March 3rd, 2005


honda bumpers?

is there anywhere in town that i can pick up a used front honda civic bumper for cheap? somebody ran into my car while it was parked and didn't leave a note and i don't want to involve insurance.

i was thinking perhaps a car body place that does lots of after market upgrades since its a newish civic.

or is it possible to glue it back together and paint over it? it has about a four inch crack...

any ideas?

Storing Organic Produce

I just received my first drop-off from Organics To You (this is what a small box looks like, by the way)
and I'm wondering how to keep my fruits and veggies fresh for as long as possible.

Would you suggest refrigerating all organic produce (fruits and veggies), or can the cold "kill" some of them faster?

Thanks in advance!


I'm thinking about going to Montage for dinner tonight. I hear they have frog legs and gator... any good? How do you eat frog legs anyway? There is something about sucking on frog toes that doesn't seem right to me. What else should I think about getting for dinner?
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So Gay


Who wants to go to Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant on Saturday the 12th? Come join our group called Let's Go Eat for food, fun, and some bellydancing! Check out our community, letsgoeat_pdx for all the details.

(x-posted to a few different PDX area communities)

two questions

question 1:

does anyone know of an online tax prep for STATE that only costs $7.95? i've heard of this but don't know where to go. i already did my federal for free.

question 2:

my honda accord is making this horrible, tin-scraping-like noise coming from the right passenger wheel. when i put the brake on, the noise stops, but when i'm on the accelerator, it's yucky.

does anyone know of any honest honda mechanics OR an honest alignment/brake place in portland? i'm po', so i need to get the best deal possible.
Prince George

attn: Found Bag!

Picked it up this afternoon by the streetcar stop at 10th & Couch. It's a brown drawstring bag with white moons and stars on it. If you recognise it, email me at the address listed under my userinfo. Put "Lost Bag" in the subject line.

Tell me who you are and what was in the bag, we should be able to arrange for it to be returned. If I don't get a satisfactory claim within two days, I'll take it to the police.
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What's the deal with hating Gresham?

I've lived in Portland for about 11 years and ever since I've moved here I've always heard people talk crap about Gresham. The thing is, these people who bash Gresham aren't from Portland, have not lived in Gresham, or have even been to Gresham.

Someone tell me why Gresham gets a bad rap? I've only been there a couple of times and while I can safely say it's not a place I'd want to live, I don't think it warrants bad mouthing. What's the deal?

Screen Door Buying and Installation

Since All PDX Knowledge Seems to be Contained Within...

With the coming Spring and a Kitty who needs to stay indoors, I need to get a screendoor bought and installed so we can have some air circulating in this joint.

Any suggestions where to look - who to ask? Cost?

I live in South East PDX.
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Nick Rhodes, vanity

Thankful Thursdays, Portland style....

1. the scent and the sight of cherry blossoms popping up all over eastside.

2. the arrival of welcome rain earlier in the week, after a long, sunny weekend.

3. discovering the news of Southeast Portland Artwalk which is happening in my part of town this weekend.

4. the beginning of the 2005 Portland Saturday Market season this weekend.

5. cute betties on #14 Hawthorne and #15 Belmont bus lines.
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DPers are smart!

My boyfriend and I are in a bit of a debate. It's over the following phrase, which I put into the context appropriate to what we're arguing:

"I think it's a good plan and I support it. But I cannot fully endorse it"

My argument: If you're saying you endorse something, like a law or policy or candidate or whatever, how can you not 'fully' endorse it? Endorsing something is like supporting something. You can't support something and not support it at the same time. It's totally contradictory. It just seems like one of those stupid things people say, like 'irregardless'. No matter how little sense it makes, you still hear it all the time!

His argument: if you disagree with parts of the policy/law/whatever it is, but you are endorsing it as a whole, this counts as 'not fully endorsing it'

I realize that for people with real lives this is a totally pathetic thing to be asking. But I really want to win this one or at least lose my way out in a clever way. Which I just can't do without your help because the man has heard everything I've got to say on it.

Thx dpers. Oh, and don't bother replying unless you support my argument. KIDDING!
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Bike for Sale

I have a Trek 400 Navigator Hybrid bike that I need to sell. I had it assessed today at a bike shop, and while there I let them know I was asking $300 for it- they thought that was incredibly reasonable, and let me know that all of it's parts are high-grade and in really good condition!

It's black with red accents, large frame (I am 5'6" and keep the seat at a really low level), it has 3 reflectors and a light panel under the seat (needs batteries), awesome wheels, etc.

I hate to part with it but I really need money. If you're interested you can email me at, or leave a comment- thanks!
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so i was sitting up late last night when i saw something dart by near the wall. it was kind of dark in here so i wasnt sure if it was just my mind playing tricks on me. then i saw something again dart across the wall. i jumped up and saw 'something' scurry into my closet, so i shut the closet door and tried to figure out what was going on. then i heard strange noises. something was nibbling on something in that closet. i opened the closet door and set up two large boxes in front of the doorway so nothing could escape and slowly began removing all the stuff from the closet and when it was almost all empty A FUCKING MOUSE darts out. of course, since i had the boxes set up he was sort of trapped in there but i was shaking and crying like a madwoman and so scared. it took me over 3 hours (no joke) to catch the thing, take him outside and release him. wow, i had a hard time sleeping after that and every squeek and creak in the silent night would instantly wake me up, and i kept thinking i felt mice in my bed, or in my hair. (spiders drive me crazy too).

then today, i get home from work and pour myself a glass of wine, sit down to relax and... I SEE ANOTHER MOUSE! again, my heartbeat jumped to 4000bpm and i had a total panic attack. i didnt catch him. he is loose! he ran under the wall and escaped. see, i live in a nice but very very old (i believe they call it "classic") apartment building in the pearl district and have never had a problem like this at all, nor have my neighbors. but anyway its an old building and the seal or whatever between the floor and the wall is not entirely connected, there is a slight gap there so im guessing these mice can enter anywhere in my apartment, as opposed to finding a little mouse hole or whatever and plugging it. what if there are 500 of them all around here, in the walls, in the cieling, under the floor? i think i might go stay in a hotel tonight.

why??????????????? what is going on? i always keep this place very clean, never leave food out, im 10000% baffled. how do i get rid of these things? how many of you have had problems with mice, and what did you do? ive looked online and seen everything from traps to poison pellets. i dont want to hurt them but if thats what it takes to get them out of here...

please, help ;(
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I was sitting in traffic today near Lloyd center and as soon as I finally start moving again the passenger in the car beside me lets out a blood curdling scream that almost causes me to rear end the car in front of me. I look over to see a down's syndrome kid releasing this hair raising howl at me for almost thirty seconds. I have no idea what I did to provoke the kid. His eyes spoke of the end times.
rrrrow ffft!

(no subject)

Well, I'm planning on moving to Portland around the 1st of May. I posted an ad up on Craigslist about needing a room/share and I've gotten 3 good replies. Problem is, I don't know if I'll get to visit the city before I move to check these places out, so tell me what you know about the areas and how safe/cool/whatever you think they are:

1. Lake Oswego. Suburb, right? The guy says that it's about 15 minutes from downtown. How's the commuting time up there? Is there lots of traffic during the week, etc?

2. 2 Blocks from the Kennedy School, NE Portland between Ainsworth and killingsworth.

3. "near Mt Tabor, downtown, Hawthorne area"

Thanks. :)
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Poop Deck

That does it, tomorrow I'm buying Anna Banana's a new deck of cards. Drove me NUTS playing Solitare. All the cards were there, don't get me wrong, but I think I prefer a REAL King of spades as opposed to the two of diamonds crossed out with KING and SPADES written on it.

Also, where the hell is 22nd and Taylor? I found 21st and Taylor, and KINGS Street and Taylor, but 22nd & Taylor? No dice, no dice.
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Internet Phone Service (VoIP)

Has anyone ever tried Internet Phone Service or VoIP technology as it is also called? My last experience many years ago was a horrible lag, but technology has probably gotten better. If you currently use VoIP, please tell my your impressions about it? Any delays? What are any issues you are having. What are some good things you've experienced?

I got something from that looks very interesting and will save me about $100 a year if I pay a lump sum amount upfront. Basically you have to have broadband service already and it will use that.

You get :
* Unlimited calling – U.S. and Canada
* Free international minutes ($3 each month)
* Free extra phone number
* Over 10 enhanced calling features
* Two free Directory Assistance calls each month
* No charge to activate – includes free shipping
* No cancellation fees
* 31 day risk-free guarantee

You can roll over your existing number in about 20 days (before that you get a temporary number in the 503 area code).

You also get a $3 allowance on international calls each month. If you call France or Germany, that's 100 free international minutes. Or, if you call India, it's like 18 min.

Taxes are included in the lump sum price of $199 a year.

You also get a second phone number (something I plan to use whenever I have to give my number out to someone that isn't a friend or family member).

On top of that, call forward, caller id, call blocking, and voicemail.

You don't have to pay the lump sum, you can also pay monthly at $24.95.

Anyway, sounds too good to be true, so I am curious if anyone is currently using anything like this?
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