March 15th, 2005

London Calling

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I just got back from the Pepper show tonight to hear that mc chris is playing the WOW Hall May 18th! The day before Star Wars Episode 3 comes out! Woohoo! Everybody should go cause mc chris is the shit, he even has his own lj at clixnwhistles. Also, happy late 311 Day! Me First and the Gimme Gimmes this Thursday!
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where can i get rid of booze bottles? and we can't put them in the curb side recycling because of the religious land lord. and by religious, i mean cultish. seriously. Preferably in beaverton. thnx

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Are any of you find damnportlanders looking for some landscape work?  I'm interested in removing several juniper bushes, having my ridiculously tall laurel hedges trimmed and maybe putting in a few boxed beds where the juniper bushes are now.  And of course, I'm hoping to do it fairly inexpensively.  If this is up your alley, or you know someone who might be interested, please let me know.  The yard in question is in NE Portland.

I'll be posting this to craigslist soon but I always like to check in with the local LJers first. Thanks in advance!
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Lunch spot needed ASAP

Quick DP'ers.

I need someplace downtown where I can sit down with a small group of people, have lunch that is $10 or less to eat, good food and/or good drinks, and not too far away from a max stop.

Please come through for me.
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The crazy things people think of!

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Oh and that Wal-mart that someone posted about a while back (the one on 82nd and King Road), well it's already there. I was over there today and saw a bunch of people wearing the blue Wal-mart vests (trainees, I'm guessing) and it looks as if it's going to open up in a couple weeks. Anyway, just thought I'd share to those people interested in what's going on around the oh-so-wonderful 82nd =)
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Computer geeks

Help me! I have this floppy disk, an imation 1.44 mb floppy. And said floppy has a paper on it that I need. My computer won't read the disk though and say it's not formatted. This floppy was in my computer and working not but a few months ago, and I don't understand why it's suddenly put a death grip on my info. Any ideas?

1-5 North at Rush Hour

How is I-5 heading North in the morning during "rush hour"?
What about heading South in the evening after getting out of work?

I'm relatively new to Portland, may have the opportunity to work in Freightliner's corporate office up/on/in Swan Island and live in the SW Hills part of Portland now. MapQuest says it's 9miles or so, but 9 miles in rush hour can take an entire hour in some places. I have no experience on I-5 during those hours! Those of you who do: please help me out here because this is could be a deciding factor!
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anyone driving down to, near, or through corvallis tomorrow? I need to get down there, and would rather not greyhound.

so, a longshot. I can help out with gas and tell silly stories. or I can help with gas and shut the hell up. whatever.
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For nearly as long as I've sought to leave this country on a walkabout across the world, I've been saving up for/dreaming a particular piece: a wraparound 1/2 sleeve tattoo on my right arm.
Understandably, this tattoo will not stand for anyone but the best as it embodies much of my past and many of my core philosophies.

It is for this reason that I am asking you DPers to point me in the right direction in Europe for the best artist(s), in your opinion. I'd prefer that advice be based on personal experience, but I won't discount opinions/gut-feelings/premonitory dreams/tea-leaves... Furthermore, I'm looking for an artist with a unique style, (with an asiatic touch?) and have been looking for nearly a decade. I've come close to perfect with a few, but I'd like to cull some input on Europe's ink community here...

Help a body out, and I'll show you my new skin when I return a permanently altered man.

Body & soul, I do believe :)


ps: LJ groups are also applicable, as the search function is exhausting in its imprecision.

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Warehouse Work

There's going to be an opening soon where I work, on April 11th. It's a full-time internship, but a great place to be while you look for something better. They have training programs and a some classes you'll have to take, and in a week you'll be ready to go (in other words, no experience needed). Some things about the job:

- It's a swing shift, 3:00 pm to 11:30:pm.
- It's right off the MAX Line, literally. Hawthorne Farm, you can see the warehouse from there, a five minute walk into the building, a one minute walk onto the property.
- Wear whatever you want, it's a warehouse! Who're you trying to impress?
- You'll be trained (eventually) on a forklift, stock picker, and electric pallette jack. If you don't want to drive those (oh come on, it's kinda fun), the manager is super nice and completley understands.
- There's an extensive safety program, so you won't be required to lift anything you don't feel comfortable lifting. In fact if you lift a box by yourself that's over 35 pounds, you're breaking a safety rule of some sort.
- The pay is $11.55 an hour, with lots of available (sometimes mandatory) overtime.

Apply through Kelly Services and ask for this position. It's a Material Specialist in the ODC (Oregon Distribution Centre) Department, say I'm your referral so I get a bonus, too. The name's Douglas Young :)

Job skills you'd be honing would include data entry, quality assurance (and if you mess up, there's like FIVE other people down the line to catch it, too, so no pressure), shipping and handling, and you DO get rewards/awards if you exceed, which look awesome on a resume.