March 18th, 2005

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Martial Arts Schools

So, I know at least a few people in this community like to kick ass in their spare time, and it's been far too long since I did any regular training. To be honest, I'm mostly interested in an aikido or wing chun (if one exists) school in town, but if anyone has a school that they're just gung-ho about which won't break the bank, I'm not wedded to those styles.

So, talk to me. What's the name of your school? Where's it located? What style is it? How much do you pay? How are the instructors?
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Insomniac update...v.2.0

So, I know there are people awake out there in Livejournal land.. I'm awake too.

What do YOU guys do when you're awake at night, stareing longingly into the computer screen, rapidly clicking update hoping someone posts something new to read?


I drink Apple soda and draw pictures in MS paint.
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it's cool, we were snorting percocet

carissa's wierd

does anyone have the carissa's wierd albums: ugly but honest, you should be at home here, songs about leaving, scrap book and i before e? i either can't find them anywhere or they were part of my music that got stolen last year. i'm sortof dying from missing them. i just want burned copies and i will $$$PAY$$$ you.

What'd everybody else do tonight?

Started out going to CC Slaughter's with the gay. First time there, turns out I'm not a fan. Went to the Bonfire, drank. Went to Belmont's, drank. Funnily enough I'm not drunk. Against my better judgement, I'm drinking Bailey's on ice right now. I'm going to seriously regret this tomorrow morning. Yourself?

UPDATE: The Bailey's was definitely a bad idea. Off to bed with me, but please relate your stories for morning time amusement! Night night.
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Oct 2010

(no subject)

Tonight, my boyfriend and I are having dinner and drinks in Portland with some folks from work. We are meeting at Oba for drinks then going to Giorgio's for dinner. Can anyone give me feedback on exactly how dressed up we need to be?
anguish much?

do you have a tivo?

can someone please explain to me the magic that is tivo? ive finally convinced my mother to buy one, but under the condition that we will successfully be able to install it.

we currently have a motorola cable box (comcast), a toshiba dvd player, a pioneer tape deck (ack a tape deck... i dont think i even realized we still had this), a sony reciever, and a kenwood 5 disc cd changer, all hooked up to our phillips tv. not to mention a bose surround sound set up, as well as a panasonic vcr thats NOT hooked up because it wasnt compatible with the reciever for some reason.

so i guess what i want to know is does the tivo just plug into the cable and the tv or do we have to somehow configure it into the reciever as well?

ALSO, whats the deal with the phone line thing? luckily we have a phone jack right there with all this crap, but i dont understand the difference between hooking it up to your phone, or to your broadband. we have an rca broadband modem but its not wireless and its in a totally other room, so im not sure how this even relates to the tivo.

if you can shoot me some advice, i'd be oh so grateful.

otherwise we might spend the 130 bucks on pro installation and then sit back and let them do all the dirty work.

a picture calls

(no subject)

I saw a modeling agency on the news a couple of weeks ago...Does anyone know a good one in Portland that is for children? I am thinking about my kids college fund. They said that children under a certain age can use snapshots for headshots and its pretty much free.

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hello damnportlanders, i need your help.

i'd like to buy a nice futon mattress, and frame, hopefully from the same place. i don't want a folding futon frame, i want a stationary one, and i don't want to have to drive to ikea to get one. i suppose i'm looking for a "platform bed" frame?

i'm hoping to spend $500 or less total.

ideas? i hit the intarweb, but seemed to have no luck.


I found my dream job after months of searching and dead-ends and frustration.
So, my job is now up for grabs and if anyone is qualified and interested please comment and we can get in touch.

The company is a medium sized independent insurance agency. There are two offices, one in Vancouver and one in Portland. My position is centered in Portland. It's a Commercial lines processor position. You'd be checking policies, checking endorsements, drafting correspondence and doing some marketing. Knowledge of the insurance industry is a big plus but not required. If you've had experience in the mortgage industry or some other related industry, or a lot of office support experience, it might be a good fit.
The pay is in the 30,000 range. It's a good company and a great group of people but it's an insurance job and can get kind of monotonous.

Like I said, if you're interested comment and I can arrange to get your resume and hand it off to my manager. Cheers!
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Should I go?

I'm thinking of attending a Games group that meets regularly at a church in Battle Ground, WA. I've been told by the host that the people that go are about half church members. The church is the Maple Grove Church, which is Assemblies of God, which is evangelical.

I'm debating whether to go because I do not want to drive over a half hour to get preached to. Does anyone know about the politics of this particular church (hey, maybe it's part of the liberal wing--if there is one--of AoG), or about the general political atmosphere of Battle Ground (the name doesn't sound particularly welcoming)?
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Oct 2010

Public Service Announcements

If your kid is not in school because she is sick,

DO NOT BRING THE KID TO THE OFFICE. Stay home with the kid, or make other arrangements.

We, the people working in the office with you, do NOT want to get sick for fucks sake.

If you live in the Portland Metro Area and are driving around with studded tires on, I am pretty sure it is safe to take them off now, m'kay?

Restoration Project: B-17 WWII Bomber

An incredible effort to restore a B-17 World War II bomber is under way in Milwaukie, Ore.

I came upon a greasy spoon diner called "The Bomber" on Highway 99-E in Milwaukie, and learned about the fascinating story and legacy of a dynamic, loose-cannon businessman, his determination to bring a B-17G World War II bomber into Milwaukie, and current volunteer efforts to restore the gem of a propeller plane that has become one of the city's most well-known residents. Collapse )

Photos of The Bomber

Photos of the Showcase

Incredible Journey Brought Bomber Here

The Bomber story is almost like a "fairy tale", maintains Milwaukie's Art Lacey, who owned and operated a 48-pump gas station housed beneath the "Lacey Lady" a WWII B-17G Bomber.

While Lacey's retired war bird is a familiar landmark, few realize the incredible chain of events that actually landed the plane in Milwaukie.

As a young pilot and gasoline station owner, Art had a vision of a novel combination of both. His subsequent quest for a retired war plane took him to the Altus Air Base in Oklahoma. The stranger from Oregon told them he wanted to buy the plane to be used as an advertising gimmick back home, over his gas station. They questioned his sanity but sold him a B-17 anyway.
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(no subject)


When 18-year-old Rosa Montoya was crowned this year's Rose Festival ambassador for Portland's Roosevelt High School, she knew she would have to handle her duties differently than others.

Montoya, a senior, is a single mother of a seven-week-old girl.

So, some have been calling for her to step down from her role as ambassador just one day after she was crowned, saying she doesn't set a good moral example. This is the first time a mother has been selected as a Rose Festival the rest here.

Discuss, DamnPortlanders. Upstanding Role Model for Single Moms, or Hussy Ruining the Moral Fabric of Society?
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Car Searches?

I am trying to find a car for under $1000- so far I have been checking out craigslist and -- but is there anywhere else online that you'd recommend? I'm not make/model-specific, I just want something that's a 4 cyl. automatic without need for immediate maintenance under $1k.
BennetFox by VermillionFox

New addendum to parking laws

Apparently while I was asleep, the entire world got together and declared that it is perfectly legal and safe to park in the loading zones of handicapped parking spaces.

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As you can clearly see, the black BMW is parked halfway inside the loading zone of the adjacent handicapped parking space. Last night while I was out, I asked a Beaverton police officer if they could ticket someone in a private apartment complex lot for parking in the handicapped space. He said they probably could and would refer it to traffic. Today around 2:45, a Beaverton PD car comes through our complex to investigate. After a few minutes of discussion with the apparent owner of the car, there was no warning or citation issued. This leads me to believe that it is perfectly legal and safe to park in these areas without fear of reprocussions.

I just wanted to bring that to everyone's attention.

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Does anyone know anything about dogs? I know chocolate can be potentially fatal to them, but I was once housesitting and one of the bigger dogs got into a whole box of choclate, and she was fine. But 13lb cocker just ate x amount of a chocolate cupcake...should I be freaking out?
fucking *by stephen h

alright folks, i need some recommendations.

here's what i'm looking for...

new music!
what's new and at the top of your must-have lists and isn't bright eyes? [i know he's supposed to be the best thing since foreffingever but i'm not impressed in the slightest]


places to crash at the beach!
where should a guy go to find good cheap lodging along the oregon/sw washington coast?

ok go.

*edited for content.