February 24th, 2005

Tax Question

I know someone asked this a while ago but I went through all the previous posts and it was no longer on there. Can someone please recommend a tax preparer. I was also wondering if anyone would recommend or not going to H&R Block.

Thank You

Inexpensive medical services...?

Hi, I know this has been covered a number of times, and I looked in the archives, but I'm admittedly lj incompetent....and in a bit of a dilemma.

I know my partner has bronchitis, and I was treated for it, because I have insurance...but he doesn't. Where can someone go to get a simple diagnoses and prescription, without insurance, for a relatively small amount of money?

Thanks for anyone who can help..


Is it too late to prune roses in our area? I usually do it at the start of February, but I missed the boat this year. What will happen if I don't prune them this year?
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Looking for new or scrap wood and suggestions.

Do any of you have experience asking businesses to donate materials?

-If I simply asked them to donate, would it be at all likely they would just hand it over quickly, assuming they were interested?

Also, I have left messages for a couple of carpenter friends asking if they can get a deal or have any left overs, but they are pretty small scale. And I placed an ad on Craigslist in the "wanted" section.

-Any more ideas?
-Know of any good dumpsters? Scrap bins? Free piles? Businesses that have donated materials in the past?

We need it right away. All suggestions are appreciated! Thank you.
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Alright, my dear damnportlanders....

I need some suggestions.

I am going to be representing the movement disorders clinic at a "brain fair" at OMSI (http://www.omsi.edu/). The issue is this: we need a way to convey the feeling of a resting tremor. Personal massagers have been ruled not so appropriate for kids. Heh.

SO! Your mission is to bring me ideas of how to make a hand/arm shake (mixing utensils like a hand-held mixer?) as if it were having tremors. Please keep in mind that we must find a relatively clean way to do this, it's for kids! That and yours truly doesn't want to clean up a ginormous mess.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful replies :)
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Hey all, I am new, and since you all seem to be good with giving advice...here goes. I am heading to Cannon Beach tomorrow, do any of you wonderful people know of good eateries/ non-traditional-beachy things to do in that general area??
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ok this is a random question.
we have these annoying bugs that are about the size of maybe the head of a pin,
and they fly, and also crawl on everything. and we have no idea WHAT they are,
they dont hop or anything. just fly and crawl. they seem relatively harmless but
extremely annoying.

my dad thinks they are maybe coming through the furnace because he took the filter out.
has anyone else had this problem or know what the hell i am talking about? ARGH.
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I want to put my natural hair into dreads. It is about shoulder length and I have white-girl hair.

I was wondering if there is anyone around here who could help me do this (and has experience with dreads) because I am worried if I do it myself I may end up with a disturbing variety of dread sizes.

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I'm sure some of you worldy Portlanders can answer my question. My passport is currently MIA, and I'm leaving for Canada in a week. In the event that I can't find it will my Social Security card suffice, or do I need to have my mother ship my birth certificate to me? Danke!

The Altarboys will happily buy Tequila for Teenage Girls

Saturday at Porky's Pub 835 N Lombard St
The Altarboys (former members of The Neillsville HS Varsity Golf Team)

Black Eyed Dog (former members of The Jimmies and Bast)


The denim covered chunky boozers known as
The Old Country Buffet Nightmare Band (former members of Jenny Craig--until they beer battered a treadmill and ate it)

it's totally free, the beer is cheap and I don't think they card nymphomanic teenage girls

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I am hiring for a home health position

The family of the two sisters I care for need to change their in home assist to around the clock, 7 days a week. I have hired one person already and I still need to cover 2-3nights and 1-2 day shifts per week. Hours will be 10am-10pm and 10pm-10am. Dozing okay on the night shift if you are a light sleeper. Located in SE PDX near SE 82nd on a major busline. Weekday shifts pay $100, weekend shifts pay $120 per 12 hour shift. No major medical experience needed, will be assisting with med dispensing, but I will set up the pill packs. Day shift includes cooking, so you need to be able to cook. Light cleaning and laundry, one sister needs assist to the bathroom. This is largely companion sitting. Great for a student, lots of time to study. Criminal background check required. Paid weekly. Email me if interested in more information and please include your resume and what hours you can work, this starts next week when one sister is released from a physical rehab facility. dejablu503 at yahoo dot com
Both males and females invited to apply.

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Are there any web-savvy folk who can find the phone number of a Uhaul store on 4th Avenue, up by PSU? I've tried searching google, the uhaul website and the yellow pages. Thanks.

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Can anyone out there tell me where I would be able to locate some free information on that good old Westside Bypass, preferably on the web. I'm talking proposals, maps, diagrams, proceedings, anything really. I tried Google, results were meager. But there's got to be city archives or something.
Howard Jones

Thankful Thursdays, Portland style....

• a weekday consisting of many clear blue skies and sunny weather so far.

• discovering and exploring a new neighborhood last weekend (the fabulous Beaumont Village).

• being smitten by the tasty gelato at Parisi's (in the Beaumont Village).

• anticipation of outdoor activities this weekend, especially with this fantastic weather!

• watching people and birds relaxing and playing along the Waterfront Park on a sunny Thursday.
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Kill Bill stuff for sale

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I'm moving to Oklahoma in April and I've decided just to sell most of my belongings instead of take a u-haul. I'm selling everything else on Ebay but these life-size (or close to it) cut outs would be a pain in the ass to ship. If you're interested in them make an offer and you can come pick them up locally. They're in good condition and are hard to find these days. They come as a set.