March 1st, 2005

A good realtor

Hey damnportlanders...I was wondering if anyone suggests a realtor in town, possibly for Portland/Beaverton/Tigard area. I would be a first time buyer, looking in the <$160,000 I'm not interested in a high roller. :)

Some advice would be very appreciated.

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Hey ya, I need people to test out this RPG/Forum I got running on my website. I think its going to be great, but I need people to play.

Remember that there are two difrent rpg systems runing but all the nav controls are for ADR (the main rpg system thing) I am working on adding a lot of items and weapons and junk like that. I need lots off feed back and people testing it.



quad roller skates

called around, the sporting goods stores don't seem to have them, been told to check out garage sales and goodwill-type places. thought i'd try my luck here, too.

that's right. 2 pair of old school QUAD skates wanted, NOT in-line/roller blades.

first pair:
men's size 10 or 11

second pair:
women's size 6 wide OR men's size 3-4

pads would be nice, too, but the skate is the thing! thank you!
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Anyone had any experience with VoodooPC or Alienware laptops that they would like to share? I'm interested in a high quality laptop to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and all that high-tech jazz for graphic designers. Any recommendations or warnings are welcome.
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Thought question -

Discussing at work that if you are a "Jr." and your father dies, you become a "Sr."

I say that you will always be a Junior.

They are adamant that you become a Senior.

Since I am John Jay Gabbey Jr, I don't believe that I will become John Jay Gabbey Sr. if my father passes away.

What do YOU think? Do you have any Sprite Ice for me yet?


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This is such a stretch, but do any of you happen to have the tune to Frank Howard's When the Robins Nest Again? I have the sheet music, but I can't sight read, and I don't play the piano, so I have NO idea what it sounds like and need to for a class. Maybe if you knew how to play piano you could record it or something for me? Thanks for any help.

come on down to my place!

All of a sudden it's March 1st and all of our perspective roommates have fallen through (to the dark side, of course). So I'm reaching out to my fellow damned portlanders to see if we can make a magic match happen. The situation is as follows...
There's a space open in our 1,500 sq ft. loft. We are located incredibly close in the SE industrial district. The rent is $250 and bills run about $50/mo. And now the specifics.. dum dum dum... the room itself is fairly large (10x12ish) and is half of the upper sleeping loft area. However, it is the front half, so one of the other roommates will have to walk through to get to his space. If yer uptight about privacy, this is probably not for you. The loft lacks walls (except fot the bathroom) but it makes up for all that with gorgeous lighting and dimensions. We also have a largish bathroom, kitchen and common living room. So that's the apartment, now about us.
We are two gay guys and a nominally straight girl, looking for another female to keep the gender balance. The majority (2) of us are students with pretty hectic lives, so we like the house to be our refuge of calmness. Our ideal person would also be a student &/or have lots of stuff going on in their lives, be towards the left end of the political spectrum, be mostly veggie (IE- not cooking meat at home), clean and respectful and into the ideals of communal living. We're looking for someone to become a friend and not just a roommate, though socializing won't be enforced.

and the last important thing - we need to meet you post motherfuckin haste! comment or email me with your phone # and i'll be back to you within 24 hrs. hopefully we can set meet & greetin's for weds & fri and get you moved in soon.

Oh dream roomie, I know yer out there!
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Thanks for the help on the computer question. Right now I'm looking at the following options:

3.4 lb. VoodooPC Envy m:50
7-ish lb. Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2
12 lb. Alienware Area-51m 7700
7 lb. Apple Powerbook 17"

Each of these have been customized to some degree, but generally they all have 1.5GHz processors, 1GB RAM, 100GB Hard Drives, and all that jazz.

Intent of use: This needs to get me through at minimum 3 more years of college in the Graphic Design program. I'll be using Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., and some gaming. I need excellent customer service, quality components and a reliable OS. What do you all think?

EDIT: Please explain WHY!

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Hey all
So I am looking for a couple things for cheap or even free:
A copy of Nero, no specific version but the latest version I can get my hands on.
And, a key to Office 2003. My three month trial is about to end.
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2002 Chevy Trailblazer in good condition (~58,500 miles)

$14,500 or best offer

Kindly contact me by leaving a comment with your email address and I will respond as soon as possible with any additional information you’d like.

Thanks, all.
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I'm sorry to the DPer's who live in constant physical or emotional pain.

And I hope you all were being serious when you said that, and not "Oh, I'm 17 and the world is so so rough" emotional pain.

Not to trivialize anything.

Damn...I sincerely wish all the DPer's who experience this on a daily basis happiness.

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about.

I wasn't the original poster...but reading those responses...damn.

cosmicjohn loves you all!.....well....MOST of you

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does anyone know where I can get a groom's cake for my co-worker for fairly cheap. I already tried costco and albertson's but no luck. I would like something with a tux on it. Thanks for any help you can give.


Who wants to admit their confusion?

I have lived in the Portland area all my life, and I've been a resident\worker\frequent visitor to SE Portland for at least five years.
And I still get lost in Ladd's Addition.
So, who else here has similiar long term exposure to SE Ptld, and still gets lost in the Bermuda Diamond?
Who here has had to urinate in those beautiful little rose gardens, because you have been wandering around the fairy land for two hours with no way out?
Who here has had their Cartesian paradigm blown by Ladd's Addition?

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My apologies all, I did not mean pirated, I meant legit. That's why I said "Cheap" or free. I would not pay for a pirated copy.
I seem to have ticked some of you off, and I didn't mean to do this. Again, many apologies all.