March 14th, 2005

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where are some of your favorite places for light (read: pretty easy) hiking in portland? i dont want to have to go too far to get to the place where i will hike, and i dont want anything too strenuous. something breathtakingly gorgeous would be good too. thanks a bundle, portlanders :)
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asian food/specialty store in downtown or northwest


several months ago i moved into an apartment in northwest portland, and while i have located most of the important stores in the area (co-op, liquor, fred meyer, trader joes, etc.) i still haven't found an asian food store.

i am aware of the asian grocery on belmont and the japanese place on mlk, but i need something closer. i purchase fresh herbs on a pretty regular basis, so what i hope to find is a place within walking distance of either my apartment in nw or my employer in chinatown.

you would think that working in chinatown it would be easy to grab some thai basil or kaffir lime leaves during lunch. doesn't that seem reasonable? well, i'm still looking. all i've found around here is pornography, "magic gardens," magazines printed in chinese, shitty trinkets, and tea pots.

thanks for any help,

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Is anyone else having trouble loading their friends page? Since yesterday it's been laoding very slowly and all the icons are coming up red x'es, but if I comment or view comments, the icons appear there. Also, pictures load, so wtf?
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A girl on a mission...

I am on a mission for Me First And The Gimme Gimmes tickets.

I was (am?) dirt poor for a long time, and the day I got paid and went to pick up a pair of tickets, Tickeswest had sold out. I was wondering if any of you had an extra ticket (just one?) or pair, and if so, could I please please please please buy it/them from you? They are one of my very favorite bands, and would be oh so sad if I was not able to go...

Or if you know of any places that are still selling them, would you please direct me accordingly?

Thank you so much for your time. :)

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I'm looking to get a couple extra dollars so I picked some stuff from my closet to sell. So, the question is, anyone know of a place where I can sell them? They're plus size clothes, and I tried Buffalo Exchange and they don't take anything bigger than size 14. Any ideas? Thanks!

x-posted for ideas!
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Are there any restaurants out there similar to Chang's Mongolian Grill, where you pick out what you want and they fry it up for you on a big round grill? It doesn't matter what type of food, I'm just looking for the "stir fry on the big round grill thing".
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Hopefully Oregon will be the next hurdle...

Posted 3/14/2005 11:49 PM Updated 3/14/2005 11:54 PM

Marriage put to a legal test
By April Umminger, USA TODAY
It's been more than a year since Steve Knox rushed to a Hilton hotel in downtown Portland, Ore., on an overcast day to marry Eric Warshaw, his boyfriend of 10 years.\

Knox and Warshaw were the second same-sex couple to marry in Portland on March 3, 2004. That was the first day of a six-week period during which Multnomah County, which includes Portland, issued about 3,000 marriage licenses to same-sex couples
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female roommate needed by April 1

My roommate is moving out in a week, so I need a new roomate by the end of this month. (She does not know exactly when she will be moving out, but definitely by April, and possibly as soon as March 21st or 22nd.)

The total monthly rent is $325, which includes ALL utilities (gas stove, gas heat, electricity) phone, and high speed internet.

The apartment is a one-bedroom, and right now my roommate and I are sharing a room (I have wooden bunk beds) but I also have a comfy futon in the living room, so if you would prefer your own sleeping area, you could sleep there. There is also a small 'dressing room' that leads into the bathroom, so you could keep your dresser & things in that room.

This is an old but well maintained building with hardwood floors, a clawfoot tub, basement laundry facilities, etc. Wireless internet is available in the building for a monthly fee. We are right on the streetcar line, very convenient to PSU, Safeway, walking distance from the downtown library, the post office, etc.

About me: I am a 26-year-old part-time student who also works nearly full time. I am very quiet and responsible, NOT looking for a party person or someone who wants to have friends over all the time. (The apartment is only about 4/5 blocks from PSU, perfect for a PSU student.)

It's ok if you smoke, as long as it's not inside. No dogs or cats, but other small pets are ok. If you are interested, please e-mail me @ :)


I have somehow, suddenly, gotten major Spyware on my computer, as in a million and three pop-ups per second, shit getting downloaded without asking me, my computer freezing from overcrowding, etc.

I went to (I have windows xp) and downloaded anti-spyware, but it doesn't seem to be fast (or thorough?) enough to get everything, because every time I run it, it kills everything it detects, and then by the time its re-booted it detects 10 or 20 MORE bad programs...