March 13th, 2005


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I have three friends coming down from the Seattle area on Wednesday and I would like to take them somewhere interesting or fun for lunch. Maybe something that they don't have in Seattle? Fairly unique to Portland? Or at least something in an interesting part of Portland. Something moderately priced. The kind of food isn't important, probably not mexican or sushi.

Any ideas?

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cool breezes...

await me in cheekyassmonkey's new ride! she is on her way over here as I type and we are off to Saturday Market with other friends. Great day for it.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend with this weather!

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Creepy Much?

Is anyone else disgusted by the Burger King ad where the kid in the womb tells his mother if she doesn't stop eating peppers he "might come out early and take a little somethin' with me."

Premature birth and a ripped uterus, what a laugh riot! What on earth was BK thinking when they came up with this ad?
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Breathe the Salty air!

How do I get to the coast? I've lived here for 5 years and have no clue how to get to the coast. I've been there once but can't recall how to get there...I remember driving through Salem, then through Dallas and that's it.

1.What is the most scenic route to the coast? 

2. If I were to have a hot guy with me which part of the coast is the best?  (Think packing a lunch with wine and a portable DVD player)


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On Pop/Soda

Anyone know when/if the regular Vanilla Cherry Dr Pepper will be released here in the PDX area? I know it's already out in TX, having just been there. I brought some back, but it's almost gone (one can left) and it's like an addiction. Help?
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Did anyone happen to get a picture of the shooting thing in the sky last night? I missed it because my room is in the basement =( My boyfriend's little sister's friend left a three minute message on the answering machine saying how cool it was. She says it was her first shooting star but no one knows if it was even a star, heh. Anyway, pictures anyone?
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Hey, I was wondering if the Saturday nights salsa dancing at the Nocturnal were any fun--as in, is there a decent turn-out of people? Do people generally go with partners or is it a "hey you, random stranger, let's dance a bit" deal?