March 6th, 2005


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there is a LJ user named rapehamstor who has been friending random people. I am on his list for some odd reason.. here is an example of his work. please read all the comments.

please make sure all your pics are locked, he is using people's pics and posting that as "rapeable" or not.

you can ban him by going here

*edited note*

and let the ridiculous flaming begin....... now!

*ANOTHER edited note*
sweet jesus, i leave for work and people FREAK out while i'm gone...

i don't know WHY i have to put a disclaimer to this but here goes:

i basically kind of crossposted that post to my friends/fellow communities.. i know there's a lot of girls out there like me who have families or post pictures of themselves and trust in the inherent semi-goodness of teh internets... and it was only meant as a "heads up, there's a lame-o" type post not a "OMG IT'S THE FUCKING END OF THE WORLD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE" type thing

apparantly that's "vapid" of me though. whatev. please, feel free to add your judgement, Teh Internets knows me so well, it seems.
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High school teacher?

Howdy all. My name's Matthew, and I'll be moving to Portland this summer. I was thinking about job options, and I was wondering: do any of you know what it takes to become a teacher in the state of Oregon? I'm thinking teaching high school might not be such a bad way to pay the bills, but I have no idea if it's feasible or not.

Any information you have would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Lunch Recommendation

If you like Subway and Big Town Hero, I'm shamelessly recommending The Pita Pit at 421 SW 10th avenue. I ate there last week and it was ooookay! - I mean... soooo goood! Anyone have any other sammich maker recommendations?
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We had a Comcast tech come out yesterday to hook up our apartment with cable internet. We have two computers in our apartment and we're having difficulty connecting to the internet with our router. We didn't have the router or the second computer at the time of installation so my girlfriends computer was the original computer hooked up. The internet works on her computer currently. How do we authorize the router? We called up Comcast and they were not willing to help us because they said "we do not support such things as routers." Right. Can someone give us some advice with what to do? Thanks.

Thanks for your comments, but we figured out how to get around it. We just needed to reset the router!

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Dear DamnPortlanders Geeks...

I have a Gamecube that needs repair. Yes, the infamous 'Disc Read Error'. I believe the problem is either a misaligned disc drive, a broken optic, or something else entirely.

So I have a few questions.

- What's the best way to open a Gamecube, without purchasing their uber unique screwdriver? I've tried melting the end of a Bic pen and molding it to the key, and that doesn't seem to work, as the plastic strips too easily.

- Where would I be able to purchase replacement parts, or get it repaired, in Portland? I don't want to have to order parts, and if I can't repair it, I'd like to know where I can go without having to send it in.

- And last, does anyone have experience with this problem? Suggestions? Solutions that worked for you?


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Hi all! I am currently living in SE, near Stark/102nd, and looking for a farmers market. Does anyone know where and when the nearest one might be? I'm willing to drive to get to it, but i'm looking for east side if possible. Thanks!
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Does anyone know of a free doctor's clinic for people who don't have health insurance? My brother has no health insurance, but there is something wrong with him and he needs to get a check up or something. Thanks,

hot hot hot

i have reached god status. i won the 'great ball of fire' at Salvador Molly's. $250 dollar gift certificate was cool. but not the pepper fritters. I rock
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& Daggers!
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Anyone catch Subterranean on MTV2 tonight? There was a video, all b/w that was filmed around various parts of town (Blue Moon, Hotcake House, etc.). The drummer was wearing a Tillamook shirt. But my channel-changing habits caused me to miss who it was. Very sweet little song. Anyone know what band this is?