March 26th, 2005


Mississippi Pizza Pub

Public service announcement:

Mississippi Pizza Pub has damn good pie! I don't know anyone that works there or owns it, or anything, either - (I don't even live near it) but damn their pizza is good!

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Writing Workshops

I know there've been a few posts lately about starting up or wanting writers' workshops.

It occurred to me that hey, we have the power of the Internet. We could set up a portland writing workshop online (on LJ, or I could set up something on my website), and then not have to worry so much about having a certain date/time/location.

My vague idea at this point would be to have people sign up for a day when they will post their draft (you won't have to have signed up in advance like that, but I think it might help to have SOME level of structure, and some people work a lot better with a deadline like that too). But the idea is vague at best at the moment.

Would anyone be interested in something like that, or does everyone really want the in-person feedback?

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I've got a labret piercing. I want to get a job. I want to keep the piercing but I won't be allowed to wear it at work and removing it for more than an hour creates a huge pain when I try to put it back in. Any suggestions?

looking for somewhere to live next year? (august til may or longer)

We've got a place for you!
One nice basement room with adjoining private bathroom, communal laundry room in a 5 bedroom house. Nice big backyard, kitchen with dishwasher and all other amenities, living room with fireplace, garage for storage. House located in a quiet neighborhood 10 minute bike ride southwest of Reed College.
We're looking for someone friendly, preferably college age, any gender is okay by us. There will also be at least 2 Reed girls and 1 guy living there next year.
Total rent is $1275/month plus electric, and this will be divided by either four or five people.
If you're interested comment here or email ursula at and we'll get the party started.