February 28th, 2005

domino--by chuchan

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So...I'm not exactly sure how this would be done, but could anyone get me a screenshot from the Oscars? I'm looking for a shot of when they announced the winner of Best Original Score, and John Williams just starts *GLOWERING*. Man can glower like all get-out.

So yeah. Total film music geek here.


Subconscious shows comming up. You all should check them out.

March, 5 2005 at Meow Meow
320 SE 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Cost: Tickets $7.00 in advance, $8.00 at the door

Subconscious, Aufero Amor, Awakened, and guests *ALL AGES*


March, 18 2005 at Roseland Theater
8 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
Cost: Tickets $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door

Subconscious, Falling Closer, Fat Jack, Temujin, and Honest Lie *ALL AGES*

band@subconband.com for advance tickets


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If any one is interested.

March 4-6, 2005
3rd Annual Ink Travelers Tattoo & Piercing Convention at the Vancouver Red Lion at the Quay. Vancouver, Washington (360) 694-8341 Discount rates for the show. Special guest Lyle Tuttle. Info call (360) 791-9611

This is goin on for all the people that have been asking about tattoos lately. I know alot of local people are going. it would be good to meet them all in one spot. I am getting tattooed there on Saturday. Sunday I am showing my arm. Everyone should come check it out.
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Hoops McCann

Someone on my cul-de-sac (likely my neighbor) has placed one of those pseudo-portable basketball hoops up against the curb in front of my house (which is at the end of the street). In terms of property lines, I think it is right on the line between my house and the neighbor's house - but when you drive up the street or look out of my front window (because of the angle) it is right in 'front' of my house.

I don't want a basketball hoop in front of my house. I don't want small children milling about in front of my driveway, throwing basketballs into my yard and tromping on my tulips. As a dutiful taxpayer of Washington county, how do I get it removed?

found mix cd's

all mix cd's are labled with:

allah's home cookin'

willing to give back to the proper owner
(proper owner will know some of the weird things pictures
and titles on the disks, they are definitely original :) )

all i ask is to get the "ok" to copy these, they are awesome compilations of music!
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Skamania Lodge Brunch

Well, I've searched my little heart out.. and short of actually CALLING them.. I can't find any information on the Sunday Brunch at Skamania Lodge..

Has anyone actually been there? Know what it's about? All I can find it info on Easter and Mothers day.. and I'm not so sure I want to fork out $200 for a holiday brunch.. I just want to go on a random Sunday and have a good brunch, one of which might include mimosas :)

Or, if anyone else has any other places they enjoy? I've lived here for 18 years and have never gone..

Thanks :)

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So, I went outside to cut some flowers and the lady across the street came over and we started talking. She's new to Portland, well Oregon. She's from NJ, and she's looking for a new job and how she says I could get a job in an instant because I'm 'the size of a twig' but she can't because she's the 'size of an ox'. I guess I was a little shocked as she told me how many places she had been turned down from because of her size. (I'm assuming she thinks that's why she didn't get the jobs.)

So, she wants a out of public view, answering phones, or doing paper work. I told her I'd look into it. So, lets help the girl out and show her not all of Portland care about size.
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Car Question

My boyfriend's family has a Yellow Fiat Convertible sitting in their backyard- it's been there for *years* and has become a planter. It belongs to my boyfriend's grandmother, who purchased it with her ex-husband. Apparently she bought it from someone who lives just up the road- many years ago, and while she has the proof of sale documents, her husband forgot to get the title from them (or something like that).

So it just sits there...

I was thinking it would be cool if we could call a high school or a community college with a metal shop class and work out a deal wherein they teach the kids how to fix a car in exchange for our getting a fixed car- but I don't think there are schools like that in this area.

If it were you, and you didn't have a mechanic-oriented background or money- what would you do?
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Mama needs some new music! What are y'all listening to these days?

I've been listening to the Scissor Sisters, Interpol-Antics, and the Garden State soundtrack way too much.

EDIT: Thank you thank you! And don't be shy everyone else.....just tell me what song you can't get out of your head, the one stuck in your cd player, etc, etc, etc.
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for my brother~

Quiet respectful male looking to rent a room around the gresham area. I can provide up to $400 and then some utilities. I will be paying for my own groceries, and have my own transportation. I'm easygoing male with a almost 4 year old son. We would be gone during the daytime and have no pets.you can contact me on my cell (541) 981 1443 or at a home phone (503) 491-5590.
or email my sister @ Haelyroc@gmail.com
Darklady by Ator

Rooms for Rent in Darklady Estates

Privacy, community, and creativity!

Have the entire upstairs to yourself when you rent these two partially furnished or unfurnished (your choice) rooms with attic storage space in an eclectic, 1920s era home in NE Portland, just west of MLK. Household is responsible, "alt/queer" friendly, creative, recycles, entertains, close to buses & MAX. One room has a "cloak room" style closet while other has smaller, more conventional old-style closet. Each has a window, one facing south, one facing north. Could make a nice bedroom/office or bedroom/sitting room combo. Price is $700 plus 1/2 utilities and includes wireless DSL access, use of formal diving room, breakfast nook, big kitchen, large finished basement w/wet bar and bathroom, W/D, DishTV, and the company of one of Portland's most colorful literary "personalities." Prefer first and last month's rent. Payment schedule negotiable. Small, well-behaved pet considered.

Lease holder is a freelance writer who works from home and whose work specializes in sexuality and relationships, particularly those on the fringe. I'm mostly quiet, listen to music a lot, conduct discussion groups and various workshops/social gatherings/meetings in the basement. House is filled with books and bookshelves. I am converting part of the basement into a guest room for overnight and out-of-town visitors. If you're responsible, open-minded, intelligent, financially reliable, respectful of people and their property, looking to meet new folks but don't need to be entertained, and want to live in a household that promotes diversity, communication, personal liberty, creative problem solving, and other threats to the status quo, this may be the situation for you.
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movie night tomorrow

Chance of Rain Cafe
1522 S.E. 32nd Ave.
(on Hawthorne)
Portland, Or 97214

Hours: 7 a.m.-10 p.m., daily.

Movie Night

Tomorrow's movies are being announced a little early ..
mainly because i remembered to do it before the morning of :)

Movies will start around 6pm and as always are free free free..

March 1st 2005

Boondock Saints will be showing with Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

can you really resist it?
can you?

and if you can.... are you feeling ok?


I'm a Long Islander turned Damn Portlander turned back into a Long Islander. Me, my boyfriend, and two friends are dying to go to Sasquatch and PDX is the cheapest city to fly into that weekend. We're planning to rent a car but I need a place for us to crash for ONE night. Floors are completely acceptable. We will pay in gas, grass, or....alcohol? C'mon big hearted PDX-ers...help bring me back to the city I love.

My old school

Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here had gone to Saint Francis Academy\Franciscan Montessori Earth School. Quite a few people have gone to school there over the years, so at least some of you must have.

And if that confusing dumb school name confuses you...well, just ignore this then.

help with homework....

okay, so someone I know needs help getting started on this speech they are supposed to give. The wording is very confusing. This is a final and very important.

Here it is, word for word,:

"The topic may be of the students choosing, but must be a problem of "Policy" rather than fact or value. The student must alert us to a policy, standard of operation, way things are done, or law that endangers, or could endanger a large number of people or is just not right. The policy should be currently in effect. Questions of fact or value will be graded down."

Any help? and if you can figure out what this means, then do you have any ideas about a topic?
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