March 2nd, 2005

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A plea to those familiar

I just heard "The Dirty Glass" by the Dropkick Murphys the other day and loved it. It sounds different from a lot of there stuff though. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with songs/groups that have a similar feel?

I did some research and found out that the female vocalist was Kay Hanley. I tracked down here site and suprise, she doesn't seem to do anything close to her guest appearance on the Dropkick album.

heres the deal kids

i'm an turning 21 very soon so the whole 21+ portland world is unknown to me and this needs to be changed. so this is what i need:

- bars/clubs that are all about the free drinks on your birthday
- a great place to take an ex to that is 'so portland' and while make him want go to bed with me later
- dancing with live music
- fun restaurants with open bars
- generaly great places to go/drink/and be merry

thanks for you help ... i will think of you dearly when wasted on my birthday

beds and furniture scores

i'm going to be moving soon. right now i have my futon up here that i sleep on and the bed i have in storage in my hometown isn't much better than the futon. so where does one go to purchase a nice, quality mattress and box spring set for a reasonable price? also, i'm thinking of either a small couch/loveseat or two comfy chairs for the new place as living room pieces...any ideas of where i can get some comfortable furniture for cheap or at least reasonable prices as well?

Camera stores

I'm looking for camera stores in the Portland area. Preferably downtown and easily accessible. I know about Camera World. What else do you DPers know of? Cross streets would be nice.

Better yet, do you know of any other places to pick up lens caps? In other words, would it be worth checking Fred Meyers?

Thanks for your help.
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piano lessons

Can anybody recommend somebody for private piano lessons? I took lessons for 8 or so years when I was little and want to start back up again. I have nothing to go on, so anybody you have personally taken lessons from or just KNOW OF would be nice. And if you know how much they charge, that would be cool too :)

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everything else seems small today

I post here infrequently, but today I needed a place to share my difficulty with someone, and the DP'ers were nominated. Today, about noon, doctors will remove the lower portion of my father's right leg. This, on top of loosing his wife, our mother, of 67 years a month ago, is a crushiing blow as you can imagine. He's 87, very strong and alert, blind, and his body seems to be dying by parts. I cannot fathom the anguish he is facing, but we are determined to get a prothesis on him and up and around in a few days. I wish I had better things to offer you in the early advent of March, but such is our reality for now. Think good thought for us, please. And thanks for helping me to lighten this load for awhile.
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dun dun... dun dun....


I'm going to be a big brother, again.

I'm 27.

This sibling's going to be only a few years older than my future child, as soon as I get around to that whole thing.

mind boggling

I find out whether it'll be a little brother or sister in a few months, but I'm crossing my fingers for a sister :) I've always wanted one of those.

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{Tonight} 03/02/05 - IMPERATIVE REACTION/FLESH FIELD @Sabala's Mt.Tabor

Tonight! Wed Mar 2nd 2005!

One of only Two shows in america. This is an exclusive mini-tour, before
Imperative Reaction heads out on tour with VNV Nation in the summer. This
will also mark Flesh Field's first Northwest appearance and the first live
show since they released "Strain".

Metropolis Records artist:
with guests:

Doors at 9:00pm - 21+
$9.00 Adv Tix @ Ozone UK (Tickets will be pulled at 3:00pm)
$10.00 Cover @ The Door

Sabala's Mt. Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne
Portland, Oregon

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. . .And We Say Go!

*For More Info*

Damend Events group
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Women of DPers - help with gift ideas...

It's someone special to me's b-day today and I've already gotten her a few presents. She does not read damnportlanders or have an LJ.

I also have one more gift bag I want to fill with some trinket-y type things, inexpensive, useful, edible, whatever. Fun, mundane, utilitarian, crazy...


If it was your birthday, and you were digging into the bag, what would you be stoked to find?

Thanx in advance :D
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I need to find a dental malpractice/medical malpractice attorney in Portland. The amount of $$ isn't huge so I don't know if bigger firms would be interested in it, or how that works. Does anyone know of a good attorney or some type of directory of attorneys by type? Not having any luck so far.

(no subject)

Dear Portland,

this is our last day together. I'm sorry to go, but I will be back in the summer. Portland, you are the love of my life (unless some place better comes along) and I will miss you dearly. Please take care of a couple of things for me while I'm gone.
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Thank you Portland, for the last year and a half. For people that say thank you to their bus drivers, for all of the random acts of kindness I have experienced or witnessed, for being the most beautiful place I have ever lived, for cheap PBR all over the place, and for having art absolutely everywhere. I'll see you in July baby.

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caramel macchiatos

is it just me or are my taste buds wacky?

a lot of people I know go crazy for caramel macchiatos at starbucks. My gf and I had one recently and we thought it was bland bland bland. We had to jazz it up with cinnamon and nutmeg and some chocolate. Are we missing something?

and this is what I am thinking of when doing the dishes...I so need a life...hehe
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So Gay

Here we go again....

You guys are great! Thanks again for all the feedback I've gotten about notebooks and digital cameras. Here's my next question. For a while now I've been planning on purchasing Sony's latest greatest Minidisc Walkman (the MZ-NH1) simply because I like the concept and I am in love with the mic recording capabilities. As far as I know, the iPod and similar music players don't have that capability. Unfortunately, if I get a Powerbook (which I probably will) the MD player's software is not Mac compatible. Big problem. I don't download music anymore, I have a huge CD collection and I'm in the process of ripping all my cds onto my [PC] desktop. So what are my options for a portable music player that has external recording capabilities. Does Apple have a product in the works or already on the market that I should look at? Thanks again, you damn portlanders.
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(no subject)

"Really supporting the troops is more than just tying a yellow ribbon or putting a bumper sticker on your car.  Supporting the troops means learning about their lives and their struggle-and Gunner Palace can help you do that." - Paul Rieckhoff, Iraq War Veteran and Executive Director of Operation Truth.

Happy Cindi

If any one has any idea of how to help me, please, I am open to all suggestions(except prostitution)

(x-posted to: every where)I am a seccond year senior in highschool, through no fault of my own (I was pulled from school, to be home-schooled my freshman year-- my mother never sent for the books, so I recieved no credit for that first high school year). I recieved the gift of being able to attend Clark college my junior and senior year on the Running Start Program. Those two years were wonderfull, and very worth my while, but I was unable to recieve enought credits to graduate. I worked this summer to earn my own tuition for Clark college, so that I would be able to finish up my highschool credits there-- I attend an alternative school, and find many of the teachers to be actually detrimental to my learning ability. I found that at the beginning of the school year, I was no longer on my high school's roster, they had removed me from it because "You hadn't graduated, so we assumed you would not be comming back." (WTF mate?!) It took 3 and a half weeks of one of my best friends, a teacher there, pulling strings and calling in favors to get them to allow me back onto the school's roster. Even then I was not allowed to attend as a regular student (it is an alternative school and has a long wait-list to get in) I was to be my teacher-friend's independant study student. My teacher has Multiple Schlorosis, is only supposed to work 3/4 of the time of regular teachers, and is over booked by her other independant study students. I was able to pay for my fall and winter courses with ease, but my sister had to borrow the last of my money to pay rent in her home and pay of some bills. I live with two friends, my sister had had me move out, as she had a baby in October and could not afford to care for her 18 year old sister, her father AND two children. When it was already too late to apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA) for the Spring quarter 2005. Well, I need English 102 to graduate highschool. My College is changing english 102 from a 3 credit class to a 5 credit class in the fall, so it would then be 375.50 to take the class, and I would then be a third year senior, and I am unsure that my high school would allow me to stay on as a student if I do not graduate this year. I am seeking employment, but have had no call-backs on the interviews I have been to. I can apply for financial aid for next year, and will likely recieve the funding, but The number of credits one can take are limited, and there will be other requirements for my AA to attend to at that time. I cannot bear to be a third year highschool student: It seems the only reason I have not recieved a job is my lack of diploma. My life is in a delicate state, I am otherwise well taken care of, my room mates have placed importants on my education before they wish to see me pay rent they wish to se me finish school, they have living arangements well handled, but they cannot afford the three credit tuition I need. I need to take the three-credit English 102 to graduate high school and earn my AA without detracting from my other requirements. )Edit to make one thing clear, I hope no one is put off or offended: A GED is not an option, I have worked too long and hard, besides, I would be one of two out of 5 children to actually graduate--- I will be stubborn on this point. I have been Tortured mentally and phyisically and I have been sexually and verbally assaulted, is an actual diploma too much to ask?! I will-- NAY MUST graduate High school!(

media conversion

Any tips for best places in the Portland area to take video/film media to be converted between formats? Most interested in conversion of 8mm film to VHS or digital video, and secondarily interested in conversion of videotape from PAL to NTSC. Many thanks!
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(no subject)

I was curious if anyone knew of any coffee shops hiring, any barista positions??

any music store positions?
(all preferable non-corporate...)

I am in desperate need of a job overhaul(a new one..that is), and ANY help would be very much appreciated!

cross posted to PDX jobs .


Does anyone work\has anyone worked for Cingular? as in doing customer service\ inbound calls?

was there a dress code, how much did it pay, were the higher-ups unbearably uptight, ect.?

HUGE YARD SALE!!!!*edit*

Huge yard sale this SATURDAY and SUNDAY 3/5 & 3/6!!!!
Tons of clothes, toys, and electronic items for everyday needs!!!!
Such electronics include; boombox, dryer, computer harddrive(40 gig), TV/VCR combo, VCR, computer monitor and much, much more!!!
Everything works and is ready to go!
Come to our treasure trove of undiscovered wonders!!!

SE Hawthorne and 21st. Can't miss it, big house on the left(only one left because it is a one way street)!
My life story

(no subject)

I'm in the need for a job, oh a job.

I'm a responsible 17 year old high school senior (18 in 2 months, if that matters), and I'm looking for a job in the hawthorne area. Or...somewhere near by. I don't really wish to work in big corporate places. Maybe somewhere like daily grind, wild oats, jambo, powells? Does anyone know if they might hire someone so young?
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One geek, less a house.

So, the situation is this.

April or sooner I will be looking to move out of my current place, and into a new one. I would love to move into the downtown area, but I am looking for a room to rent, I do not want to have to get my own apartment (really to expensive). About me, I am a Jr. at PSU, double major in Poly-Sci, and Soc. I am somewhat of a computer geek, and I am on the debate team (you may all start to giggle now). Because I am on Fin. Aid I have a steady source of income, and I make sure my bills are paid first. I am a smoker, but I would be willing to smoke outside, around the corner, inside of a plastic bubble, what ever it takes. I am looking to pay around 300.00 per month, plus utilities. I come with my own stuff so furnishings are not needed, and if you need it I have my own Washer and Dryer. I am pretty quiet, but I do have a thing about my space, i.e. if you want to barrow something form me, I require that you ask. All in all, I am your normal heterosexual non-offending male. I don't have any mental problems, well none that have as of yet been defined, and I am kinda a food/cloths snob. I am as close to being a feminist that I can be with my damn male genitalia and for all intents and proposes I can keep any communal space clean, my room well that’s something else.

SO the quest for all of you DP'ers, find me a place to live that is not a cardboard box or an abandon car.