March 8th, 2005

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Quick question.

Does anybody know of a guy (or company) that fixes older appliances here in Portland? I've got a classic 1950's vintage Frigidaire refrigerator that needs some service, and simply calling somebody who will tell me "buy a new fridge" isn't an option.
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battlestar gallactica

ok dper's ... if you haven't been watching this show, just keep on walking.  if you have ... i have a theory, which my gf thinks is completely nuts, and so i've decided to put it out into the general public.

it is this:  they are all cylons.

flame away.

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(no subject)

I got a letter from the Employment Department (minor panic) that says: "You have been selected to participate in the Claimant Reemployment program." All well and good, I'm more than ready and willing to get back to work but what is this? The employment department website isn't helpful (surprise, surprise).

Anyone done this Claimant Reemployment thing before?
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Pillow Talk

Okay...not what you may be thinking.

Just an impromptu poll...

How many pillows on your bed?
Do you sleep with all of them?
How many end up on the floor during the night?

Me 4, GF 3

And may I add that none of these pillows are "decorative". Have never understood the addition of decorative pillows on a piece of furniture nobody sees...unless invited...only to remove them when said piece of furniture is used.

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al fresco drinks

I am hoping to enjoy some cocktails after work, but I want to go somewhere with a great patio. A great wine selection would be a bonus. Any suggestions? Anywhere in the city works for me.

Thank you!
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Work, the Universe, and Everything.

So, my job. I just started it, about a month and a half ago. It's not glamorous, it doesn't pay well, it's kinda lame. But it's a steady paycheck.

Unfortunately, it's following some very unsavory business practices. Everyone hired two weeks after me (it's a call center, so that's a lotta people) doing the same exact thing as the rest of us is going to make more than anyone else there.

People have been there over a year and aren't even making as much as the new-hires. What'ya think I should do about it, besides get a new job? (which is already in the works)...

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Clothing Donations

So I have this giant pile of old clothes sitting on my floor that I would like to donate to a charity rather than throw away.

Are there any donation points in Downtown where I can take them? I really haven't the time and energy to lug all of them out to the 'burbs where I've seen drop-off locations for Salvation Army etc.

Thanks for your help!
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"You can't read!"

I don't think it's necessarily racist, but it sounds like a pretty lame taunt to me:

LAKE OSWEGO -- Chants by fans at a weekend basketball game between Lake Oswego and Lincoln high schools have led Lake Oswego to order apologies to its visitors.

As Lincoln senior Omar Leary stepped to the free throw line a crowd of Lake Oswego High School students began chanting, "You can't read!" When Leary attempted another free throw, students yelled in unison, "Sixth-year senior!"

Leary, who is 18, is one of five black starters on Lincoln's team. All the starters at Lake Oswego High are white.

Lincoln students shouted back, "You are racist!" and "That's racist!"

Principal Bruce Plato called in every student suspected of participating for questioning and a discussion about racial sensitivity.

Several students were ordered to write letters of apology to Lincoln High School.

-from KPTV
So Gay

(no subject)

Is anyone else having issues recently with LJ getting sticky when comments are posted and such? It's possible that it's just my stupid work computer, but I just want to make sure it's not a system wide thang.

I hate to do this but yellow pages aren't working for me..

Looking for a video store, with or without adult section in the SE Belmont/Hawthorne area? Hopefully between 20th and 40th..and not Hollywood Video, I have a fine on my account from a tape my boyfriend forgot to return for quite a while.....
Anyone have any idea of the name of the store between Hawthorne and Division on 20th or so in the little square?
Thanks for the help!

(no subject)

Oh wow, I am SO frustrated right now. ARGH!!

Long story short, I was in a car accident in 2000 in a car I purchased one month prior, the car was totalled, I financed more than it was worth,, there was a purchased warranty for $1500 that was requested to be refunded to the loan company, I received a settlement less than the toal by about $600. Months later, I get a collection notice (first notice since settlement was received) asking for $2400. I called the loan company, they REFUSED to give me a line item breakdown to show me where that information was coming from, I told them to shove it because it was my right to have that info, they still refused, I said good day. I receive about 1-2 letters per year from this company with fluctuating balances.

Fast forward to now. I have poor credit tht is getting better. I inquire about some accounts through the credit bureau. Loan company has sent account to collection agency. I call collection agency requesting info. I'm civil, I tell them what my dispute is, they continually argue with me about the amount, I tell them I know it's my right to have the breakdown and to please send it to me. The lady becomes agitated and refuses to let me finish any sentences and keeps interrupting me. I hang up, call back, talk to the supervisor, still trying to be calm. SHE says SURE! I'll send you this info, but then you'll have until March 14th to pay the $1000 settlement we are offering, otherwise you have to pay the balance in full of $2156.90 (another fluctuating amount!), by March 22nd, I see you have bad credit, yadayada, I won;t allow you to finish any sentences and I refuse to listen to anything you say, I am done discussing this with you, please have a good day. She also kept saying (you're contradicting yourself, you said you never received notifcation but you signed for a certified letter, why do you keep saying they never sent you anything? But I NEVER SAID THAT! I TOLD them I got the letter and called to ask for the breakdown and the company refused.

Ok. What is my recourse here? I would have paid the damn $600. What the hell!? HELP!

Password Guidelines

Ok, I thought I would post this since I saw some stuff about some frendtito thing. Maybe it will be helpful to some of you or at least you might understand a bit more about password security and such. So, please. It's a quick read. Go ahead and peruse through it. The idea would be, if you don't already know, follow these guidelines for your own protection.

Password Guidelines

Keep it safe. Keep it secret.
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MKI GTI Cartoon

Details on the Bunny will follow in a later post.

I'm moving out of the area and tired of hauling the bunbun around so.. yeah. gonna be selling that thing. I can't believe it, but I will be selling the Bunny. it's in parts now, but I'm going to sell the whole thing as is including the Neuspeed Race Springs, Bilstein heavy duty race struts, the Neuspeed sway bars, the vented discs, the rear-disc stuff, close ratio trans, and all the cool stuff.

(no subject)

Now, if you look to the left side of the aircraft, you will see a big fucking cloud of something or other shooting out of Mt. St. Helens...

(Seriously, go look. The day is much clearer than last time this happened.)

Reporting Abuse/Drugs

Does anyone know the legalities/issues involved in trying to help a friend in trouble?

In a nutshell, she's getting worse into harder drugs, is growing a lot of pot, her boyfriend cheats on her and beats her, but she won't report him because she thinks the police will go after her for the pot- and she "loves" him. (Keep in mind, she's really "out there" from all the drug use for years). She's stopped taking care of herself- showering, preparing meals, wearing proper clothing, etc. She needs help.

I know she went to the ER for her latest injuries from him, and they DID take pictures of the injuries, but she wouldn't sign anything/talk to the police because she thinks they will "f**k her over" for the drugs. SHE is the only one who can legally report him for beating her, which is somewhat messed up since most women are too fearful (or lost in the drug culture) to report the abuse.

She CANNOT be convinced to move out/break up with him, she is so far off the edge, so talking to her is not an option. We would like to report her boyfriend for anything we can as well as get her into rehab. I'm wondering what we can do anonymously (so as to protect ourselves from the recorse of her meth-addicted friends, as well as her misguided anger).

And no, it isn't secretly me that has the problems pretending to talk about "a friend." Seriously. I really don't want any sarcastic/rude comments about this, it's serious to me. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: We have talked to several assault prevention hotlines and they haven't really been helpful- just told us to take her to the hospital, have HER call, etc.

tea, anyone?

i sorta just moved here. well its been a while but i dont exactly have portland memorized yet. anyway does anyone know a relativly cheap tea store (tea in bulk) and is very good too? also, letting you know starbucks is giving away free coffee grounds for gardening. what do you think of using coffee grounds for your garden?

Council Crest

Went up to council crest to take picture of St. Helens and there were MOUNDS HEAPS hundreds of people there! LOL It was kinda surreal ... we couldn't really see anything because the clouds were already moving in, but Hood looked MARVELOUS with the sun going down opposite of it. Were you there?

I had on red capri pants and had a HUGE ASS tripod under my arm!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know what the voting gap between Portland and the rest of the state is called? I mean how Portland votes liberal, but the rest of the state pretty much is conservative? I'm trying to explain it to a friend.
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my name is Margot and I'm going to be directing an original surrealist play and am looking to get a cast and crew together.
its the first play by a Portlander named Karak Arnett.

its going to be put on towards the end of summer by Tribe Theatre. the show is going to combine different forms of media and there will be a dance party after each showing.

we're just in the starting phases of this production but I can send you a synopsis of the play via email, give you a better idea of what this is about.

if you're interested, comment here or email me at
I'd like to know a bit about yourself, your background in theatre (not a requirement), what you'd be interested in doing, etc.


(no subject)

LJ question:

About thirty seconds ago, I posted a comment in a friend's journal and was shocked silly to see that my default icon had been a darn scary cartoon icon that I never uploaded myself.

Then, I checked my info, and sure enough: my default icon has been erased, and the new scary one was in its place.

How does something like this happen? Explain all you LJ saavy folks. Because that's just creepy.

(no subject)

Does anyone know of a support group for friends/family of heroin users? I was thinking Al-Anon, but the focus is on alcohol and am not sure that would be helpful. I've been searching and searching forever and am not finding anything.


EDIT: I'm going to an AA meeting tonight. Thank you all for your responses.
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Geological Fun Time!

I was walking on Broadway downtown when St. Helen's blew. A small mass of billowing white ash behind some building down the street was all I could see. Eager to get a better view, I ran up the steps of a nearby bank building. At the top of the steps were two cylindrical posts over a foot in diameter next to some bushes. I jumped on top off one of them, feeling it absolutely necessary to maximize my height in order to fully experience the occasion. Unfortunately, I was not wearing my jumping on top of posts shoes today, and I lost my footing, causing me to twist my ankle and my knee, bruise and scrape my shin, and do a faceplant into the bush.

My question is, should these events be taken into account when they calculate the total number of injuries sustained as a result of the blast? Am I elegible for FEMA funds? Will damnportlanders mistakenly take this post seriously? Does anybody else still want to jump on the I saw the St. Helen's blast bandwagon? Time's running out.