February 21st, 2005

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Anyone know where I can get slides? Any kind really. Old family photos, pieces of art...don't really care, just want to start a collection of interesting things. Would a place like goodwill have a box of slides I could rummage through? Thanks.

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monday is usually trash day where i live....i usually take my trash and recycling down in the mornings, only today when i emerged from my triplex with hefty bags in hand, i saw no bins or cans anywhere along my street. any insight? its early.
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A couple questions:

1. If someone wanted to get into the printing business (letterpress, thermography, etc... not copy stuff), what would be their first step or where could they go for information? I'm almost willing to work for free just so that I could get a better idea of how everything works.

2. For all you single DPers, where/how have you had luck finding people to go out and have fun with? I just recently split with my boyfriend of 4 years. A good friend of mine is the same situation. So, we've both decided that we both need a change and need to get out there and start having fun again. Hopefully, meet a few good people along the way. So is there a non-sleazy place to find such people?


Road Trip!

I'm going to play tourist this weekend, and take a little driving tour of Oregon with a friend. Where should I go? What should I do? Where should I not go and why? Thanks!
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attn: audio tech heads

I'm looking for a way to play mp3s on my computer through my home stereo system. I know of a few methods:

- wireless transmitter units, one on the computer and one on the receiver

- Apple AirPort Express with AirTunes

- hardwiring the PC to a receiver configured to handle the input, such as Onkyo's Net-Tune receivers

I'm curious if anyone's tried anything they're happy with, either listed above or otherwise.
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Before I forget:

What, in your opinion, is the best portable mp3 player for the money?
Secondly, how would one go about acquiring one?

Thanks all, I'm off to enjoy the global warming :D

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I am looking for the names of companies in oregon that have more than 100 employees and then the name of thier HR people.

So how can one go about getting info like that?
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If anyone is familiar with ELEMENTS SALON AND DAY SPA in Hillsboro, I would love to learn who the owner of this business is. I tried reaching the city today to see who has registered the business name, but they are closed.

And I would like to spread the word that they are completely lacking in integrity.

I have been going there for about a year now, and passed the word that they do a good job for a good price. Well, a week or so ago, my boyfriend went and got me a $200 gift certificate for there as a gift to me. They happily accomodated him.

Friday I called and no one answered. Today I called, another salon has bought their phone number. They were evicted due to lack of payment to their property owner, and are declaring bankruptcy. Rat finks. You can not tell me that they had no idea this was coming a week ago. They took his money and ran. This is unethical and lacks integrity.

Thankfully he paid with a credit card, so hopefully we are able to dispute the charges. The pricipal of what they did just makes me so angry. I am disappointed in their behavior, that is for sure.

And now I need a hair cut by Thursday and don't know where to go! Hmpf.
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Hair M

Ok, guys, what has been your experience with HairM? I've got a $5 gift certificate there and figured I'd go check it out. Are they good stylists? Is it worth the price? What's the best package to get? Do you have to schedule way in advance or are they good on short notice? Are the stylists good at suggesting new styles/looks?

Thanks for your help!

Good food?

What's the best place to buy good quality groceries? I'm between Beaverton and Hillsboro and looking for a place that carries a variety of good cheeses, fine chocolate, organic fruits and veggies, free-range chickens, etc. Who has the best prices and selection?


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SW PDX Laundromat

My husband and I are without a washer & dryer (for now at least) and I'm using a laundromat in downtown Beaverton ... 20 minutes away from our apartment. We live at about 30th/Dosch & Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy and are looking for a near-by laundromat. I've Dex'ed & MapQuested things, but have not found anything decently nearby. Know of any nearby laundromats?
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Ever have those friends who randomly talk people into taking RANDOM roadtrips? Well, I'm that friend. And we're going to Canada on Friday we're all female ages 18-20 year olds. Any tips? Things to see on the way or any just information I should know a head of time?

We're planning leaving pretty early in the morning and just driving to the border ... going across and just hanging out for a little bit and then driving back. So, we really don't have a destination but it'll be fun anyway!
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OK, seriously...just started thinking about this again :

If you're going to Canada sometime soon and see something called "Sprite Ice"....BUY IT!  Buy 6 or 10 cases...I don't care!  Buy 20 cases! (seriously)  If you can find it, and carry it back here...I will compensate you!

It is only sold in Canada...and Belgium; but who's going there?

OK DP?  Keep in Mind!  Slimem88 = Sprite Ice.

It is an incredible soda.

I used to drink it all the freakin' time in NY.  I want it again!

I'll pay you...I'll pay you....let the money and cash be your guide.

(btw...spriteice.com doesn't work, and I haven't found any place else on the web to buy it....so google all you want....unless your G skills are much better than mine, there's not much to be found)
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Anybody out there have an opinion on the 'good' part of town to live in? I was thinking of just going ahead and moving straight downtown (want to be close to Powell's) but I have heard a lot of people saying that isn't a good. So now I am looking in NE, no higher than 50th and am hearing some not so good things about that area.

I am from a relatively small town in CO, I don't know a lot about city living (not to say I am completely naive) and don't really understand the concept of a 'bad' part of town. (There is one appt. complex we all jokingly call The Hood but aside from that there isn't a 'bad' place to live)

I am incredibly confused here and dont want to end up hating where I move to, so any input is appreciated! Thanks!