March 27th, 2005

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I'm looking for first class upgrades for a flight in may. It can be any airline (so long as they travel to and from cancun) since I haven't purchased the tickets yet. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I need a pharmacy. I used to go to QFC in Washington... but it's high time I found one in Portland. I live downtown, any recommendations? Quality and service are key, cost isn't a big issue since I have fabulous insurance.
Thank you in advance.
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So... New person.

I'm Cait. I'm 20, a college student, and I've lived in Portland for the past 5 years, though I was also here when I was 5 and when I was in 6th/7th grade. My favorite band would be Sleater-Kinney, I went to Cleveland High School, I'm currently attending PCC (mostly Sylvania, but sometimes I go to Cascade), transferring to PSU this summer, and I'm not sure what else to put here.

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re: roommate(s) needed

It is a 3-bedroom, 2 bath ranch with 2 dogs. Near 205 and Division. Close to Mall 205 and bus lines. She is incredibly clean and tidy. Neighborhood seems quiet. She is an awesome person with a great sense of humor.

Hope the additional info helps.
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Follow-up: Writing Workshop

I've tentatively set up a forum dealy over at It's a forum and a calendar, essentially; you can also upload files (currently only txt, rtf, doc, and pdf) for sharing.

You can sign up (you'll have to verify an e-mail address). There's also a poll for what day of the week is going to work out best, as well as my idea about how things should work / what the rules should be at this point. Suggestions and ideas are very, very welcome.

I was also kind of thinking about whether LJ should be incorporated into this somehow, since we all use it. I though about us just having an LJ community instead of a separate forum like this, but I kind of thought that this would be better in terms of keeping the critiques organized and easily accessible at later dates, plus having off-topic discussions and stuff?

I've also requested that let me start a writing workshop meetup (as opposed to the general "writers meetup" that they currently have listed), but I'm not sure what'll happen there.

Whee :) *excited*

Calling all comic geeks, gurus, fans, aficionados, etc

Comics. We all love them, but as life progresses we sometimes realize we don't need quite so many of them. Especially those of us who are poor and move frequently (damn they get heavy).

Ennywhoo, I'd like to sell some... everything from old xmen, to vertigo, to random weird cool shit to just random weird shit and so forth.

So... for those with experience/ideas etc... where are good places to sell comics? I'd prefer to keep it local (IRL or online), if possible, as there is just less hassle that way. But if there were nationwide online sources that didn't just raise their seller fees (hi ebay who has obliterated the chances of the average joe just selling their stuff with their ridiculous fees) to insane proportions, that would be better than nothing.

Or, if you're interested, over the next week or two I'll be creating an online database of what's available, just leave a comment and I'll let you know when it's up.

Thanks for your help.

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I just hate people! We went on a hike near Multnomah falls today and while we were gone our car got broken into and my purse was stolen. If I ever catch the bastards I will have my way with them.

Anyway... Anyone knows what county the Multnomah falls are in? We haven't called the cops yet, but we need to do it asap in order to get the insurance to replace the passanger side window.
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I went to the Doug Fir last night to see Lou Barlow and Corinna Repp. I thoroughly enjoyed the show but why oh why does every sorority sister and frat bro in the place have to talk so DAMN LOUDLY? If you do not like the music, GO UPSTAIRS!!! For those who have not heard these artists, they are quiet, often introspective and shy folks. I had opportunity to speak with each artist on the bill, including Tom Heinl who opened the show. (He is a whole other hilarious story. Go see him.) All of them were very polite, soft-spoken individuals. If you were in the presence of a fragile creature, would you scream at them? No. Yet, SOME PEOPLE still think it is OK to go to a quiet show and yammer the fuck on and on about who is dating whom, etc. Good God the ennui is killing me. Have I gotten that old? I did not ever want to be the "old guy" at a show, but lately that is what it feels like. Teach these kids some manners 'cause their folks didn't. So just to recap: Doug Fir Loud Rock Show - Blabber away. Doug Fir Quiet Introspective Show - SHUT UP!
Thank you.
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band(s) for hire

hey guys, i'm just letting you all know that i'm a funk and jazz drummer at portland state university majoring in music. i have a few bands i play with in the school year and another one that's only in the summer. it's all instrumental stuff, a lot of it funky and some of it being straight jazz. if anyone's interested in having music for any kind of upcoming events, feel free to let me know and i can get a group together for parties, weddings, conventions, etc. we can play music to fit most occasions, so just respond here or e-mail me at and i'll get back to you soon.

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I want to meet the jackass at trimet that forecast lower diesel costs and usage over the past 2 years, and thusly had a lower fuel budget each year.

Fuel prices kept going up, so did usage, and some yahoo kept lowering the fuel budget

Rising price + rising consumption = lower budget. WTF?

Does this seem odd to anyone else?

Next weekend's beach house?

A few friends (see 8-10 people) and I are looking into running away for the weekend of the 8th-11th (April) and I KNOW DPortlanders know of places for me to look into.

Beach, Mt, away from Portland, anywhere that we can go and have a relaxing weekend. We're looking for CHEAP ... 100 dollars roughly a night.

Let me know.