike shops...

Hey you damnedportlanders! I know there are as lot of cyclists out there, so what are your favorite used/new bike shops?

I need a new bike, as my old one didn't make it up to portland with me. :(

I'm looking for something under $200, and haven't had much luck with craigslist.

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Kristen Bell

Math Conversions HELP

Quick question...

I bought a few small boxes today to ship out some stuff. The package has to remain under 13 ounces (including the packaging) or I can't ship it the class it needs to be. 16 ounces is equal to 1 pound, the package has to be 13 ounces (slightly less than a pound.) If the box weighs .13 pounds, how many ounces does it way?

I'm thinking just over 1 (1.18 exactly) because that's what my calculator said. But who knows if I'm even doing the calculations right. So math many ounces is .13 pounds?

Please and thank you!
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