February 20th, 2005


buying a used car - tips

if you go to a dealer to look at used cars, and they have a set price on one, what is the best way to get them to go down from that price, or how do i know the least amount of money i could offer in comparison to the price for them to really take me seriously?
like if a car is $10,000, what would be a good offer to give?

anyone have used car buying experience/knowledge?
any other tips worth knowing?

An Eventful Evening

Last night I went to a butt-rock show, then to the bar, got a phone #, met some French boys, and hung out with bikers in far SE.

Now I am too lazy and hungover to go get the Sunday paper. Life is so ridiculous sometimes. :)

How was everybody else's weekend?
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craigslist vent

ok, i work in outer se. i'm not phobic of living there, i understand that portland extends way past 52nd ave (just clarifying here, i'm assuming most of you know just how big portland is geographically).

however, if a post on craigslist is for an apartment on 88th and pine, exactly what does "close in" mean? close in to what exactly?

i reserve the right to be wrong here. if someone can tell me what's so close in about anything east of 82nd, i'd really love to stop being annoyed by this apartment search.


where's Bibo???

So I noticed Bibo was closed in The Pearl a few weeks ago. but I'm craving a loveland!!! I googled it and called the numbers for their broadway and NE weidler locations and the numbers have been disconnected. Are they all closed? did they move? Name change?

So sad. So does anyone have the recipe for the drinks?

I'm craving bibo. :(

(no subject)

Portland, tell me how to stretch my pinstripe pants. They strunk and now fit fine in the waist/hips but the legs are like tinytiny.

I'm thinking it's a lot cause because they ARE stretch pants (70%raylon 24%nylon 4%spandex and 2% mysterious fibers.) but if you have any ideas, let me know.
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(no subject)

Does anyone have a motorcycle and want to go riding today? I don't have anyone to ride with :(

And, a bit of a long shot, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet last night which seemed pretty funny at the time but was much less funny today when the tech at the Verizon store told me my phone was fucked and, since I'm still under contract I have to buy a phone at full retail price. The cheapest phone they sell is $119.00 which is more than I want to spend. Does anyone have an old Verizon phone they're willing to sell to me?
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(no subject)

So if you were being threatened by a homeless man because you didn't have any change to give him...honestly...what would you do?

I had:

a - cell phone

b - fists to fight

c - legs to run

d - Knife to threaten back

What did I use?  The knife.  I didn't cut him/kill him or anything like that...but was it the right decision?

I may now see how some people have a dislike and hatred for the homeless.  I'm not going to base a whole groupd of persons on one incident...but I can understand now.

"Have any change?"  No, sorry  "Yea, you're sorry...all you motherfuckers are sorry...sorry, sorry sorry.  Have a nice home to go to?"  Yea, as a matter of fact I do  "Yea, well I don't!"

At this point he pushed his face into mine - literally about 2 inches away.  I could smell the urine and feel the saliva.  So I told him to back off and he better walk away.  He laughed and came another inch towards my face.  I backed up, took out the knife, and walked up to him.

He walked away.

Was it the right thing to do DPers?

What would you have done?
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(no subject)

Is anyone else out there having problems with their wireless RF devices today? By process of elimintation, I've determined that something atmospheric, or some non-compliant neighbor is screwing up the airwaves.
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need a place to live.

i am going to be moving to portland in a few months and am looking for a place to live now.

would you guys say craiglist is the best place to look? or am i better off with something else?
i am trying to find a place by myself that is in NE part of town.
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Where to get waxed?

I'd like to get my legs waxed. Is there anything I should know? Where should I go? I have never done this before, and honestly, have a low tolerance for pain. I am willing to tolerate the pain, but would prefer to go somewhere where it will be done well and quickly.