February 19th, 2005

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Hello, lovely Portlanders!

Do you have any idea what might be in the air causing such a sudden allergy attack? I'm not sure if its just me or not, but by the end of the day today I've been feeling completely overwhelmed by pollen or something.

Weather.com says there is nothing major blooming right now. I'd agree if I could breathe through my nose. :)
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Does anyone know the history behind the term 'bohemian'? Bohemia being an actual region in the Czech/Slovak area, my great-great grandfather was an immigrant from there a while back. I was thinking about this recently and reading The Ebony Tower, where John Fowles talks about bohemians a lot ("David wondered how often she had to suffer this monstrous bohemian travesty that the alcohol had released"). Any ideas?
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Do any of you know a good dentist in the beverton/ceder hills area that is open on weekends? I had to go to the ER this morning and get a shot of novacaine, my teeth are freaking killing me!
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Saturday Morning Cartoons

Chance of Rain cafe

that not so elusive cafe i frequent is starting a new deal for saturday mornings...
beginning at 11:00am, just late enough in the morning for all of us drunkards,

we will be watching SATURDAY MORENING CARTOONS-oons-toons-oons-oons-s


anyways.. cartoons showing are listed below.. the order depends on who pipes up and says what they want to watch next..
its like the saturday morning you never had, you woke up too damn late to watch cool stuff but not now!

gargoyles, invader zim, x-men, cowboy bebop, neon genesis evangelion, ren&stimpy, family guy, serial experiments lain.. i think there are others but i dont remember them as i am recovering from my drunken wanderings..

later weeks will include the tick, duck tales, spiderman and his amazing friends, aeon flux and whatever else we decide to compile

as always its free... if you can drag yourself out of bed sometime before noon, come join us.. late comers welcome!

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one last call...

what? a chill soccer game.
why? why not, get out there for a fun game with random people
when? tomorrow at 2:00 pm
where? laurelhurst park, the feild near the playground, SE 39th & Stark.
who? whoever shows

dooooo it.

Hawthorne Coffee Merchant...

Just a heads up for you other coffee lovers...

Hawthorne Coffee Merchant (35th and Hawthorne) is celebrating their 25th Anniversary today.

so, most everything is 25% off
and Sumatra Boengie and another select regional is at 1980 prices... less than $5 a pound!! (max 5 pounds)

think they have a tea on special too for the blasphemous tea drinkers....
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Vintage junkies unite...TWILIGHT RUMMAGE SALE!

Woo hoo! NO, I don't run the thing, but if you haven't heard of this funky junky social, and you like vinyl, vintage wear, kitschy housewares and other fun old stuff, you chould swing by tonight between 5-9pm. It's a buck but well worth it. Cool people and fun stuff without the 007 or Redlight prices, and fun just to look! It's at the Eagles Lodge on Hawthorne and 49th.
I'm a regular but haven't been in a coupla months. Think: hippies, hipsters, and grandma Eagle Lodgers, swapping selling and laughing at tons of...weird stuff. There's usually a dj who will play a myriad of 80's, buttrock, obscure vinyl, and of course a BAR! PBR cans are cheap, but you can get a real drink and a burger too. So come visit us tonight, woo hoo!
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She Learned the Hard Way

College Housing. Aaarhg.

I moved to SW Portland about six months ago. I LOVE my little studio apartment. There are so many little things I adore about it. And I couple really big things that drive me crazy. One of those big things is the management.

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Sooo...that really long-winded post was just to ask y'all this: what do you think is fair compensation? Is it enough that they fixed the problem? Should my landlord pay for the groceries in my fridge that went bad? Should I not have to pay for rent for the week my electricity was fucked? Or...?

Also, I don't know what the maintenence team messed up, but now my gas heater won't turn on. Awesome.

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Catch a ride to Eugene?

Hey all,
I'm headed out to a friend's birthday party in Eugene on the 26th (next Saturday) of this month, and the truck that was going isn't gonna make it anymore...
Anyone headed out thereabouts? I can leave as early as Friday (25th) after 3pm. I'm willing to help defray the cost of the trip and I don't take up much room at all :)

Furthermore, if anyone happens to be heading to Portland from Eugene on Sunday, the 27th, I'm interested in doing the return trip. Reconnecting with the original driver is cool, too :)


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I am going to be moving to Portland in 2 months and have a slew of health problems, so I need to find a few doctors in the area.
Anyone have any suggestions for endocrinologists, ear, nose, and throat doctors, dentists, and just general health docs?

A few of my current drs. have given me a few names but if anyone has any information on any that would be fantastic! Thanks!
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i need an optometrist

I want to meet with an optometrist and talk about my eye and ask him/her what the hell the difference is between amblyopia and third nerve palsy. how might i go about doing this? where the hell should I go? i'd like to get this done quickly (by monday) and for cheap. is that even possible? if you know, share it please.


How reliable is Broadway Cab for picking someone up before 5am? I just want to go from NE 53rd and Glisan to the 60th MAX, but I don't exactly want to be rolling down the street with my baggage in the dark. How much do you think that would be? I've never been in a cab before. I'm a rookie. Thanks!