February 25th, 2005

P. Sainath talk on globalization today

Reminder about Sainath's talk today evening, with a couple updates:
  • Note change of room.

  • Here is an interview of Sainath by the Oregonian.
AID Portland and WSUV invite you to attend a talk by P. Sainath on "The Globalization of Inequality".

When: Friday, Feb. 25, 7 - 9 pm
Where: Washington State University, Vancouver, Student Services Building Room 6 (Lecture Hall) (directions)
Free and open to the public

P. Sainath has established himself as among the pre-eminent chroniclers of rural life in our times. He is Asia's leading development journalist and photojournalist, writing frequently about issues such as poverty and the effects of industrialization on India. His 1996 book, 'Everybody Loves a Good Drought' defined the discussion of poverty in India.

Sainath has received dozens of awards including the A.H. Boerma Award in 2001. In July 2004, he was awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for excellence in political reporting and analysis for 2003-04 in recognition of his "outstanding, indeed exceptional, work on the problems of the poorest of the poor, especially in Andhra Pradesh." Sainath continues to cover the countryside while at the same time writing about international economics and politics and critiquing mass media.

You can find his articles here.

For more information on the talk, contact Dr. Pavithra Narayanan at 306-546-9732 or visit http://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/programs/csejustice/newsandevents.htm

{Tonight} Stahlwerks - 02/25/05

*Tonight!* Friday Feb 25th 2005

playin the best in Industrial, EBM, Synthpop, Noize, & some random 80's. We
will be in the upstairs area this time around! so it will be like going to a
totally different night kinda. Also a very nice sound system just got
installed yesterday. So lots of good crisp sound and lots of dance floor

Dj Carrion
Dj Uberlush
Dj NoN

Doors @ 9:00pm - 21 & Over
FREE from 9:00pm-10:00pm - $5.00 Cover 10:00pm-3:00am

Also we will have Imperative Reaction/Flesh Field tickets on sale with us.
They will be $8.00

Stahlwerks is located at:
The Viper Room(In the Upstairs section)
(the club with the torches outside)
720 SE Hawthorne Ave.
Portland, Oregon


Questions? Requests? Debooking@yahoo.com


*For More Info*

Damend Events group
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What's it like at Intel Jones Farm

Hi all!

I'm considering taking a contract at the Jones Farm.  But before I do, I'd like to get some input about working there.  What's it like?  I"m former MSFT so my standards might be tainted but I'm pretty open.  Is there free soda?  Cafeteria?  Beer bashes?  Wine, Women and Debauchery? (Just askin :-) )


leather work...

wondering if anyone out there has done some leather work...

just got a leather jacket from work, and, of course, it has the company logo embossed onto the jacket...

anyone know if you can "un-emboss" leather... some conditioner or something....
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Job Opening: Siebel Developer

Hey all...

Having a hard time filling this position. If anyone is qualified and interested, or has a friend who might be, let me know! We'd consider relocation packages for folks from Oregon or Washington, probably not further away at this point.

And FYI...we also have some Inside Sales positions open at the same company. You can find the positions listed at Monster.com by searching for "TransCore", or on http://www.transcore.com on their careers section.

If you're interested in this or any other TransCore job in Portland, please contact me at:
lisal @ rwjportland.com (without the spaces, obviously...) Thanks much!

Collapse )
sil promised portland, ort promised portland


Please recommend a chiropractor who has personally treated you for back or leg problems, and whose treatment resulted in significant improvement of your condition.

Bonus if it's close-in, especially inner SE.

(no subject)

Planning to go to Burning Man for the first time this year (with a BF who is a veteran) and I need help finding fashion.

I need at least one pair of really awesome cyber-punkish goggles, tinted, to keep out the sun and playa dust. I also need a super kickass scary pair of freaky combat style boots (kinda like this maybe?), so that I can hang with the Death Guild when I go to see the Thunderdome (and also because freaky stompy boots are hawt).

The boots I think I could find eventually, but the goggles I'm having NO luck with. I suck at google, and have been trying to search "fetish goggles" and "combat boots" and such to absolutely no avail. I can't find anywhere in PDX that carries these things (I scoured much of Hawthorne last weekend for them). Please help me? Online ordering is dandy; local would be great too.

Thank you, lovely Portlandians!

Suit shopping

I'm looking to buy a suit, something good enough to make a reasonably positive impression in a mid-level management interview and/or weddings. Contemporary but not flashy. Preferably something used that looks new and can be tailored to fit my skinny ass like a glove (an ass glove?). In a perfect world I'd find an $800 suit for $100. :P

Whereabouts should I look?
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Calling all cat-appreciators, and wacky recyclers!

If people are allowed to wonder about the flute player at the bus mall, then I can wonder about this...

Wanted:Those see-through, plastic circles that come sometimes on spindles of blank CD's.

Explanation: My cat LOVES circles. Her favorite are the ones mentioned above. Unfortunately, I found this out to late, and did not keep/cache them as the important commodity they are in our household. Now, la kitty only has one, and I have more than enough CD's currently. And when it slips under the furniture, or in a couch cushion, game over. Right now, I have a forlorn kitty staring around the living room, looking for a circle.

If you e-mail me, I can send my address, and it can either be your good deed of the day, or I can reemburse you somehow....

Thank you!
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(no subject)

did any of you lovlies see the glass candy show last night? can you post a setlist, or pictures, or tell me some things about it? i was home with some sort of wacky ailment and missed the whole thing, much to my dismay. have at it, thankyou.
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www.DexOnline.com sux donkey nads

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed how staggeringly bad DexOnline is?

The damn site refused to list ANYTHING for "Nordstrom" or "Nordstroms" in Portland, Oregon (trying to locate Nordstrom Rack in Gresham)

I asked for UPS Stores around here and it listed a bunch of them... in Tempe, AZ!

So here you go -> use http://www.yp.com instead! It works one hell of a lot better, I have found.
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Sliced bread

I'm full of questions lately.

Is there anyplace in town that sells a good gadget for slicing homemade bread into even slices? I looked around online a bit and didn't find much.

sunshine dance gentleflower

tri-met, for people who dont have to get anywhere on time

so im waiting at the bus stop on 185th for the 52. and its comming. and im used to riding the bus so i take out my wallet, get my bus pass out. stand near the curb. give the driver eye contact. i have my stuff ready. and she drives by me while i try to wave her down. its friday. i just wanted to go home for fucks sake. so i caught the 48 to willow creek which managed to barely beat the 52 there somehow and i got on. i thought about telling her how rude it was to pass me by but i didnt. im thinking of reporting her. im tired of this shit.
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sending out an s.o.s

ok, i live in washington county. and i was wondering if anyone knew of free or sliding scale legal aid that i could call to get a lawyer to help with a criminal record expongement? i dont know if i have to use a multnomah count legal aid person because thats where the crime was and thats where id have to go to court, or if i need a washington county person because thats where i live. anyone know anything about this?
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So you started a Band!?!

Now you need some t-shirts! You've come to the right place, me hearty. I'll screenprint your design(1-3 color) on fine American Apparel t-shirts or whatever for cutthroat prices. An I mean outta-my-mind I'm a Pirate, Arrr, prices. If you've already got some clothing, I can print on nearly anything you bring in for me, as in sweatshirts, jackets, skirts, etc. Surprise your bandmates with matching shirts and Score! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! I also have a graphic design Monkey on hand.
For a Project Price Quote
Our Cabal is open 24/7 via email at: dangerdesignism(AT)gmail.com.

The Know

Does anyone know where I would find the phone number or a web page for a venue called The Know on ALberta and NE 21st? I want to go to a show there but I don't know what time or how much. The band didn't put it on their website.
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Time t'get RUDE again!!!

They may be on the poppish side of ska, but they rock my socks off! ENGLISH BEAT's playing tonight, FRIDAY NIGHT (I was thinking it was Thursday, derrr!), YESSSSSSSSSS!!! If you know how ta skank, I expect you there! Where? I am embarrassed to say Barracuda's, on 2nd Ave, but if that's where they're playin', I'm there for sure!
(She was a rough, rough rider, she was a cool, cool stroker....)

Twist n' crawl, twist n' crawl, TWIST N CRAWL, rudies!
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Need some help here..

I know that people ask this all the time. You all usually do great with jumping to help out. I am hoping this will not be an exception.

Let me explain the situation.. and hopefully someone will have some input. My mom is looking for a job. My parents moved up to Oregon almost 2 years ago and she has yet to find any steady work. She has BA in communications from University of Arizona and was hoping to get into mediation or maybe some sort of HR department. They live way out on the west side, but she's willing to commute to work. At this point, she's getting so depressed at not finding a job, my dad is considering selling the house and moving back in to town so she won't be so isolated from people. I know this isn't what they want to do... and if she could find a job, this wouldn't need to happen. So I'm hoping someone will give me some leads for work. As I said, she wants to get into mediation or HR, but at this point, I think she'll take anything. Does anyone know of any jobs that are open to college graduates.. preferably on the west side.. and preferably in the above mentioned areas although, as I said, she's looking for anything (minus telemarketing or fast food).

Oh and one other area I forgot to mention is that she's incredibly talented with decorating. She's even considering going back to school to get some kind of certification or whatever in interior decorating. Give her a chance to do sales in something that involves interior decorating or crafts or anything like that and she won't disappoint either.

Thank you so much!
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Show Sunday Night! (x-posted)

Drake Equation, a fun and great band from Florida state, is at the beginning of their tour and will be playing at Davey Jones' Locker in Portland this Sunday, February 27. $8, Doors 7:00pm

They will be returning this May on tour with Cruiserweight.

Check out Drake Equation at www.drakeequationrocks.com (streaming album)

Join the street team by sending an email to: DrakeEquationST@gmail.com

Also playing: Ever We Fall, Hope All Is Well, Limitpoint

it's a little late but...

Elephants Grand Moving Parade!!!!!

Tommorow, Saturday (2/26) at 10:30am! It starts 3 blocks from the old Elephants (on NW 23rd Place) to the new Elephants (115 NW 22nd).

Elephants loves a parade and we want you in it!

Elephants Grand Moving Parade benefits the I Have a Dream Foundation.

Join the fun! Bring your kids – bring your dog – wear a costume – decorate a stroller!

*Prizes for best costume.
*Stilt walkers – clowns – balloons for kids
*Music- The Get a Life Marching Band
*Food – face painters – magicians and a balloon artist!
*A firetruck for the kids
***** And I saw a life sized elephant this morning parked out in front!!!

Celebration to follow at the new Elephants Deli! (I'm sure all day!)

I just started working there! I'll be at the register most of the day.
Anyone else in DammPortlanders work there?
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