March 22nd, 2005

Worky Work!

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Bored? Looking for something to do? Got a problem with me and you just want to address it?

Something to say...ABOUT THE ICON?

Well, then come on down to the meetup tonight! 8pm at McMin's. I won't have Sprite Ice, but I will bring something better - BEER FOR EVERYONE!*

*beer will not be for fact, it will probably all be for me

We can discuss how to get John Kerry elected this November!*

*slimem88 suffered a psychotic break Nov 3, nice to him

I'll be there and I'll bring saymyname77. Ya know...the toes. Oh, and she's also my girlfriend, so that counts for something.

Come one, come all!*

*seriously, you can't all come...half of you will make up excuses as to why you can't and say "i'll be there next time!"....and the other half will be too scared to view the awesome power of slimem88**

**slimem88 has no power

"McMenamins - Because your life online can be boiled down to a few beers"

April Fools' Party! 5-St*r Fundraiser

What: April Fools Party ... a 5 St*r Fundraiser...

When: uh April Furst as in 4/1/05 at 7pm

Where:5 St*r
2823 NE Sandy Blvd.
PDX OR 97232

Why: There'll be a Kissing Booth, a Raffle to win a DIY
screenprinting workshop and 3 custom printed shirts, a yummy Bake
, a Dance Party with contest and prizes, plus our
Random Renegade Fashion Show!!!

Uh?: Other ways to help out the 5 St*r... check out some groovy
digs on our ebay
or if you're feeling generous just send us $1
to the address above. You rock!

See You there!

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Pearl settings?

So while in Hawaii I did one of those "crack open an oyster, get a pearl" things, right? And wound up with not one pearl, but two. Gorgeous pearls, one pink, one dark with a pink sheen so it looks almost purple.

Anyway, to get to the point: I didn't wanna shell out a bunch of money for the settings that they had at the place I got the pearls. Most of those settings had diamonds in them and were just out of my price range, especially since I might need two!

So when I get back into Portland I'm going to want to find a jewelry store where I can get them set. I'm leaning towards getting one put on a pendant and the other on a ring, but I haven't quite decided yet.

In other words: where can I find a jewelry shop that sells not-too-expensive settings, that will take my pearls and set them, preferably without charging three arms and two legs for the labor? I'm mostly out in Hillsboro, so the 'burbs are excellent; but I can go into the city too. These babies are worth it the drive (they're worth the cash too, but alas, I just don't have it).

Dankeshe. :D

P.S. I contacted Fred Meyer jeweler's already to see if they do it. Most of their stuff is a bit expensive too though.
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Digital Camera Accessories

Oh wise DPers, what would I do without you? Thanks for all your help on my digital camera questions a while back. I ended up purchasing a Canon Powershot A95. I love it. However, my hands just aren't steady enough. So, I need your advice. I'm looking to purchase a tripod for this compact digital camera, and I'm not sure where to go to find one. What are the best camera shops around town (downtown or westside) with the best deals. Are there any specific tripods that you would recommend? I'm looking for quality, stability, ease of use, and price. Thanks so much!
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if you needed a reason to drink...

if you're always in search of a reason to drink, here's todays reason...

After 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 minutes and 32.5 seconds, the prohibition of alcohol ended on this day in 1933 when FDR signed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution...

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I decided a few days ago I'm ready to get inked. It'll be my first tat, so I'm looking for some advice/suggestions.

Do you guys have any recommendations for creative, and clean, places to get inked at? Closer to the West side would be cool, but I'd be willing to go just about anywhere for great quality.

I know tons of you in this community have tats of your own.. What general advice do you have for a first-timer? Any tips are welcome :)

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My boss asked me last night where she should go to get her ears pierced.
I have a whole bunch of piercings and tattoos, but I live in Vancouver, and she lives in Gresham. She is not the tattoo shop type, but she knows (because I told her) that getting pierced with a needle over a gun is a good idea.

Anyone know of a good place to send her, near Gresham? Where she won't be scared to go in?



What is the one movie that you can watch over and over again? The movie that you suddenly have an overwhelming urge to watch out of the blue. Try to name just one.

I know I have a long list, but the major one is.... Four Rooms.

Now.... GO!
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i'm stuck at home so sick i can't even walk to the other room, so i've been online for way too long. i've run out of things to look at. let me know if you know of any website that is fun or funny or interesting or in any way worth looking at so i can live through the week doing absolutely nothing but coughing up a lung. thanks!h

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There used to be some guy on here who would occasionally post photos of himself at various places in Portland, always giving a thumbs up and a smile? I miss those. Does anyone else remember? What is/was his livejournal username?
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Things to do...


So I've never really explored Portland when I actually lived here and now I'm back for Spring Break, I'm wondering what is there to do in Portland? I really want to explore the culture around here more and the nightlife as well.

So far, my friends and I had came up the plan to go clubbing and going to some cafes. Are there any really good under 21 clubs around here (we're all over 18)? I really don't care if it's "mainstream" or if it's alternative, as long as it's a good club.

In any case, I'm just lost as to what to do. I'm sure there's plenty of things to do but they're like hidden gems ^_^ Nice cafes, art galleries, alternative/subculture scenes, or even some good resturants! Oh, and I live in Beaverton so anything from there is good too! =)

Thanks in advance!