March 23rd, 2005

hello everyone!

i just wanted to tell you: i love your community. I live in Buffalo, NY ., I"m a new RN and i'm planning on moving to portland next year. just waiting to save up some money and get some nursing experience before i accept a job to relocate to.
so i read your posts every day, and i really can't wait to leave New York! Anyway, i'm planning on visiting portland in the early fall. i should be staying with some friends of friends that i've never met, most of whom are extremely busy and might not have much time to show me around. Can anyone give me some tips on where to go/what i must see during my brief visit? There seems to be so much complicity that i cannot imagine where to start. Basically, my intent is to hang out, scope the neighborhoods to see where i might like to live, check out the transportation system, hospitals, job market, etc. OH, and have some Fun while i'm at it.
I 'd appreciate your advice, bigtime :)
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Exercise Partner Wanted...

Hey there. I'm a 25 year old female in the Beaverton area looking for an exercise partner. Early mornings (5 am-ish) would best for me because of my busy schedule. Mostly, I just need to get in better shape whether it be walking or running, but can't spend the money for a gym. I figure finding a partner in crime is the best way to get motivated, so please feel free to email me if you're interested. Sex and proficiency level don't matter.
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You damn people. You missed the meetup.

Well, YOUR loss.

A good time was had by all...eight of us.

You stinkers...what's your excuse?

You missed out on a good time. Seriously! The cops came...and we won. From assholes driving on Tori's lawn to Man Nanny's...from Chainsaw Duels to porn bakeries (?)....from Grand Theft Auto to a man was fun.


fried shrimp

i want really good fried shrimp with my happy hour beer.

the shrimp should be de-veined, or whatever they call it.

i have been gobbling them at VC since they put them on the happy hour menu, but want to try a different atmosphere.

DPrs, can you point me to the good stuff?
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(no subject)

Thanks for the help everyone. I checked out Pro Photo Supply (on NW 19th) but found their options a little out of my price range, so I hopped over to Camera World and bought a very similar model to that of lokidecat for $39.95. I think the only difference is color, maybe weight, and a carrying handle. They were all out of the cheaper one. But I love it! Thanks again!

Home is where the heart is

I miss Portland so much, right now I should be there. I have to wait atleast another 2 weeks before they allow me to leave this country(Japan). Spring is my favorite time of year, I want to hear the birs chirping, watch the sunrise and just be in the arms of friends. I miss the view of Mt. Hood very, very much!

I will say if u ever go to Japan, leave before your visa expires or u will break a law and have to go through all kinds of crap. Even if your at the airport about to leave they won't let you.
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my friend and i work in se and we are about to have a meeting with several of our coworkers. we're both are feeling pretty shitty after a night of acting as the drunken spectators for midget wrestling (this was the best week ever!) and are in the mood for some hot and sour soup. we could probably convince our coworkers to move the meeting to a restaurant, the only problem is...where do i find the best hot and sour soup in the southeast area??? we're currently on 9th, between belmont and hawthorne. if you have an opinion, let me know...we need our hot and sour soup!

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I cannot believe how much I miss my lovely city and you as well, DPers! Made it to St. Louis okay, now on my way back in the Minneapolis airport (paying $6.95 for interweb usage. grrrr..) See you soon!
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So wikipedia has an entry about Livejournal...interesting.

What's more interesting is when they talk about the notorious/famous people on LJ. The article talks about a user who was arrested for murdering her mother, and mentions her in the last entry.

It is truly eerie and surreal. (Flame me for being morbid, go ahead)

I don't's just f'd up to read something like this (you would naturally assume this girl was just an ordinary kid), and then to realize that here is the journal of someone that murdered her mother. It's just as close as I've come to knowing or knowing OF someone that has done anything like this.

Alright...I'm done with this. I just thought I'd share for the fellow curious LJers.

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Can any one of you Damn Portlanders tell me where in this fine city I might find Sourdough Pancakes on the menu. Breakfast lunch or dinner.. I have got a craving for these fabulous items and would love to take my friends out to try them.
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bw flower


Ever been to a restaurant called The Mint? (In Portland)

Maybe it's just Mint?

Anyways, whatdya think of it?
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ecology kick

Hi Portlanders! Happy spring!

I have a couple questions:

1) Where and when are the good farmers markets in Portland?

2) Tell me where YOU buy local for nesseary items. Not gifts and trinkets, but practical things like food, clothes, household supplies, etc., hopefully inexpensive or not too much more expensive than major chains. I want to support the local economy without breaking the bank. :)

3) Also, tell what you do to be less of a strain on the environment. What are your daily practices, from recycling paper to carrying a steel coffee mug around. I'm compiling a "living green" list and would like to know all kinds of details to put down.

4) I want to volunteer at a place where I can learn how to repair and maintain bicycles, hopefully in the Southeast/Hawthorne area but I'm willing to travel a bit inside the city. I think there was a community cycling center somewhere, anyone know the exact name?

Thanks in advance!

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At least my boobs are big!


I know there has to be a dollar theater (or 1.50 theater, for those moneygrubbing ones) around town, but all I can come up with is the Avalon... Please tell me there is a theater in Portland that will make poor me happy! Beaverton or SW preferably, but I'll drive... Though I suppose what money I'm saving in movie tickets, I'll probably use up in gas, seeing the prices nowadays!