February 23rd, 2005

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Thanks to everyone that had some input on my previous post. It is nice to know that there are people out there willing to help.

This move is going to be incredibly hard for me. I am moving away from the town that I have spent my entrie life in and going to Portland where I know 4 people. While I am looking forward to it and doing this entirely of my own accord, I am still absolutely terrified. I am going to be only 21 when I move and so I wonder if I making a rash decision but at least I know good places to live!

So thanks again you guys. It means a lot
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Lincoln City dining...

Do any of you have any recommendations for excellent restaurants in Lincoln City?

I am looking for a place to hold a dinner for around 20 people the end of June. I'd love for it to be on the beach, but, serving great food and taking reservations are the only "musts".

FYI - Kyllo's is out - they do not take reservations (damn!).

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

This summer i would love to just go to europe and explore or just try that whole backpacking through europe thing. I don't want to go alone and i'm looking for a person who shares this same interest and go with me.
If anyones interested or has any tips on how to save money and where to go, that would be butter and cream!
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Oh Lucky Me!

Just wondering how many of these sunny days I get to enjoy without working? Not that I am complaining since I get paid for 40 hours regardless. Cool job, eh?

Really looking forward to the weekend. Got lots of cool plans with lots of cool people.

Anybody need a king bed...mattress, 2-piece box spring and frame? U-haul it. Free to good home.

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It's worth repeating....

I have posted this info here before, but last night I had a gentle reminder of how valuable the info is to someone without prescription coverage.
There is a free prescription discount card (that anyone without prescription coverage can print at home and use at member pharmacies nationwide) here. It saved me over $84 last night on scripts for myself and my grandson. (We both are battling the nasty bronchial pneumonia going around right now). The price is right to use it, and although it's not like facing only a $20 copay per med, it's better than nothing if nothing's what you have as far as prescription coverage and you find yourself having no choice but to buy meds. I hope reposting helps someone.

(no subject)

The thing: I go into work. I work. Three hours later they send me home. Next day I go into work. I start working. An hour later they send me home.

Both a friend, and my Grandmother claim Work, no matter if I've only worked one or three hours, is required by Oregon law to pay me for four.

Is this true?

The Ants! They'e EVERYWHERE!!

I have to get rid of them. It wasn't so bad at first. There wasn't very many of them. But it's getting a little out of control now.

How in the hell do I get rid of these fuckers?

I've tried every ant bait trap that is sold, I tried cinnamon (this was suggested before to someone else here), I'm considering buying poisin to sprinkle outside the perimeter of the house but I have two cats that like going outside.

So DPers, any suggestions?

Help Save Public Access TV

Public access in Washington County is going to be shut down. Some of you might be happy to hear this, but before you get too giddy please read on:

Public access does great things for the community. If anything wouldn't it suck if you never saw The Joe Show ever again?

Public access provides groups and individuals who generally have not had access to the electronic media with the opportunity to become sources of information in the electronic marketplace of ideas.

Tom Green & Jackass both started out on Public access, so I guess it can't be all that bad, right?

Please help save Public Access in Washington County by signing the online petition.

Sign it here:

Why not sign it? I mean if you are bored enough to be reading this... it's not like you've got better things to do.

More information at www.thejoeshow.tv

Thanx for your help.

Deja Vu - HMO

Can someone tell me about an HMO with just a copay, not a deductable, that they recommend?

I used to have BCBS, but they changed their blue plan plus, which had been a great deal (no wonder they cancelled it), to some horrible other plan, where i have to have a $500 deductable. I need health insurance reviews/recommendations. Thanks!

PS i do not want Kaiser Permanente.

My lovely little flying interweb monkies!

Go forth and find me the dates for the $25 rotating compost bin sale... I *think* it's held by Pdx Metro Parks but I really don't know. I missed out on the sale last year and I really want to get in on it this year. There were 2 weekends, probably closer to May, but I really really really don't want to miss it again.

Yes, I could probably find the info on my own, but there are so many of you hitting "refresh" that I might as well take advantage of it...
Bonus, if my garden does well because of the compost bin sale, I'll give you lots of free veggie loot.
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(no subject)

Kind of a random question, but are there any water parks in the area? I'm not talking about a boring slide at a swimming pool, I'm talking twisty-turny-get-a-wedgie-inner-tube-lasts-for-5-minutes-watery-roller-coaster kind of slides...

Anyway, are there? I haven't heard of/seen any advertised... :(
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House plants

I am looking for house plants. I am currently "not rich" and would like to spend as little as possible. I have posted on Craigslist and Freecycle, but no one is giving any plants away. Do any of you have recommendations for a less expensive place to buy plants. I went to the Plant Peddler last year and had good luck, but I am still hoping for something cheaper.

Thanks in advance!
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Car shtuff

Hello damnportlanders. I have yet another question to throw out at you. I'm looking to install an after-market cruise control system into a new (Japanese) car, and would like to know if any of you know of someone who is affrodable and does quality work, or if I should just let the dealer contract it out. This would be downtown or on the westside. Thanks in advance!

late night eateries

hey damn citizens! i went to the hot hot heat concert last night (soo good!), and afterwards my friends and i had the munch-o's but ended up just going to voodoo doughnut and then going back to our dorm for milk and cookies.

SO. the question is... what's open late that has real food? basically, not a fast food drive thru sort of deal. you are wonderful people, please help a froshie n00b out.
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(no subject)

Anyone going to any concerts or festivals in Europe this year?
I really want to go to a couple of concerts in Germany, such as Zillo festival, Hurricane festival or the Wacken open air, bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Rammstein and Finntroll. Anyways anyone know of good cheap flight sites or companies? I really don't want to pay a $1000 roundtrip plane ticket, it's in July...which doesn't help.
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(... and suddenly they tell me I am the stage fencing consultant)

A request for roleplayers and obsessed colectors of stuff:

I need to borrow two blunt european-style fencing swords. They will be used two times at the rehearsal of a play (one of the nearest weekends), and maybe once during the actual play sometime late in March.
Aluminum, steel, or good-looking plastic (textolite, actually) will all work. The swords will not be broken or bent in process, but there will be some realistic fencing with blade-to-blade contact.

Please, do not offer olympic fencing foils, medieval broadswords, or japanese swords. Think "Spain, dueling, Don Juan". A pair of SCA schlaeger blades would be perfect. I am willing to:
- pay you a small amount of money (under $20)
- invite you to fence in the final act of the play (we may include up to 4 people)
- give you a couple of free fencing classes, if you are a beginner
- guarantee a safe return of the swords in writing
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A Spaghetti Factory Observation

Maybe it's one of their unwritten hiring requirements, but has anyone else noticed that pretty much every server and hostess that works at the Spaghetti Factory is just, well, hot? I have noticed this both at the one on Macadam and the one in Vancouver.

Just a random observation...
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Self defense situations and bystanders

I came across an incident in the news that was interesting in the context of the self defense posts from a few days ago.

It happened as follows. Last July, in Akron, OH, a man by the name of Scarpino was waiting in line at a pizza parlor when a woman by the name of Sims cut in front. Scarpino verbally complained, angering Sims. She called her boyfriend, Jones, who sucker punched Scarpino and then proceeded to beat the tar out of him.

The whole thing was caught on camera. Police recently released the videotape. It was shown on TV. I strongly encourage you to watch the clip. You can also read the news story.

This is something that could happen anytime, anywhere. The behavior of the other customers in the pizza parlor is... interesting. Look at the video. They are just standing around while an innocent man is being savagely beaten up, as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

If you were a bystander, what would you have done? Keep in mind the perpetrator Jones was over 6' and 300 lbs.

What would I have done? I truthfully don't know.

I once intervened in an altercation in Mumbai; a rich young man got into an argument with a taxi driver over an issue which was clearly the rich man's fault. He slapped the taxi driver a couple times and bent his door backwards. I stepped in and the rich brat ran off. But that was *nothing* like the incident in this video clip. I don't know what I would do in this situation.


ROOM FOR RENT in Northeast Portland house, near Martin Luther King & Skidmore intersection. Share a big house with two awesome housemates and some critters. Queer/trans/perv/freak/geek-friendly. Close to major bus lines, stores, cafes, etc.

Rent is between $250 and $300 per month, not including utilities.

For more info, see the craigslist ad here.

Pass it along!

Temp Agencies

I know someone just posted about this a week or 2 ago, but now I can't find it

Can anyone recommend\warn against any of the specific temp agencies in town? I've never worked for one before but need to find some employment quick.