March 7th, 2005



I live in Seattle and will likely be moving down to Portland. I am curious if anyone on this group has any experiences with QUAD Inc. either as a client or employee or whatever. It is a company that provides services for people with disabilities.
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Hey... My car has a nice Pioneer AM/FM CD Player currently installed. Detachable face, 4x50w (damned good output), customizable equalizer, the whole nine. If anyone out there a) has a nice, working tape deck with good output (at least 4x25w) and would like the CD player, let me know- if you'll swap 'em out, it's yours in trade.

Why? Well, mainly it's just the fact that I have a portable mp3-CD player which carries 10 hours of music per disc and I can take with me when I leave... ;)
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Help please

Hi! Does anyone have any good Grandmother and Aunt appropriate places for lunch downtown? I just got word that mine will be here in a few hours and I am in a panic.


Lucky Lager

Have you lived in this area since before 1995? Do you remember when the city of Vancouver razed the Lucky Lager brewery and did it break your heart? Did you cry when the big red L was taken away from us? Did you sob when the brewery stopped making this fine/crap beer? (depending on your taste)

Do you have stories about the Lucky Lager brewery? Do you have Lucky Lager branded things lying around?

shot in the dark....

I'm pregnant and looking for a place to live. Last month I had to move everything into storage and leave my home, because home became a very bad place. I'm not asking for a hand-out. I'm just asking for a chance. I work and I always pay my bills. My problem is that no one wants to live with a woman who is pregnant. I've called so many ads for room mates and been told that a crying baby is too much to deal with. I don't want to be homeless when my son is born. I've lived on the streets on and off for ten years and that's not the life I want for Hansel.

I can afford around $350 or so a month, plus utilities. I have two cats. My cats get along with other animals; they're both fixed and litter box trained. I need a room in a home where there's no smoking indoors; no drugs; no violence. I'm reliable and respectful.

Before you make the obvious suggestions, I have posted on craigslist and checked ads in the Mercury. I'm posting here as well on the chance it might make a difference.
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So who is doing the Shamrock run next weekend? I'm going to do the 8k, but you'll be looking for me at the back of the pack as my legs are S-L-O-W. I'm still excited though.

writing group

I'm trying to get a writing group started. Basically we would meet once a week and discuss our writing, do peer reviews of our material, and whatever else people in these groups do. It doesn't matter if you are a 'serious' writer or just doing it for fun, I think what matters is having a group available to support each other and of course offer criticism. In a nice way. This was suggested to my by a professor who is trying to help me get moving on a novel I am writing.
I would be more than willing to host the group at my place or we could do it at a coffee shop or wherever.
From what I've heard, if these groups are going to work there needs to be a certain level of commitment to actually going to the meetings. If weekly seems like a lot it could be once every couple of weeks or something.
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I'm not thinking straight yet, and the coffee (and basic research skills) haven't kicked in.

So ...

1) Is it "Sauvie Island" or "Sauvie's Island"?

2) Does the Willamette River run north-to-south, or south-to-north?

Happy Monday everyone. Thanks. :)
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I dreamt I saw Sydney Pollack

O.K., so I wasn't really dreaming. I was walking across the corner of SW 2nd and Salmon at 10:30 this morning and saw Sydney Pollack (for real) jaywalking. Actually, I am not so sure it was Sydney Pollack because even as I was watching him cross the street, it occurred to me that there quite a few people out there who look just like Sydney Pollack.

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Anybody else have this problem?

The vehicle registration on my car is about to expire. To get it renewed I have to get a passing mark from the DEQ. Problem is, my car doesn't work. Do I need to renew the tags on a non-functional vehicle?

Edit: The only reason I'm worried is that I park on the street and would rather not be towed.

web cam...

due to my lovely bunny, i need to buy a webcam for a friend...something not bottom of the barrel but not expensive either. the absolute most i can spend is 40 bucks. he said a 20 dollar one would be fine, but i don't want to get him a crappy one if i can avoid it since he'd be using it for art projects...

anyways, i'd like to buy from a locally owned business if at all possible...any suggestions?
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Am I the only person in Portland who thinks that The Back Seat column in today's Oregonian is one of the scant few reasons to pick up that worthless rag?

Anyone who can reference John Doe of X, Larry David taking a hooker to a Dodger's game so he can use the carpool lane, AND mention Stephen Hawking in a driver-information column deserves kudos.

Warning: most poorly-laid-out webpage on the west coast. May require bogus demographic information to see article.

Guitar and Lessons

Hello out there in damnportland land. I need some sort of artistic outlet and I have always liked musick and guitars. I started to learn a long time ago but never got back into it. Now I think I want to. What I need is some sort of tutor that isn't an outrageous cost. Any of you out there do this sort of thing? I'm sure there is at least a few. Comment if so and maybe we can work out a deal.

Also, I'm looking for a decent starter acoustic/electric guitar with rounded back. I had one of these a long time ago and I liked it a lot.

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Tinting questtion...

To begin, I'm currently in Arizona and I just bought a new car. I am going to have the windows tinted because living in Arizona without tinted windows is stupid and well, I like being able to flip off idiot drivers in privacy. Anyway, I'm doing this within the next few weeks. Now.. since I'm moving back to Oregon in about 6 months, I wanted to ask a question about tinting in Oregon so I don't want to get the tinting redone when I get back there. I can see that the amount of tint allowed in Arizona is much less restrictive than is allowed in Oregon. So.. my question is how many of you have tint that is darker than legal and if so, do you or have you ever been harrassed/ticketed for it?

Also.. if you have been harrassed/ticketed for it, can you tell me the percent you have (had?) on your vehicle? Thanks a lot!
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I'm looking for a good place to go swimming
regularly. I don't care if it's indoors but
I prefer outdoors. Something (hopefully)
bus accessibile, but I don't mind hiking a bit
(1-2 miles).

Where do you go swimming?

Thanks a bunch.
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Job available

The boss of my 2nd job is hiring. We take inbound calls, generally urgent but not emergent. You would need to be 18+, polite as can be, available nights and weekends, and able to type, and multitask. Looks don't matter. It's better if you're not thin-skinned because we do have yellers calling. The job is downtown (close to public transpo). Starting is around $8.50. If you're interested or have questions, email me @ julep1162 at yahoo.

JAVAMAN Coffee Barista

You rock!

I was in a hurry today and misplaced my 20 page draft proposal with comments from my professor and my advisor. I looked all over (my office, my instructor’s office, the garbage, the street) and decided to call and check if I had left it at the coffee shop.

Thank you for not tossing it in the recycling bin.

And thank you for the comments on the proposal itself...
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hello there!

a few weeks ago my friend & i started a community for the northwest coast of oregon that i thought i might as well post here about. you don't have to currently live in the northwest or anything; it's just a place for people who have an interest in/live in/have ever lived in any of those Cute Little Coastal Towns to chat and hang out. here y'are: nworegon

ps: what's this i hear about astoria being portland's "newest trendiest suburb...?" i thought i read something about that in the oregonian a few weeks ago...

Huge Cat Tree!!

This is for the kitty loving damnportlanders.. My boyfriend is selling his super cool, radical, totally awesome cat tree. Check out a picture here

This is a huge cat tree (6 and a half feet tall), it has three holes and is hollow in the middle so they can travel around this beast. It has some worn spots where the cats have scratched. It is just too big to fit in my living room since moving, so it must go. No cats have ever sprayed on it and all my cats are free of kitty diseases. Trees similar to this are going for over $600.00 on this cat website. If you love your kitty, you will get them this cat tree. $270 or an offer I can't refuse.

Call Jonathan @ 503.805.5117
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seattle and risk and roller hockey

this is all stuff i could post in craigslist, and i did for the first one, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to try here.

1. i could use a ride to seattle next monday. you can just look at my craigslist post for that.

2. some friends and i play the non-original versions of risk (2210, lotr, godstorm). sometimes catan too. it's usually once a week but has started to wane with everyone's busier lives making it more difficult to find free time that lines up, so finding one or two new players would be neato. the folks i play with are a mix of guys & gals who all have some level of involvement in punk & diy, and the games are competitive but very friendly. it's only a game.

3. speaking of games, how about sports? i used to play roller hockey with some nice enough folks in north portland, but they've been going to the beaverton rink lately. anyone around close-in north/ne interested in getting a game together?
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(no subject)

Hello all, I noticed an ad in one of Portland's many weekly newspapers about stuffing envelopes for money. $5 per envelope. Has anyone done this? I'm tempted. I have lots of free time on my hands, and need some money.
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REPOST!!! Harvey's Free Tickets x-posted to my journal and damnportlanders

Well, its that time again. I was called for free tickets to Harvey's, and am looking for people to come join me. Here are the details.

Currently of the 16 free tickets I am using 4, so there are still 12 left.

Wednesday, March 9th
Doors open at 7pm. Would have to be there between 6:30 and 7.

Headliner is Jeff Burghart, someone who i have seen before, and who I know is very funny.

Harvey's Comedy Club
436 NW 6th
Portland, OR 97209

Ok, so here is the deal. I have 16 free tickets to this show to use. If you want to go, you just need to drop me a line here letting me know. If you want to bring a guest, that is great too. One of the good things about coming is you get the chance at free tickets as well. They have you fill out these little cards with your name and phone number and such, and then they put it in their system and will call you randomly for ticket chances. Also, its a great way to meet people, and really quite an enjoyable night.

It is 21 and over only, since they serve alcohol. There is no drink mimimum however. I have gone there many times and only had water due to limited resources.

So, drop me a line if you want to go, and I will get back to you. I need to know by Tuesday night, since I have to call them before I go to bed with the number of tickets. And for those of you worrying it may go too late, because you work in the morning or what not, it usually isn't that bad. Shows normaly get done around 9:30ish. I personaly have to be up by 5:30 in the morning, and I don't normally have any issues with it. I hope to hear from you all soon!
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(no subject)

sometimes this town feels too small. everyone is connected by only like 2 degrees of seperation at best. you can never really escape any one person or group of people.

i know that often it is the circles you run in and the people you tend to associate with, but even when you find someone seemingly unconnected to anything youve know they know someone you know. im so tired of it.
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Mad Hatter

I think your leg was getting pulled kids..

Someone just reported this, I grabbed half the entry...
My Good Friend lost his leg last tuesday. He was just walking around Pioneer courthouse square holding hands with his boyfriend(Thats right, i said boyfriend) when some closed minded bastards walked up to him, called him a faggot and blew off half his right leg with a 9mm handgun. He got shot because he was gay.

I mentioned that the News agencies in this town carry police scanners and would know about this, that this is big news, and every News agency in town mysteriously missed it?

The user who posted the entry has now deleted the post.