March 19th, 2005


Remember the Green Faery?

I'll be handing out gold coins again this year for St. Patty's Day (I caught a leprechaun!!), but since it landed on a Thursday, I've gotta do it today. I'll be at the Saturday market this afternoon. Come get gold coins from me! (Sorry, they're plastic, not chocolate.. dun' want parents to think their kids are taking candy from stangers.) Everyone do a no-rain dance for me today to ensure that I can wear all of my costume!!

See you there!


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Hey damnportlanders,

Are there any motels in a fairly decent area that charge by the week? My husband and I are moving up to Portland on April 1st and might need a few weeks in a motel until we can find an apartment. (We have first last and deposit but no verifiable income as of yet.) (Also thought of a roomshare but nobody wants to live with a married couple and a dog... and we think we need our own space anyway.)

Someone help us out? We think we want to rent somewhere around SE or SW, so someplace close-by there would be fantastic.
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ouchies :(

Does anyone know of a clinic or soemthing i can go to that would be low cost, i dont have extra money really but I have been having horrible pains in my stomach for 4 days now and they arent going away. I dont have insurance (otherwise i wouldnt be asking right?) I like in hillsboro but alex is going to drive me so transportation isnt an issue. thanks in advance for any info

Road Trip!

Hey DPers -

A friend and I are driving to St. Louis, MO this week. We're leaving tomorrow. Any advise, wisdom, cautions, etc. you care to give a few first time road-trippers?


EDIT: Thanks to all who contributed! Lift-off in 10 hours!
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we're having a poker game that's being held in North Portland

this is our fourth time hosting a poker game since october. we'd actually like to meet bi-weekly or monthly in the future.

the game starts at 7pm TONIGHT!
if you wish to attend bring a folding chair of some sort. people are scheduled to show up and these people are all ages from all walks of life. poker chips will be used and money will not be involved (have fun and for some learn the game of poker if you don't already know how to play.)

if you're interested call 503-247-9628!

thank you.

5-St*r Items for sale on eBay!!!

5-St*r consignments, a custom clothing, screenprinting, and accessories store with which I am closely associated, is looking to expand its market into the world of eBay!

To this end, we are trying to post at least 100 items within the next couple of days, and hopefully sell them all by April 1st. This will, among other things, make it possible for us to make our rent and stay in business for another month.

5-St*r consignments is located at 2823 NE Sandy, Portland Oregon, 97232, right next door to Katie O'Briens, at the western edge of the Hollywood district.

We sell custom and vintage clothing, as well as screenprinted t-shirts, other screenprinted clothing, and custom screenprinting. Internet stations with DSL are available for $3/hr.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, we have beginners' screenprinting classes. These run about four hours, cost $40, and include all materials including a t-shirt which you screenprint with your own design and take home the same day. This class is also a prerequisite for our monthly membership, which costs $50/month and includes a locker (limited availability,) full access to the screenprinting facilities, inclusion in our product orders, and full access to the internet and transparency printing terminals upstairs. Members are also encouraged to offer their screenprint creations for sale in our space as consigners.

Our hours are: Monday-Saturday, 12pm-8pm, and we can be reached at 503.238.4507, or by email at:

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Alright, here's a question for all of you from/with knowledge of the midwest:

From late May (leaving the 19th or the 20th) to early June (need to be in Portland by the 5th), I am taking a cross-country road trip. I currently live in Baltimore, ending up in Portland (to stay! yay! I've missed my city so), and I need some advice as to cool places to stop along the way.

The route we're planning on taking (although this could be somewhat changed) is to go through Virginia and West Virginia and Kentucky/the southern tips of Ohio Indiana, and Illinois to meet up with Route 66 (or its modern day manifestation, anyway) somewhere around St. Louis. Then we go through Missouri, going off our route to visit the Laura Ignalls Wilder house and museum in Mansfield, MO. Then we continue through the tip of Kansas and down into Oklahoma, where we'll be stopping at the World's Largest McDonald's and a Route 66 Museum.

After Oklahoma or somewhere in New Mexico we're gonna head back North and probably go through Colorado, Utah, possibly Nevada, possibly Idaho, and finally to Oregon.

So. Does anyone have any other destination suggestions? We may just stop at whatever cool/funky thing we happen upon, but I'd love some more ideas of what to keep in mind.

Thanks in advance!