March 25th, 2005


Does anyone know how to reupholster my fainting couch?

So I am in this phase where I want to redo and replace all my free craiglist and dumpster furniture. I am planning on buying slipcovers for my couch and chair. Any suggestions for stores in town? I have found the best prices online to be at (like $20 to $50) but I would like to maybe see if any stores around town have anything I can feel and see first.

Then I have this other couch. It is awesome, and came from the free setion on Craigslist. It is a 40's style fainting couch. I seems that no one likes it but me, but I love it too much to give away. Right now I have it covered with various blankets, tapistries, and pillows. I would like to find a slip cover for it, but I don't think I ever will.

See this site for ads and pictures. It is the site the original people who gave it to me made.

Does anyone know how to reupholster? Does anyone know a place that could do it? Is anyone just starting out this hobby and would like a practice couch to start on? It should be fairly simple for someone who knows how to do it. I don't have the patience to attempt it.

I would be willing to
1) buy all the fabric and
2) pay you for your time, depending on how skilled you are at it

What do you think?
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meal plans

Does anyone know a website where you can pring out or find weekly meal plans with sopping lists?  I am in a SERIOUS cooking bind... same thing every week.  I dont know WHAT to make, what to buy to make it, etc.

swingers club?

i saw this segment on the news either... last night or the night before, not sure (i never watch news). it was about this swinger/sex club in "SE portland" -- thats all they would say about where it was. i think its called ace of hearts or something, its not like they have a sign that says "SWINGERS SEX CLUB", just a tiny nondescript sign with ace of hearts on it. the reason they aired that story was to make things controvertial, i'm sure. but i saw that and actually thought... sweet!!

where is it, so i can go?

on another note, know those yellow bumber stickers that say KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD! those are great, i want one too. where are they?
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(no subject)

Does anyone want a ticket for the Rev. Horton Heat/Supersuckers show on March 30 at the Roseland? I'll give it to you for $15. If you want it, leave your email address and I'll get in touch!


So... yeah. My neighbors are beating their little boy. Again.

I need to do something about this, but I'm concerned... I'm pretty sure that they would know it was me who called in on it. And, I'm also assuming that police would be very public in coming to talk to me about the situation.

If I go directly to child welfare, can I retain some anonimity?


Any advice suggesstions of who to call/how to report this without putting myself or anyone else in (possibly more) danger?

EDIT: Already went here: and called it in. Thank you everyone for your help.
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circle of life

What the hell?

I just watched a woman get a sandwich at the local Subway. Not newsworthy, you might say. I'd agree with you, but it gets better...

This lady orders double meat, double bacon, double cheese, etc. She evens asks for the bacon grease to be drained on the sandwich. (Ew, I know, right? It gets worse.)

Then, when asked if she wants mayo or mustard, she asks for ... wait for it ... light mayo!!!


I missed a memo somewhere right?

(And she got the baked lays chips and diet coke.)
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(no subject)

hey portlanders, i need some advice. some good, old tyme, new age, grandma's secret cure-all advice.
it's my 20th birthday today and i happen to be sick. this wouldn't bother me so much except we're having hamster cage party tonight at my house, with a bunch of friends coming from out of town, and i don't want to be feeling entirely shitty tonight. i can deal with the headache and sore body stuff, but this sore throat is driving me crazy. i can barely swallow...and forget about any sort of lengthy conversation.

so DPers...any suggestions for how to help soothe a sore throat? i'm drinking all of the water and tea i can, but i'm a bit foggy right now so I can't think of anything else that helps.

thanks in advance...

I am a whore

Tonight at Ash St Saloon
The Altarboys**Like a 5 year old with a bucket of frosting and a pellet gun
My Goldfish Ned **the band, not my goldfish...whose name is Karl, if you must know
No Red Flags** who seriously, are completely devoid of flags that are red
MDC**Millions of Dead ________ fill blank with word that begins with the letter "C" and sounds cool

show starts at 9:00pm and it's like 8 bucks or something ridiculously cheap
washington park

theatre rental

Theatre question -

Can anyone give me a lead on which local theatres are willing to rent out their space for performances? Like for a 2-3 weekend show? I know there's a couple but figured I didn't know all of them.


give a stripper some lice

ok, if anyone is feeling particularly malicious, heres a lil idea. go get some head lice, hang out in elementary schools, whatever. or, maybe your just lucky enough to have it already. anyway. once you got it good, wear a hat for a couple days. then, go to a strip club. we have plenty of em, take your pick. then, go sit at the rack, and start tipping. a dancer will inevitably take your hat and put it on. blam, stripper with lice. shell prolly wear a couple dudes hats throughout the course of the night, maybe giving it to them. fun for all.


My Sister Leila and her posse is coming up in like, 20 minutes from Salem.

Any cheap/free/fun stuff you guys can recommend to me?

We are all (just about) broke, and I'm all out of ideas besides this:

  • sneaking  Pabst into the Avalon
  • Stop at Voodoo Doughnuts
  • Then getting drunk on Pabst and having a Dance Party.

I want to be a cool sister and show them a good time in Portland.
I hope this will keep a bunch of teenage girls enetertained.
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pcc book for sale

i have a history 101 textbook.

the buyback people wanted to offer me $32. they are selling it used for 70. no way. i payed over 90. i go to rock creek and they are not offering the class this term.

so here is my question. anyone want to buy it? ill sell it for less than the bookstore. 50-60. if not, does anyone know if sylvania does a student book sale like rock creek does? sylvania is offering this class. i didnt want to have to trek out there on the first week of school but will if i have to. if anyone is taking this class the book is in perfect condition. plase leave me a comment. or let me know about the student sale and how it works at sylvania. thank you.
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I am on a mission for a BRIGHT green track jacket - old school style.

I have tried Adidas, Nike, and PUMA and have seen a lot of great styles, but not the color I want. Do any of you have any sort of idea where I could look?

It has to be in XL or XXL.


School Shootings

So, there has been another case of a school shooting. Details are here. The teeenage gunman killed 10, including himself, his grandfather, and his grandfather's companion.

What are the legislation and school administration doing wrong?

My opinion is that they focusing on too much on metal detectors, gun control, security guards, and new rules about not being able to wear baggy pants to school. No, they're not solving the problem at all, they're only treating the symptoms and not listening to the students. Why criminalize every student because of a select few that choose to do this?

These kids are pissed off. Not because of violent games or Marilyn Manson. They're pissed off because they come from broken homes or some turd is picking on them in school or whatever. What the school needs is not to spend the extra dollar on metal detectors or security guards, but more money on more teachers and counslers. These students need help and someone to talk to, not someone who looks at them thinking they're packing a gun in their pants.
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