March 21st, 2005

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wow that was interesting. so i am walking home from a friends house. as i get to the blockbuster(39th&powell), i notive something strange, i am not quite sure what but then a person comes running out the broken store window and around the side of the building with a garbage sack full of movies i assume. around the corner a car takes off. i didn't even see the car. i got home called the police but i don't think anything i had to say was helpful. oh well just doing my part.
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PDX ShitList

This is the space where we put things that we don't like, along with an explanation. I'll start.

Stumptown on Division needs to change the following:
1) Their get-it-yourself rules. I'm sick of standing in line for 30 minutes with the latte crowd because I don't have exact change.
2) The get-it-yourself coffee is now almost 30% grounds.

I love Stumptown coffee and I'm not going to count you out (yet) but you've GOT come up with another register and figure out another way to filter your coffee. I go to you guys because you used to have superior product but now you're half a step above Folger's Crystals.
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Tattoo help?

I have some friends who are getting tatoos together (I'm designing them! ^_^) and would like some recommendations on artists. They live in Hillsboro, but I bet they would entertain going into Portland if there was someone really kick-ass there.

Who d'you fine PDXers recommend?

support the zine symposium

come support the zine symposium! april 9th. 8pm. liberty hall (311 n ivy)

Ruby Starfruit- melodic, happy rock with multiple vocalists and guitars,
bass, drums, violin
Sexton Blake- some similarities to Elliott Smith with scratching and
synths, a fresh/modern feel
Voodoo Economics- danceable rhythmic tones with energetic ambient/layered

plus, a carnival and bake sale downstairs! play games and win awesome prizes and eat yummy vegan treats while supporting the zine symposium!

$3-10 sliding scale.

please repost!

also, anyone who would like to donate prizes for the carnival or bake something for the bake sale, please contact

extra stickers?

i am looking for any exta leftover "no on 36" stickers, pins, whatever. i have tried google and other seaches, but no one seems to have any... if you know where i can obtain these, please, oh please, let me know.

(forgive the x-posting please)

extra stickers?

i am looking for any exta leftover "no on 36" stickers, pins, whatever. i have tried google and other seaches, but no one seems to have any... if you know where i can obtain these, please, oh please, let me know.

(forgive the x-posting please)
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What's the name of the website where you can go to check if the information in an email is false? Its sitting on the tip of my tongue, and I just can't remember.. I think it starts with an "s." Any ideas?
a picture calls

Sitter Request...

I am needing a sitter this week, but I can only afford to pay 7$ per hour.
The hours are as follows and my children are young so it would be best if you came here,
we live near the Lloyd Center.
Trinity is 3 and Jonas is 1. I would like to breifly unformally 'interveiw' you or you can email me your references,(please post first if you are interested) and (of course) there is no drugs allowed in our house, especially if they are inside of you!. :P

Tues: 1:30-3:30pm
Wed-Fri: 12:30-3:30pm
Sat: 1:30-3:30pm

You would be welcome to take all or none of those days.
Jen & Josh
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Goonies reunion!

"‘Goonies’ fanatics expected to throng Astoria for reunion

By The Daily Astorian

Calling all Goonies!
Astoria is hosting a 20th anniversary reunion for fans of the popular 1985 adventure film June 3 through 5.

Organized by the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce, “Goonies Never Say Die Anniversary Celebration” features movie screenings, a lecture, trivia games and tours to some of the many local sites made famous by the exploits of Mikey, Chunk and Data.

The movie, which follows the exploits of a group of young adventurers who set off in pursuit of a legendary pirate treasure, has gained cult status over the years among fans who saw it as youngsters as well as with new viewers. It’s also made Astoria, which is featured prominently in the film, a destination for hundreds of Goonies fans each year – after the Astoria Column, the “Goonies House” featured in the film generates the most questions from visitors, according to the chamber of commerce.

The anniversary celebration will include bus tours of nine landmarks from the film, including the old Clatsop County Jail, Ecola State Park and of course the Goonies House in east Astoria. There will also be multiple showings of the film at the Columbian Theater, and two performances of “Growing Up Goonies,” a multi-media presentation by Jeff Cohen, the actor who portrayed “Chunk,” that includes film outtakes, a lecture and trivia game, an autograph session and a “Truffle Shuffle Dance” contest. Cohen will also speak about the film’s other cast members and the upcoming sequel, “Goonies 2.”

article is from here

you KNOW i'm going to this hehe!!!

Dating sucks...

So out of curiosity, has anyone here tried (or any other dating website, for that matter) and had real success? Sure, they seem legit, but is it really worth $99 for a 3 month membership?

medical spanish

hey there. i was wondering if any of you know of a place that offers medical spanish courses (or maybe even tutors) for cheap. i checked pcc and tried googling, but no luck yet. i'm going to peru in june on a medical trip and would like to know more spanish specific to medical situations. thanks in advance!

This one's worse!

I jus thought of a commercial that is more annoying than Mattress Worlds.

It's the guy who advertises late at night that he has cars for under a thousand dollars, and "I'll finance you! I'll finance you! I'll finance you!"

Gorge Hiking advice

My fiance and I are on spring break and we're considering going hiking in the gorge tomorrow. Has anyone been out there recently? We're trying to figure out where to go, but we know we want a moderate hike between 3-6 miles long (some steepness is ok). I'm hoping some of you lovely damnportlanders could give me advice as to if any of the following hikes are good this time of year:

Latourell Falls
Elowah Falls
Nick Eaton Ridge (also called Indian Point)
Wygant Loop (starts at Lousmann state park)
Tom McCall Point

I'm also open to any other suggestions. :)

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Mad Hatter

Think you got the flu? Have respitory problems? Been hiking lately?

Here's a little eye opening information about Hantavirus (Disease).

Hantavirus is carried by rodents, particularly deer mice, and is present in their urine and feces. The virus does not cause disease in the carrier animal. Humans are thought to become infected when they are exposed to contaminated dust from the nests or droppings of mice.

Epidemiologists at the CDC suspect that campers and hikers may have a higher chance of contracting the disease than most people. This is due to the fact that they pitch tents on the forest floor and lay their sleeping bags down in musty cabins. [they fail to mention that fecal dust can be stirred up just by simply walking and hiking through the forest]

Read more here
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thanks, and an announcement

thanks to all for the recent music suggestions. i ended up getting albums from jason falkner, celebrity, paul oakenfold, yo la tengo, dead poetic, and even portland locals viva voce. in addition, i bought tracks from rocky votolato, aaron sprinkle, 16 horsepower, and probably one or two others i forgot.

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Prince George


Can someone please help me find a good writer's community on LiveJournal?

What I don't want is some community where everybody posts their own fanfic of how Lara Croft falls in love with Jarjar Binks as they meet each other fighting a balrog, and then everybody else says "oo that was awesome, read mine!" No poetry or photographs, either.

I would prefer a community that does not share their work publicly, save for sharing passages for technical advice or to ask for suggestions. This community allows for intelligent discussion without empty praise or uninvited criticism. Hopefully, the writers here would be able to meet others and then share their work on a one-to-one basis, but not as the main focus of the community.

Topics would include writing, technical aspects of writing, publishing, possibly book/writer convention information, publications and books about writing, etc. I think you get the general idea.

Yes, I know I'm being a little particular. ^_^
If it doesn't exist do you think I should create it?
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