March 5th, 2005


first rant ever. . .

Dear aging female Portlander,

Keep your damn dogs on a leash while walking around 21st, keep them leashed everywhere for that matter. I saw what happened this morning between your two overweight dogs; how they mauled a very small female pitbull puppy. If you had a leash on your dog, like the LEASH LAW states, this would not have happened. The little female had an inch and a half long gash on her side and a nice fang sized puncture on her foreleg, thanks to your carelessness. What makes it even worse is you acted as if it was the other owners fault. Frankly, no one appreciates when your dogs take over the entire sidewalk forcing them to move out into the STREET to get around. Also it was very kind of you to stand by and finally leash your dog as it took a dump on the sidewalk that you DID NOT pickup. Next time I see you I shall be sure to let you know just how kind and considerate you are.


A very livid neighbor.
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Have you heard of Friendditto?

Is there any use for this? 

Is this really about posting other people's journal entries (ones that are considered "friend's only") for everyone to see?

I am trying to understand if that is the point or if there are other uses?


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Harvey's Free Tickets x-posted to my journal and damnportlanders

Well, its that time again. I was called for free tickets to Harvey's, and am looking for people to come join me. Here are the details.

Wednesday, March 9th
Doors open at 7pm. Would have to be there between 6:30 and 7.

Headliner is Jeff Burghart, someone who i have seen before, and who I know is very funny.

Harvey's Comedy Club
436 NW 6th
Portland, OR 97209

Ok, so here is the deal. I have 16 free tickets to this show to use. If you want to go, you just need to drop me a line here letting me know. If you want to bring a guest, that is great too. One of the good things about coming is you get the chance at free tickets as well. They have you fill out these little cards with your name and phone number and such, and then they put it in their system and will call you randomly for ticket chances. Also, its a great way to meet people, and really quite an enjoyable night.

It is 21 and over only, since they serve alcohol. There is no drink mimimum however. I have gone there many times and only had water due to limited resources.

So, drop me a line if you want to go, and I will get back to you. I need to know by Tuesday night, since I have to call them before I go to bed with the number of tickets. And for those of you worrying it may go too late, because you work in the morning or what not, it usually isn't that bad. Shows normaly get done around 9:30ish. I personaly have to be up by 5:30 in the morning, and I don't normally have any issues with it. I hope to hear from you all soon!

The 5th Annual Portland Urban Iditarod TODAY!

The 5th Annual Portland Urban Iditarod is happening this afternoon!

Come out and watch the drunks run around downtown!

...The next best thing to being on a team is to watch the adventure first hand. First step is to download the course map as a Word document here. I sugest watching the start then picking a rest stop or two to visit. For parking sake, I would recomend the Grand Cafe and the Rouge. Points of interest would also be crossing the Burnside Bridge, traversing Pioneer Courthouse Square, and bisecting Saturday Market. Here are the approximate times we will be at each rest stop. (This is all based on an 11:30 start time.)

Location Arrive Depart Notes
Start (SE Madison at Water) 11:00am 11:30am Event Checkin/Start
Rest Stop #1 11:40am 12:00pm Grand Cafe
Rest Stop #2 12:15pm 12:35pm Old Town Pizza
Rest Stop #3 12:45pm 1:05pm Rouge Public House
Rest Stop #4 1:20pm 1:40pm Yamhill Brewing Co.
Rest Stop #5 1:50pm 2:10pm Captain Ankeny's Pub
Finish 2:20pm Waterfront Park under Hawthorne Bridge


Hobo Gobbelins Sunday March 6th!

This Sunday at 10pm:

Hobo Gobbelins, International Maggott Theatre & Moon Penny Opera!
Tribe Theater, 403 NW 5th, Portland OR (enter from Glisan St. around the corner)
$5 admission. Beer/wine garden with ID

Click for larger (printable) flyer

Recommended attire: "Something monstrous. Think orcs, evil carnivals, clowns in hell, and zombies!"

-Oakland's Hobo Gobbelins:
It’s not a jug band ‘til YOU bring the Whisky! Demonic-Hootenanny-Stomp

-Oakland's International Maggott Theatre:
Vaudeville - Zombie - Accordion - Death Metal - Puppet - Magick - Madness

-The Moon Penny Opera:
Musician-members of Seattle's Circus Contraption!

(International Maggott Theatre)

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March, 5 2005 at Meow Meow
320 SE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Cost: Tickets $7.00 in advance, $8.00 at the door

Subconscious, Aufero Amor, Awakened, and guests *ALL AGES*


March, 18 2005 at Roseland Theater
8 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: Tickets $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door

Subconscious, Falling Closer, Fat Jack, Temujin, and Honest Lie *ALL AGES*

CONTACT: for advance tickets



So, I have been looking for jobs and most have been waitress/bartender/barista kind of thing and I keep on seeing stuff on permits. FH and OLCC permits have been mentioned a few times. I'm confused and my google skills are apparently horrible because I can't find anything on there.

Help! While a job isn't the important at the moment, it will be in a few months and I want to make sure there aren't any weird things that I need to take care of befor I can actuallie get one.


(Oh and thanks for all the help you all have given me so far. I was part of the Denver, CO community for awhile and those people are so rude. So thanks for being so wonderful Damnportlanders!)
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Vehicle Alarm Problems

This is for folks who know about cars and car alarms.

Are you familiar with the AutoGuard Security Systems name and alarms (based out of Salem according to my brochure)? I have the AGII Pro on my truck. I normally have it armed but on silent (because I am in an apartment complex). I keep it armed because though they might be able to steal anything I leave inside, they're not supposed to be able to start it up and steal the vehicle...electronic kill and all. Well tonight it went haywire on me.

I used my remote keyless entry, as usual, then got in my pickup as usual and locked the doors behind me as usual and entered in my key code (it requires a code and not one of those buttons you carry on your keychain) and the light turned green (like it should have) but my SECURITY light was flashing on my dash panel. WTF? I figured that the other thing was green so I was good and tried to start it. It died, normally as it should be. But even though I had it on silent mode, the lights started flashing and horn was honking and it was chaos! I entered my key code in again and it didnt work. Tried it a few more times and all I was doing was putting it in and out of valet mode.

I tried calling the 800 number off the brochure and I get this message saying "The Verizon wireless subscriber is not answering." WTF? Why is my alarm wonky? Is this company shady? I should hope not considering I bought this pickup from the dealer with this system in it...this system being the one that they put in all the vehicles on their lot.

Now, I'm at home and I tried putting it in valet mode again so I wouldnt have to worry about it. Well, I'm still worried as instead of a steady/blinking red while in one of the armed modes it should have been blinking green, even after I locked it and closed the door and went, there's nothing.


(I'm going to keep trying that number and also shooting them off an email which is also listed on the brochure)