February 26th, 2005

Mad Hatter
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Need to get in shape again!

Since were on the subject of starting back up again...

Anyone live in the Downtown area of Portland who has some Kendo experience that would like to practice with me? [practice in an informal settings, also interested in Kata.]

Or is there a class in the downtown area I don't know about?

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hey, damnportlanders!

can anyone recommend any counselors/therapists/doctors who specialize in any of the following:

sleep disorders
adult attention deficit disorder


thanks in advance.
  • ardia

in need for a bike


im trying to find a good bike, up to around $300. A ride for road/trail and maybe mountain. WalMart and Costco has craps. Gi Joes looks good but limited (as mainly bikes for men). Can you recommend the other stores i can check out for cheap GOOD bikes?

I like Trek but ... chuckles.
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question for the sleepy

Do you sleep? Do you use a pillow when you do so? Can you recommend where in Portland to go to shop for pillows?

I've decided it's about time for some new pillows. I went and consulted the internet that writes about pillows, and it said "you should buy this kind or that kind," but they don't come cheap. So I asked froogle about the prices and it said "hey, there's this kind "as seen on TV" for like one-sixth the cost for what sounds like the same thing."

That's when I decided that buying mail-order pillows is probably just a bad idea and I should go someplace where I can actually see what I'm getting. But while I know where to go to buy notepads or vegan marshmallows or bike innertubes or cookies or teflon tape, I don't know where to go for this.


Moving sucks.

What's up with the dump? I've got a queen size mattress and box spring, plus a super crappy entertainment center that I really need to get rid of before I'm all moved out of my old place on Wednesday, but... I've heard that there is a 25 dollar charge for dumping things, and my google skills can't seem to locate that information, only that I need some kind of permit from some Township Office in Sydenham (where??). I originally intended to just offer someone with a very large van/truck 20 bucks to help me get the junk to the dump, but if I can't get in to the dump, it wouldn't help much, eh? Any suggestions? Information? The 1-800-GOTJUNK thing is out of my price range, but if I just give up and leave my stuff here they'll take 100 dollars from my deposit.
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bike ride

hey DPs,

I'm going to go on my first trail ride this afternoon in Forest Park. I'll be on a rigid old Trek. If anyone(s) is interested in joining me, give a me a comment.
Mad Hatter
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BTK Killer Suspect Arrested

Read the Story ~~~~> HERE

Law and Order recently did a "ripped from the headlines" fictional piece about this guy.

Psychology is an amazing thing. Many of these killers such as Ted Bundy, Geofrey Dalmer, the Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway, ... they ALL really do it because they WANT the attention it gives them, they nearly SCREAM for attention and notoriety, and even if they fall silent for many years, they tend to resurface and re-offend and eventually get caught because they are so trapped within their world, they forget about things like technological advances that can help to identify them through forensics.

Red Party

CC Slaughters is having their Red Party tonight.

My friend Shy is spinning fire there. (I know his website says he is currently not performing due to a broken hand, but he is just starting to do fire shows again.)

Anyway, the Red Party starts at 9 PM. Shy will probably go on sometime between 11-Midnite.
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