March 24th, 2005

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romantic hot tubbing

This has been asked here, in some form before, and I can't recall the answers. Sorry, STML.

A couple of weeks back, I asked DP'ers about hotels with hot tubs for myself and my friend to have a romantic getaway. We had a 'fine' time, thank you very much! But, I seem to recall a discussion here of 'hot tubbing salons', or some such thing. I'm not particularly bright and somewhat niave, and don't know about these places. Can someone give me names, advice, pointers, etc., for a place we might continue our adventure? Pleeeeeeze?

For Sale

Basic computer with 15" monitor. ( probably 1995ish)

Come get it and lowball me on the price at least a  $20 donation please. I'm moving and it needs to go. Take the monitor or take the case or both I don't care. It might need a new OS to get all the crap off that my brother has put on there.

I still have a Panasonic VCR with remote, it's only a year old $15/$20?

Need a bookcase? I have one that is 6' tall. FREE but will gladly accept a $5 donation.

I will deliver the computer or VCR for an additional $5 fee. The bookcase won't fit in my tiny GTi. You can be in Vancouver, WA all the way to Hillsboro for all I care- if you're in Salem I'll deliver for $10.

PLEASE come get this CHEAP stuff out of my apartment!

E-mail me: Shivasanhita (at) livejournal (dot) com make sure the subject is all CAPS with COMPUTER or VCR or JUNK FOR SALE etc in the subject heading. If you leave your # I'll call you back with my address or to get yours.




One of those aerobic steppers that were popular a few years ago. I don't plan to start a step-aerobics program, I plan to put it in front of my baby's crib so that I can stand on it to more easily get her in and out. If you've got one taking up valuable closet space (or floor space), please let me know, I'll come take it off your hands and I can even give you some cash for your Easter basket.

(no subject)

Does anyone want to borrow my dog? For about 9mths??

OK, this is strange, and I don't really expect any promising responses, but here's my situation.

I'm 19, going to college, and starting a company. This means that I have NO money whatsoever, BUT I still have my dog. Her name is Echo (and various names) and she weighs about 70lbs and 10 mths old. She's too big for the apartment I'm moving into, but I love her too much to give away, so I'm looking for a temp 9mth home for her. Like a trial dog??

She's mostly housebroken but has some accidents when left alone for long periods of time, never on carpet though, and knows all your basic tricks and then some (sit, paw, down, bear [she sits and balances on her rear-end]). She's neurotic though, lots of biting and chewing on herself, but other than that shes a GREAT dog.

I don't have the heart to give her away but I don't have the money or space to keep her. She needs a high action home with people that will pay a lot of attention to her because she is active and LOVES people, she's also good with our 2 cats and children, although she gets excited for the first 5-10mins :) But yeah, I need to find my baby a home :(

OH! And she's had all her shots and I bought a 1yr health plan for her, so free vet visits.

X-Posted everywhere.


Damnportlanders: While I realize our life situations may be vastly different, I would like ask your opinions in hopes of resolving an ongoing discussion I am having with my boyfriend regarding sex.

In your opinion, what is the 'normal' amount of sex for two people in a relationship to be having? Use weekly, monthly, daily, hourly, whatever.

Now, I realize that 'normal' is relative, and of course the amount of sex a person is having varies based on their status (ie: a single person may have more sex/less sex than a married person depending on many variables). But he and I have been engaged in this debate of what 'normal' is for quite a while and unfortunately I don't have enough friends to get an accurate idea what other people are thinking about this subject. Not to mention the fact that most of my friends are girls.

This is purely for my own edification so I won't be quoting you or anything ;)

Sam and Jade's Free Yard Sale of Good Stuff!

Come and get it! It's all free, and it's not all crap. We don't feel like putting the effort into putting prices on everything and sitting out in the cold at a little table. We also want to get rid of it as fast as as possible, in the interest of having free space in our garage to store stuff that we intend to keep.

There's books, videos, clothing, random knick knacks, and if you ask Jade, you can have a free cup of vegan hot chocolate.

6918 N. Albina - come before it gets dark and rainy!
Kristen Bell

(Somewhat) Free Icecream!

Hey everyone!

The Coldstone Creamery I work at is giving out free icecream this Tuesday! We'll be shuttin off the registers and everything will be free for a good cause. All we ask are donations on what you think it's worth (but they're not required.) Donations will go to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

I'm not sure of the exact hours but I think it'll be between 5pm and 9pm. Call the store to make sure though.

We're located off of 82nd Avenue in Clackamas, right behind Krispy Kream. From Portland take 205-S to Johnson Creek Exit. From the exit take a right until you reach 82nd Avenue. Follow 82nd down about 2 and 1/2 blocks. Krispy Kream will be on your left, we're right behind it :)

Hope to see everyone there!
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Babysitting ideas? Anyone? Anyone?

I'm the proud daddy of two fabulous little kids, ages 5 and 8. We've been lucky enough over the last couple of years to have a babysitter who is a family friend... I've known him since he was a year old. Trusted babysitters are hard to come by, and I don't plan on forking over my beautiful babies to just anyone.

That being said, we're in the market for a new babysitter. For now, we just need someone on the occasional evening or weekend. This summer we might be looking to hire someone for a day or two a week while we work and the kids are out of school.

I live in NE, in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood. I'm happy to provide transportation from just about anywhere for the right person. I'm picky, but not obsessive. :)

Any recommendations would be heartily appreciated. If you know of a 16-year-old with good references and a Red Cross card, send 'em my way, please! Or, if you're looking for a little cash on the side, maybe we're your family.

Thanks in advance.
a picture calls

Hello! Guy I met at CT today.

Dear Portland,

1. I am having a beef with all of the meth addictsi n Portland. Eff you. Please for pete's sake don't drive.
2. When I ask for a Vanilla Latte it means that:
A. I am having a bad day, and this is my last resort for solace so don't F it up.
B. You do not add 2 inches of vanilla syrup to my (tall)Latte because you think I would like it. Don't do me any fucking favors.
3. Ciity or Portland parking, I dont care who owns the property across the is not resifuckingdential, therefore, I think people who have parking permits should be able to park there. One side of the street(approx. 7 spots) is not enough for 50+ units.
4. Regarding my job, I think I have put up with enough BS. Just give me my forty hours and give me a set schedule. I don't know why you have to screw with me.
5. I have created a poetry community called pdxpoets , you are all welcome to join...although it is very much still working out kinks. If you have any grand ideas for me, or a really cool picture of something that you think wod make a neat background, please post it. Yes. I know that there is another potry community called portlandpoetry or sth...but I would like to have a community that is actually taken care of and POSTED IN! So join.

Thanks all.