February 22nd, 2005

Worky Work!

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Remember that job posting I put up two weeks ago or so? Those of you that I replied to will be getting a call within the next 2 days - we are interviewing people this week.

And to the person that was called for an interview this morning at 8:00am? Showing up would have been a good idea. (I don't know your DP name - but I do know that you sent in a resume. Sorry! Sprite Ice = Slimem88 ;)
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movies tonight

Chance of rain cafe

1522 S.E. 32nd Ave.
(on Hawthorne)
Portland, Or 97214

Hours: 7 a.m.-10 p.m., daily.

'80s Night

tonight's movies are as follows:

Heathers and Real Genius
unfortunately i dont know what order they will be played in :(
one of them will start at 6pm or shortly after 6pm followed by the second when ever that one is done.

MOVIES ARE FREE, coffee is tasty and is guaranteed to make you need to pee...

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Can any one show me some organizations (or foundations) to help support teen pregnancies in the local area? That are non profit as well. I am doing a community project to find foundations to help support and I am having trouble locating some on the web. Websites would of organizations would help out a lot! but anything helps.


Spanish in Mexico

Does anyone know of a good place to study Spanish in Mexico? Names, URLs, etc. I would really appreciate it! Also, post if you have one that you don't recommend. I need spanish to graduate and I don't want to sit through 2 years of classes and still not be able to speak it. Thanks!

Oh crap

The Supreme Court is going to hear a challenge to Oregon's Death with Dignity Act.

This pisses me off to no end, especially considering that this is only continuing because Ashcroft filed the appeal on the day he resigned at Attorney General. He's fucking with our progressive state from beyond the political grave. Bastard.


Anyone interested in some 14g studs for zee lip?

I have one with a red spike, one with a clear bead, one with a whole set of surgical steel adornments of all shapes. I think I've got a round, hexagonal, spike, and another kind of roundish one just for that stud.

I bought these not too long ago and discovered, however unfortunately, that a stud is much too painful to wear in place of my ring. Thus, I've sterilized all of the studs, and said adornments, and am looking to get rid of them. Each one cost me over $15. I'd like $8 for the first two, $10 for the one with the extra goodies. If you need pictures, let me know, and I'll get some up when I get home.

Edit: pictures behind the cut, sorry they're bad

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PT job op...

had a woman come in my office desparate for DELIVERY DRIVERS (kinda like BizEats)
currently looking for Friday Nights, but she said she'd take anyone that can help

-delivery drivers for restaurants (Chevy's, TGIFridays, etc)
-have nextel phone
-$12+ an hour

email me for contact info coffee.messiah @gmail
other than what i've posted here and her contact info, i know nothing more, so will be unable to answer questions
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piercing jewelry help!

okay, I had to take out my nose stud, now it is gone. I'm SICK the last time I was sick and my stud was out overnight it closed up enough that I had to have my piercer almost re-pierce it (it was enough that I couldn't just force the jewelry through). simply, I need a new stud this afternoon. but I am too sick to get there, much less can I afford the prices of the jewelry there. is there anywhere downtown or close in that has good, well priced nose studs?

Worky Work!

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"I have no idea what that is...let me transfer you" That was the answer I got 6 times after speaking to 6 different people - - - SIX! Finally, the last guy said "Oh yea...only sold in Canada...can't buy it anywhere else"

Jerks - apparently no one who works at coke knows what Sprite Ice is.

But I've drank it before! I've bought it before! Ergh....I guess I can't buy it anywhere else except Canada.


Last Thursday reminder!

Show ends March 29th

'She saw only his famished eyesight
And smelled the supper in the air
Now she knew she was the main dish.'
--lyric by Polish metal group Tetsky

And now you, too, fair viewers, will have the chance to trip the dark fantastic and oscillate wildly in a world where eyes have mouths (finally!) Christopher Rainone's shadowed skein of altered images will set your mind wandering, sleepless, through the snack-less cupboards in the windmills of your mind. Christopher's experience in performance somehow seeps into this abattoir of bizarre photographic morphs, which in their almost painterly quality, capture the kind of grotesque atmospheres as might be evinced by photographer J.K. Potter. By turns, each new image presents itself like a lost Lovecraftian horror of some science gone awry. Nightmarish; Daymarish;All around marish. Christopher's is a landscape where the devourer is also the devoured.
Christopher sez: 'I see photography as a balance between observing and freezing motion...I want to question the nature of the visual record as objective reality...revealing the darker nature lurking just below the surface of things [and] incorporating the familiar and twisting it just enough to unsettle perceptions."

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I am in desperate need of a pedicure. I was in San Francisco this weekend and saw them for $16 at some salon on Haight street. I'm kicking myself now for not stopping and taking advantage. Does anyone know of a place in Portland or the nearby areas where peds. run for $20 or less? Thanks in advance


you were all such a big help with my last food question that I just had to give it another go.

When I lived up in Washington, I went to Alfy's Pizza semi-religiously. Love their pizza. Wonderful stuff.

I need a wonderful pizza place to go to around here! So, what/where is your favorite pizza joint? Who has the best pizza in Portland?

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Could someone possibly recommend a doctor within the area that does mole removal?...preferably cheap. Or shall I just say screw it and clip it off with scissors while sitting in the ER.