March 9th, 2005

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Are you a Bassist? we need one...

I have been watching this community for quite a while. Everyone here is pretty intense so right off I apologize to those of you who hate me for posting this eh,

I am part of a band that is in some serious need of a remotely attractive Bassist. We are in studio cutting an album right now.

come be our fourth!!

write me at if your serious and are interested in going somewhere.

This is a damn cool page :)

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I am really really bored right now.

Anyone else bored?

Middle of the night, when all the people I normally talk to are sleeping, sucks.

Especially when I have a paper due tomorrow.

If anyone else is bored and wants to talk to a cool person (I think he is a cool person, anyway) IM me on aim at jasonfgc

if you dont enjoy our conversation, you will get your money back, promise. I am just bored and want someone to talk to.

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Thank you Damnportlanders, for your constant coverarage of the Mt. St. Helen's "blast." I love showimg my loved ones pictures and saying, "I used to LIVE there!"

God, I miss P-town so much right now.


Film rights! Right on!

Hey, Portland. The film rights to my eco-novel have been sold. How cool is that?!?! Powells still has a few copies of the first edition on the shelves, as does amazon.

If you are looking for something to do tonight, I will be reading and signing copies as part of the Gobshite Quarterly Ideas and Ideals of March Cabaret, 9 p.m., Noir (formerly the Rabbit Hole), 200 SE Grand, $2. With the Stephen Spirit Trio and DJ Mr Romo.

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Questions about moving.

I've been researching moving to Portland in the past few months and I seem to be torn in my decision of whether to leave or stay home. I am 18 years old from Richmond, VA and am just truly unhappy with my city. This is my hometown and I will soon conclude my first year of college at the VCU School of the Arts. I was discontent with a lot of things in Richmond for the past few years and I felt like perhaps I should take a risk, move away, and just see how I could grow in a different environment. I am thinking about moving to Hawthorne or Alberta because I have read that these are the most affordable places for someone of my income (which isn't a hell of a lot). Any other recommendations? I also fear that I am going to make a huge mistake by moving out to Oregon alone and not having any contacts. Also, any advice on this decision i have to make?


Okay I've got an interview with Boly Welch on Monday. Anybody have any experiences with them? (it's an employment agency) Also, I have to take an excel, word and typing test. Any advice, experiences, etc?

I can't believe they called me. I sent my resume off a couple of days ago and used a cover letter template I have. I forgot to update it and the entire letter was geared toward a job at a school. I just wrote it off as 'I'll never get that job'. Employers really must not read cover letters.
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Midget Wrasslin'!

Okay, so if you don't know, you should.

Every Tuesday at some flea market in North Portland there is amature Wrestling. It's kind of beside the Police Station there.. right off of the St. John's Bridge. It is Wrestling of the best kind. It is so fake, and so incredibly fun – shouting insults and screaming your lungs out at mullet-y men in spandex and shiney boots. THERE IS ALSO A MIDGET NAMED LIL NASTY BOY. You should all go. It's $8 to get in. It's better if you show up drunk. You can generally find me and my friends quite easily.. we're the ones who are beligerently drunk, standing up on chairs with bright purple hair and short skirts, screaming the loudest.
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Student loan consolidation advice?

Who here has consolidated their student loans? Are there any companies that you found were particularly good or bad to deal with? My understanding is that the terms are generally the same (for federal student loans, at least) so (I think) I'm mostly concerned with customer service and such.

(And shut up, littlebluedog, I know I should have done this long ago.)

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my buddy (who has since disappeared, or i'd ask *him*) was paying something like $37/month for car insurance two years ago in pdx. anyone pay that little? any advice on who to go with for a minimal payment?

i am absolutely new to this, as i haven't driven a vehicle in about twelve years and am about to buy a beater little truck, so any help would be appreciated.


Okay Portland,

I am coming back for a week because I am sick and tired of Korea, but for financial and legal reasons, I can't come back permanently until September. That being said, I'm coming back in June so throw open wide the doors of your liquor cabinets. The streets will be awash with my vomit!

I am going to eat as much American food as I can. Oh, I will stuff myself with steak and Mexican food and gain back every single pound I've lost here in Korea. I will be fat fat fat. And happy.

Love Pilar Cruz
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No Fish, Go Fish

A friend and I had delish carrot ginger soup today at the No Fish Go Fish cart downtown. There are two things I wanted to say 1) They are having it again tomorrow and I recommend everyone get some if they can because it is like warm happiness, and 2) Where did they get their name?
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Women, Queens, and men with fetishes, lend me your ear

Portlanders, I'm looking for you to help me (you guys are so good at this stuff). I'm currently browsing for the following items, but have had a relatively hard time finding what I want, so I throw the problem to you.

1) Tights (Leggings, eh, whatever you call 'em). I'm looking for tights, preferably with feet, but if they're cool, I'm open to mid calf kind, etc. I would like them with fun patterns and all different types, and would like to go somewhere with selection. Here's the catch: I'm a very tall girl (6'2"), so the store would have to offer Long/Queen sizes. Any suggestions?

2) Tea Cups. I want a few tea cups, but I don't want anything plain or that I can get at a Pottery Barn. I want them to be funky, fun, and somewhat unique (an oxymoron, you say? Yes, I'm ok with it. I think you get what I mean) . I don't have a LOT of money to spend, but reasonably priced would be nice. Where can I go in this city to find these?

And, yes, I'd rather actually physically buy it than shop online, if possible. Thanks in advance.
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Calling all with "worldly travel" ideas/plans/input

I am in need of a massive brainstorm from anyone/everyone, but especially those with European travel under their belts, to assist me in planning a four-month European summer vacation. Formerly planned to be the summer of my dreams with a dear friend, I was recently informed of a certain, drastic change in plans (I'm not comfortable discussing it here).
My ticket is entirely non-refundable, and so I will be trudging through instead of losing 1.2k on it.
I land on the 17th of July in Frankfurt, and will be travelling alone to see as much of Europe as I can in what time I have. A Eurail Pass is possible, as well as other student options, though I will be pedestrian-bound otherwise.

I have never left this continent, though I like to think I'm tough-as-nails and can muster the moxy for the solo expedition. No experience in foreign countries and sad language skills in the romantic ones will probably limit the eligible areas/activities. Lastly, I am currently busting my ass to make as much money as possible to take with me and am looking at a budget of <$6,000 USD... (~$4,500 EU currently)
edit: I absolutely refuse to spend any time in touristy places during this great escape. None. Zip. Zilch. Zed.

ok, second edit as a result of requests for clarification:
Thank you all for your input! I've diligently explored all that has been posted so far, and I will be taking this great advice with me! Thank you!
Furthermore, anything that teaches me how to live as a "local"
(ie. not a resident of G.W.What's-his-name's regime)
as I am pursuing an English-teaching position in a European country (undecided, yet).

Please help out with any ideas, experiences, advice, contacts, etc.!! I'm sure I'll need it very soon! :)

Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone know of a good website for tenant/landlord rights in the state of Oregon? I am renting a house from the owner, and he wants me to sign something saying I'll pay the amount we agreed upon for rent this month, and the amount we agreed upon + $200 extra for next month or I'll be evicted in 72 hours. No further explanation was provided, he even went so far as to say he wouldn't be available to explain it as it was self explanitory. I'm sorry, if you want me to pay significantly more than we agreed upon, an explanation is sure as hell necessary. I basically want to know what I can do about that situation, and if he does indeed have the right to evict me in 3 days time if I don't pay something completely different than what my rent is. Thanks in advance for your help!

Can you come in for an interview?


So I have spent the entire month of feb, and now part of march, going on interviews.

No job offers, just interviews and calls. Usually I get something like "Well, um, we went with another person" or "Um, we are holding off at this time."

Translation: We went with someone who was dumb and cheap, who will show no lotalty to the company, and who will quit. And we prefer it that way, because it's cheap. Or something.

Or: We did not hire anybody because we don't know what we want.

Ugh. Now, on the one hand, it is great to be having interviews. On the other, I feel like I am being dicked around, because I am putting all this energy into going in, explaining what I can do for them, etc, and these people seem to be more on a fishing expedition than wanting to hire a 29 yr old with a MSc and considerable, diverse experience.

It's exhausting. It's frustrating.

And if you will excuse me now, I have to do some hand washing. I have an interview in the morning. /whine
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Like Books?

The Biggest-Ever Literary Festival Needs Volunteers

Join the fun at Wordstock, Portland's Annual Festival of the Book, and help support Oregon schools. We need your help at the Wordstock Book Fair (Oregon Convention Center, Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24, 2005), where hundreds of national and regional authors will share and discuss their works with Pacific Northwest book lovers of every stripe. Even better -- proceeds from Wordstock support writing programs in Portland-area schools. For more info, visit and click on 'get involved.' Don't forget to tell your friends, too!

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Does anyone have the Ken Burns Jazz box set? A friend of mine needs it to study. Any help would be most appreciated. If you're in the PSU area, that would be fantastic.

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any have any experience getting white ink tattoos anywhere here in portland? if so, where? comments?

i want to make sure i go to a place with high quality ink.

thanks in advance.
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