March 28th, 2005


Please help if you can...

My little Ferret Freya "Fuzzy face" is critically ill with severe anemia with an unknown cause. The vets are suggesting a blood transfusion to keep her going while they figure out what is wrong along with a bone marrow asparation to find out what the problem is. These proceedures and tests are VERY expensive (300 for the transfusion, at least 150.00 to 300.00 for the aspiration and tests. I do not have funds for this, if you can, please donate, If you can't I understand. Thank you so much (Thor the cat thanks you to for helping his best friend).

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The wonderful world of dating... pt.2

First of all, thanks for all the comments a while back about the online dating thing. If anything, I found some amusing sites to look through.

Anyway, Saturday night, despite the awful rain, a couple of my girlfriends and I headed out to Henry's for a few drinks. I'd only been there once before (last July) and it was a weekday, so Saturday's big crowd intimidated me a bit. Luckily, we were able to snag a booth upstairs.

Now do people in these type of settings really walk up to strangers and start conversations? I mean, in my drunken daze, I noticed that there were a ton of groups of people, but no one looked like they were venturing outside of those groups. Granted, I'm sure there were lots of people there that were just there for drinks with friends and had no other motives, but then you've got the girls that were all dolled with nothing but thoughts of snatching guys on their minds. Do guys really dig that? I suppose they would come off as an easy lay. Anyway, I got my fair share of head nods, so I'm not complaining.

So we got to thinking... it was really fun people watching (especially the chick down at the bar below us with the huge knockers! boy were we jealous!) and we should do it more often. So what are some other really good bars to people watch at?

April Fools! Critical Clowns RIDE!

Like clowns? Like to drink? Like to ride you bike?

Then meet us at The Boiler Room (228 Nw Davis St) This Friday, April 1st at 9 PM.

We'll hang out and wait until the other clown tribes arrive and then we’ll breeze off on our bikes to Kelly’s Olympian to catch the rockin' good sounds of Pillow Fight!


And then we ride all over the West side of town, stirring up trouble, breaking hearts, and toasting the town.

Rain or shine.

- Stumbles the Clown.

Check out our last ride:
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So here's the deal: my boyfriend has lived in Yamhill county (McMinnville area) his entire life, and just left for San Diego to do a six-month internship down there. So he's homesick and in the big city for the first time.

Here's where you all come in: I'm looking for Oregon things - posters, and pics are great, but also things that are sorta exclusive to oregon, or things you all associate with this state. I'm not a native, so any tips on what to send (or where to buy it) would be awesome!

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Please I Beg You Please

I still need help moving this evening. Of the seven people who've offered to help, O followed through. I was supposed to be moved out by Saturday and if I have to worry about this one more day my head is going to explode and my faith in people will be gone forever. Please pretty please come over and help me. Everyone deserves to live in a house with running water and have access to a kitchen that isn't saturated in cat piss and look out the window and not see garbage in the yard. I need to get out of here so I can. Please. I beg you. Call me (503) 244-8808. Thanks.
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(no subject)

I have a qusetion for you DPers who are always so knowledgable.

I need to rent a steam cleaning apperatus for upholstery, where's my best bet for renting one? I know they have them for carpets at grocery stores but I need something with the capability to do carpets and upholstery (I'm detailing my car). Also, does anyone know what kind of price I can expect for a 24 hour rental?

Finally, if it's cloudy and pouring rain outside, even if it's not dark, turn on your friggin headlights!
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Strange tales from the fast food perimeter

Note: I decided to post this here, because it happened in Portland, and because I liked it, and because I posted it on Saturday in my journal when there were exactly four people on LiveJournal for the entire day because everyone else was trading Peeps on the black market or something. Enjoy, if you wanna.

Okay, so this has happened THREE times now, and the story must be told.

Every once in a while, I can tell that what my body needs for optimal
functioning is a big-ass dose of sugar, caffeine and sodium. So, I go
to McDonald's, to the driveup window, and order a medium coke. This
McDonald's doesn't have a speaker... you have to drive to Window Number
One and talk to a live person to order your stuff. Then you drive past
Window Number Two, which for all I can tell is some vestigial remnant
of a previous, paleolithic-era ordering scheme, and on to Window Number
Three to pick up your order.

Today, at the order window, The Insane Lady was working.Collapse )
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I'm going to have a room open in my house roughly May 1st, and I need to rent it out.

two story farm house in the Beav, located near Elmonica max station (5 minute walk?, 173rd & Baseline). Large backyard and front & side yards, huge driveway and curbside parking. The room is relatively small (10x14, maybe?) and has a window and a closet.

We have a 1/2 bath upstairs and a full bath downstairs, with a tiled whirlpool tub. There's plenty of storage/crawl space and an attic, so if you have plenty of things you need to store there's room. We have a wood-burning fireplace in the living room, that manages to heat up the whole house comfortably.

We're asking for $250 plus equal portion of the applicable utilities. We pay water, sewer, garbage, electric. We don't have a house phone, but we have cable internet/television. Total comes to about $350-400 with all utilities right now.. but should be less once people who leave lights on move out.

Currently there's two dogs, a large lab mix (mostly black) and a small lab mix (mostly brown). Cats are okay, as long as they get along with dogs. Dogs okay, as long as they get along with our dogs. Drop a line if interested.
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(no subject)

Has anyone been to the new Seatbelt Class? (It's an alternative to paying the $102 or $71 fee for not wearing your seatbelt, even though in my case i had it on, just not "properly")

Is it horrible?

i feel like i'm going to detention for skipping class... only i have to pay $35 to sit there.

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Alright, books for sale, probably best if you're taking 100-200 level classes at PSU or PCC. Mostly community health, architecture, fine art/art history, scuba, GED, and psych books. I'M EVEN COMPARING USED LOCAL PRICES, for those of you who shop at the "used books" store around here.Anyways, Collapse )
At least my boobs are big!


I have had a shitty day. Aforementioned day was made complete when I made the idiotic mistake of locking my keys in my car. Thankfully, it was AFTER I had already parked at my boyfriend's house, so I'm not out in the wet, but I'm in Beaverton and am going to need a pop a lock tomorrow morning to go home. Any of you fine DPer's have any experience with locksmiths? I need cheap cheap cheap. My car is older, so it won't be hard, no electrical junk to mess up, hence why I'm not too worried about the cheapness.

Bring on the advice!

Moving to PDX May 15th... so how 'bout some advice?


My lady and I are relocating to Portland from Madison, WI around May 15th. Thus I figured I'd seek out some LJ advice and introduction.

We'll be looking for a 3 to 4 mo. apartment to sublet or lease until we buy a house - and if anyone has any good areas to recommend, it'd be appreciated. Thus far it seems a lot of cheap temp. rental property is located east of the river - but the crime maps show this is where all the activity is - so should we look west?

It would be nice to find an area in PDX that matches our interests. Being that LJ houses a lot of people of similar interests - here are a few facts that maybe some of you that live in PDX can relate to and give us advice:

1) As a side job, I have been a club Deejay for 10 years and still own a Record Store in Madison (Techno / Industrial / House / Goth / EBM) - so electronic music is a big part of my life. In fact this is how I discovered portland, I played a few clubs out there in 2002... and fell in love. However, I may not choose to DJ in a new city as it'd be a pain to work my way up the ladder again.
2) We both work in the Information Tech Industry for our real jobs - thus are geeks at heart (I understand this market is tough in PDX job wise).
3) Both in Mid Twenties & college educated
4) Love the arts & theater
5) We are Kayakers (recreation not rapids)
6) I snowboard
7) We didn't vote for bush.
8) Love the outdoors... love rain, hate wisconsin winter.

That being said - we sold our houses here in Madison and now have no choice but to relocate to your wonderful area. If we can make a few friends ahead of time - that'd be great.