March 29th, 2005

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anyone headed up to Mt Hood Meadows this morning?

WEATHER - It dumped snow all night, a bit windy higher up.Brinng a face mask and powder leash.


Worky Work!

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Pioneer Square this morning around 7 am.

Were you there? You should have been.

Kettle Chips were given away.

Good ones too...strawberry cream, which surprisingly, wasn't that bad! Until the 6 pack of homeless assholes scared Fox News off. (I know....FOX!)

With their oh so super cool goth chains and black clothes, feed me I'm hungry, but let me push you out of the way to get a chip, and if my dog barks at your kid, I'll laugh. Flipping the bird at the damn cool! Man, I wish I could be homeless.


Anyways...good Kettle Chips.

Assholes should not be made Manager.

Jerks should not be put in charge of stuff.

Consider this a public service announcement that people should not use the Wells Fargo down on 5th and College in Portland. Two weeks ago I went in to deposit a check at 10am. There were 4 people in line. I figured this might be some kind of fluke, an odd rush that would be taken care of quickly. Then I started eavesdropping on the transactions. The tellers (there were only two) weren't acting like they were trying to hurry at all. They were just taking their dear, sweet time. I was the fourth person in line when I got there I ended up waiting almost 20 min. When I left, there were still 4 people in line. I wrote up a comment card and walked out of the branch. Since I had asked for a call from a manager, I fully expected to receive one. No such luck. I went back in today to deposit another check. No long wait this time, but when I finally spoke with the manager, all he would give me is excuses. "A computer does our scheduling/I don't have any control over opening more windows/I just want you to understand where I'm coming from." The entire impression I got from this guy is that not only didn't he care that I had a bad experience in his branch, he didn't want to hear about it at all. I ended up just walking away while he was still talking.

I do understand where this guy was coming from. I've worked in customer service, at Walgreens, no less. I understand that when there are things outside of your control, you can't do anything. Managing employees, however, is very much within a manager's purvey.

Hint to all you customer service people out there:

1. If someone wants to talk to you about a bad experience they've had, don't act like it's a huge imposition, especially if you're a person in authority. If you're not a manager/director type, quickly and kindly direct them to someone who is.

2. If someone comes to you politely and tells you they had a bad experience, listen to them and try and find a solution, don't sit there telling them why you can't help them or why they're wrong. I didn't walk in angry, but I was really pissed after it was clear that this guy wasn't looking for a solution.

3. Having worked in customer service, I know that there are customers who expect the world of you when you've got other things to do. Not all customers are this way, however. Be sure you know the difference. Not knowing the difference can create a lot of hard feelings on the part of a customer. You're better off to listen to what people have to say and try and find a solution instead of pissing them off by trying to shoot holes in their argument.


Has anyone had good experiences with this branch or Wells Fargo in general? I love their Raleigh Hills branch. That branch is probably the only reason I still bank with Wells Fargo. All the tellers know my name, they all want to know how my life is going and they all hurry when there's a line.


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Dear DP Legal-types:

Are there any do-it-yourself wills out there that are any good, or should we suck it up and visit one of you? And if so, how much is a reasonable rate for life-planning stuff?

Kristen Bell

Last Call For Icecream!

I hope everyone doesn't mind me re-posting this. A few days back I mentioned free icecream at ColdStone. Here's the details and a reminder.

Free icecream is TONIGHT from 5pm-8pm. only 2 Coldstones are doing this. The new Clackamas store behind Krispy Kream (take 205-S to Johnson Creek Exit. Go to 82 Avenue and follow it South for 2 1/2 blocks.) and the Eugene store (no directions available.)

Not ALL icecream is free. Only the 'Reach The Sumit' creation. It is Cake Batter icecream, brownie, fudge and caramel. And I was wrong before. It's for the American Lung Cancer association (not Make-A-Wish.) Donations are appreciated.

See you there!

Big night coming up -- a week from this Friday...

Hey Portlanders ~ SODA 3 is Friday, April 8th!

SODA is a monthly dance night curated by genre-smashing technophile DJ, producer, and writer Corban Lester. On April 8th, SODA promises even higher spirits and engaging entertainment as up-and-coming producers from San Fransisco and Seattle take to the brick-and-velveteen stage to show off their latest audio creations.

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Click HERE for the SODA newsletter

Click HERE for the website (downloads, fancy graphics, etc)
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I'm moving from Huntsville, AL to Portland (Close In area) in June. I've got a place to crash until I can get on my feet (i.e. find a job and a place to live that allows cats). Ideally, I will for for an NGO using my B.A. in English. Pleaes comment if you have any advice on where to start looking for a job, that meets this description, or any other advice that might expedite this process.
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Hey DPers, time to volunteer for the Library!

That's right! There is a Gala for Donors this Saturday night, and my friend Michele Brooks is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Library Foundation. She still needs some good folks to help out as catering assistants to work with a local restaraunteur to garnish plates, serving trays, and to assist in maintaining a desert table. The shifts she has available are 7 - 10pm, 8 -11pm, or 9 - 12pm on Saturday, April 2nd. The Gala raises money to support the Summer Reading Program, the largest of its kind in the country! Please help support literacy in our fine city because the kids we help today will be the Baristas and cashiers and fellow drivers we bitch about in the years to come! Seriously though, if you are interested email volunteer4gala-at-hotmail-dot-com. You will be glad you did. Thanks!

Sushi Boat

I'm considering going to Sushi Boat in beaverton for a bite to eat tonight...
is it any good?

Poll #464238 Sushi Boat in theBeav... yay or nay

Sushi Boat in theBeav... yay or nay

yay - good stuff
nay - i'm surprised i didn't die

other comments?
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open letter to the woman at the library

Dear Lady,

As I stood in line with my girlfriend to pay for her overdue books again, I recall glancing at you while you looked at books on the shelf not more than 3 feet from me. When a kid walked by and in his teenage angst voice mumbled, "excuse me" and brushed my shoulder and "bumped" into you, it wasn't the best apology and it wasn't something to spend more than a second getting over. However, you proceeded to shout, "normally you say that before you bump into someone!"

Here's where it gets fun... you then decide that his teenage shrug wasn't enough for you and that you needed to teach him a lesson. So, you run out of the library after him, you start yelling at him in the entry way to the library, we're all watching you.. slightly amused but concerned that you're going to do something like slap him or something. You continue to "teach him a lesson in manners" in front of a bunch of people at the library. He turns his back on you and walks away.

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I have a PDF, but I can't "write" on it. Does anyone know of a good way that'll let me type info in?

It's a "Form" and would rather have it typed for professional look than write it by hand.

Software crack? Tip/Trick?

House show wanted!

Does anyone have friends in Portland that would be willing to have a house show on April 9th?

My friends in the band "The Pharmacy" from Seattle need a show.

my e-mail is

thanks so much!!!
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Upcoming event

Hey alls!

My fellow PSU classmates and I are holding a photography exhibit that will display photos and stories about real homeless families in the Portland area. The exhibit is called "The Invisible Homeless: Visualizing Families." We are trying to raise awareness about this issue to the public and city officials. The opening night will be during Last Thursday on March 31st at 6pm. It will be at the Alberta Arts Pavilion located at 2315 NE Alberta st. The exhibit will be up for viewing until April 26th. The viewing hours will be from Tuesday thru Fridays 1 to 5pm, Saturdays from 11 to 5pm and Sundays by appointment only.

Come one come all. Hope to see you there!
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If anyone is interested, PBS (OPB here in Portland) is having a Nova episode detailing the tsunami of December and showing just how it works. I wanna say 8pm but..."check your local listing"
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does anyone know of any stores that sell lomo cameras (new or used)? specifically the actionsampler, super sampler, colorsplash or any holga model? i hope someone knows what i'm talking about. i know i can buy them online, but i'd rather see them in person before i buy one. thanks.

a question...

How difficult would it be for a 17 year old (lacking any real work experience, other than babysitting) to get a summer job at OMSI?

I love OMSI, but I'm thinking that without any experience, it may be less than simple to get a job there.

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Butler Agencies

Hey DPers, what are the good agencies in town that hire butlers? I've decided I want to become a butler. I come with an unimpeachable set of references and the desire to receive visitors at any local stately manor. I am willing work as a butler for a meager wage.

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