March 10th, 2005


Crappy textbooks

Does anyone know where I can get my textbook rebound and how much it would cost? I dropped it and the glue ripped off the binding, leaving me with a detachable cover. This is a $120 book, bought brand new from the PSU bookstore in fall term. I'd just leave it in that condition but I need the book for next term too. Suffice to say I'm not happy. Has anyone had experience getting a bookstore to rebind a book they've sold?

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Hair Stylist

Can anyone recommend a good hairstylist in the Tigard/Tualatin/Sherwood area? I need someone who can work well with thick & curly hair. Also someone who does really well coloring and highlights. Cost isn't an issue. Please help!

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Do you want to hear boy_asunder, expatriate, elario and a bunch of other guys sing?

Of course you do, silly.

Portland Gay Men's Chorus


Brothers, Sing On!

Our 25th Anniversary Concert will highlight the brightest musical moments in PGMC's first quarter century. Come reminisce on our multimedia and multifabulous journey from the Cold War, Jimmy Carter, and Cellular. . . to WMDs, "W," and PDAs!

Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 8 PM
Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 2 PM

Kaul Auditorium, Reed College

Tickets are available at $25/$20/$15/$12.
 You can purchase tickets online at
or by calling us at 503-226-2588
or at the door starting one hour before the performance.

The Portland Gay Men's Chorus aspires to expand, redefine, and perfect the choral art through eclectic performances that honor and uplift the gay community and affirm the worth of all people.

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Please Don't Think I'm a Horrible Person

I may go away (to Vermont) in the fall to spend two years at college, but I have a large, sweet, goofy dog who doesn't get enough exercise as it is, and who I wouldn't have enough time for if I was in school.

I would never give her to the Humane Society, although its a wonderful organization...what I'd really like is to find farm that takes dogs, so that she could get all of the running around she needs, and when I was done with school I could re-adopt her.

I've heard of people giving their dogs to farms, but I don't know where or how. Any advice?

Bed Frames

My bf needs a new mattress frame. His old one snapped in half... literally. He wants the kind of bed frame where you don't really need a box mattress. He refuses to buy a box mattress ever mainly because he doesn't like having to move one. This is the cheap particle board bed frame he used to have that worked great without a box spring until it broke. Neither one of us want to drive all the way to Ikea just to look at bed frames so is there anywhere local that might have something similar? Preferably a decent selection of such frames. I can't stand sleeping on the floor anymore because it aggravates my allergies too much so I don't really care what it looks like myself but I'd like to be able to breathe at night again.
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bubble tea

i just had a strawberry bubble tea..

i wasnt sure if i liked it at first..
now i am utterly addicted...

anyone know of other good flavors i could try and places besides chino's on broadway where i can get more?
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Nursery info

So I am embarking on a landscaping extravaganza. I need a good nursery that can get me some native plants and trees driving distance from Portland.

Anyone know any good nurseries that can advise me on native plants and trees? Like what to plant where (sun, shade, small spaces, I need it all) Maybe even a nursery with good prices? I don't mind venturing outside of Portland into the countryside because I'll be buying a lot and it'll be worth it.

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farmer's market/produce/organic meat

I am somewhat new to Portland and wanted to know where to go for farmer's market/local produce, and possibly organic meat and free-range eggs...

I know there is a place on 20th and hawthorne, but have heard mixed reviews....any suggestions?

*also...I used to go to a market where small farmers from around the region would come and set up on the weekends with small tables of their produce...this is nice and most preferable if it exists

thanks for your help
Worky Work!

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I am Shocked and Saddened!

And I know DP will be too!

I have checked both computers...the one at work and at no avail....sadly.....

Whew....Found it (It was in a hidden directory)...and without further ado..........


*takes a bow*  Thank you!  Enjoy!


(P.S.  for those that don't know...look at the picture above my username)

Free Comcast cable television?

I have Comcast cable internet. I found out today that I'm also getting some cable television sneaking through. Its fuzzy, except for some dumb channels like QVC. No, I dont want to pay for it just to get it un-fuzzified.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? And any suggestions on how to get it to be fairly clear? If there's no illegal and free way to fix my illegal cable, I might have to break down and pay for it!

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Okay, so I had this good idea for something practical. I am writing about it here to see if 1)anyone knows where I can get one, or 2)anyone would buy it if it did exist.

Situation: We have gotten rid of all our landlines and instead have a cell phone and cable internet. (I'm sure a common senario.)

Dilema: The phone:
-is often dead because I forget to charge it
-is always lost when I need it
-muffled ringing is not helpful when it is buried in my coat pocket someplace in my pile of laundry

Solution: (in my head)
I would like to have a home base (similar to a cordless phone base) for my phone. It would be able to charge it automatically while it is there. Then there would be two or three cordless phones plugged in other rooms of the house. They would be wirelessly connected to the cell phone. You should be able to pick any of them up and use it like you would the cell phone. Other features I would like for this: speakerphone, a blinking light when I have messages and a way to answer them (essentially like an answering machine), and possibly the ability to plug in a regular phone (with a phone jack) because I have this awesome old looking phone I miss.

So what do you think? Has anyone seen something like this? Where can I purchase it? If not, who wants to help me make it/invest?
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It is indeed a good day!

Great weather and I just checked our bank accounts...we got our tax refunds!!


And...I have no cases scheduled tomorrow!!
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silly stupid question for art project for school

i am looking for random or intentional rock formations around town. they can be manmade or natural...

can anyone thing of any spots off the top of your head?

thanks in advance.
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ethnic restaurants

I'm taking cultural anthropology and our first assignment is to visit an ethnic market/ ethnic restaurant. My classmate really wants to try a restaurant and so we are taking suggestions. We asked our instructor for some suggestions, and he had many, but he didn't know the name of any of them, and only rough locations, so he was really no help at all. Something on the east side would be ideal. Oh, and my friend can't do spicy food.
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I want to name my "buisness"(mostly just my hobby right now) something and I dont know how to go about it. Who do I call, what do I have to spend, can I get it copyrighted? Is there a website to do these things?