March 20th, 2005

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does anyone know what time stumptown (on belmont) opens? im up earlier than usual for a non-work day, which is where i usually acquire my espresso, and i just dont know what to do with myself.
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i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good breakfast places in the downtown area? we're heading out in about an hour...*stomach starts to growl*

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Deliver Us...

I have strep throat and am tired of pizza (did I just write that?), is there a place in Portland that lets me order online that's NOT a pizza chain, and will deliver as far as Hillsboro?

I guess if worse comes to worst, I could talk on the phone, so yeah, just any delivery places that goes to Hillsboro and isn't a pizza joint?
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Portland: "Almost a Canadian city"!

Our Northern brethren say:

Canadians love Portland, because Portland is the most Canadian city in the United States... It's a kinder, gentler America, and the city's million citizens, including young idealists from Portland State, the University of Portland, Reed College and Lewis and Clark College who are carving out a dynamic, creative, urban vision along the shores of the Willamette River.

Like all generalizations, this vision of Portland has a flip side best depicted by noir novelist Chuck Palahniuk's Fugitives and Refugees: A Walk In Portland, a gritty portrayal of the city's "most cracked crackpots." Portland is currently home to fallen ice-skating queen Tonya Harding. Monica Lewinsky got her bachelor of science in psychology at Lewis and Clark. The pierced and tattooed punk porn site Suicide Girls got its start in Portland. Rex Diablo, who heads the city's Church of Satan, has 10-centimetre horns implanted in his forehead. Palahniuk claims Portland has more strip clubs than any other U.S. city...

-from Victoria Times Colonist
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i'm flying to somewhere where i won't be able to buy liquor in florida. can i take a flask of liquor on a flight from pdx, either in checked baggage or as part of my carry on without any issues?

Internet Explorer

I've been working on de-Spywaring my computer, but I can't get Internet Explorer removed (am now using Foxfire), which I think is a big part of my problem. For some reason Internet Explorer isn't showing up on my "add/remove programs" list...does anyone know how I can get rid of it?