February 18th, 2005


Auto Shops

So I am looking for a place to take my car to get some things checked out. I live near the airport, Sandy and 122nd. I have a Suzuki and I there is a place called Ben's Japanese Auto Clinic near my house that has a good record with the BBB. Any thought on this place or anywhere that won'r rip me off?

in regards to low income neighborhoods filled with poorly raised behemoths

i made it nearly one block away, car pulls up, a man shouts, "ho!"

the car then slows down and pulls up about half a block away, just sitting there, i keep walking. i am walking to my bus stop they turn around and follow me.

fortunately there is another man who is usually at my bus stop. the car waits a minute and then continues driving.

but, hey, that's not harassment!
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Dear Bike Thief

To the asshat/s who stole my bike,
Thank you. No, really. You know, after my gramma dying last night, it was just what I needed to learn this morning; my favorite mode of summer-time transportation has magically disappeared from my SW Portland front porch. Thanks for leaving me the cut lock though, I know I can find a good use for it - like choking you if ever we meet in a dark alley. I hope you have loads of fun riding the bike without the front wheel. I have bike lights for it if you want to come back and get those, too. Just knock on the front door, let me grab that bike lock & I'll pass them on.

So, DamnPortlanders, if anyone sees a blue & yellow K2 Newport ladies bike, or your mom tries to give it to you as a gift, kick 'em/her for me. I can't imagine the police are going to be incredibly helpful here, and figure I have better luck with ya'll around here.

PS - Does Southwest airlines offere bereavement flights?
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(no subject)

Being the helpful bunch everyone is, can anyone recommend me a violent song that includes racial tension? I tend to listen to ecclectic, happy songs, yet need such a song for a school assignment. Aaand, is such a song/cd easily obtainable around town? S'ank you

(no subject)

Dear DamnPortlanders,
Despite the amazing weather my life is icky right now and so I need to release my negative energies and have positive things come my way. Any suggestions? Oh yes, since spending money isn't positive(due to the fact that I am low on the cash flow) let's think along some other lines.

Mormon Missionaries

I'm so sick of people being mean to the Mormon Missionaries in my neighborhood. The other day I was walking home and some Missionaries were walking on the other side of the street and someone yelled at them "FUCK YOU MORMONS!" It pissed me off so much. I walked over to the Elders and had a normal converstaion, told them good luck, etc. So if you ever see a pair of Mormons on their mission, if you can, just say hello to them, ask them where they are from, how things are going etc. These guys are our age and away from their families, not harming anyone and it must be hard sometimes. They are good people just like you and me.
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Drive Thru Etiquette For Dummies

At the speaker box:

When coming up to the speaker box, if you have a diesel engine, shut your fucking vehicle off! Give the person inside, about to take your order, about 15 seconds before saying “Hello?” I swear, we hear your car; we may have our hands full. Did you take into consideration that there may be cars ahead of you? Seriously, 15 seconds, and by then if no one has said anything then ask.

If there are two menu’s, one before the speaker box, stop and figure out what you want before making us wait and listen to you stupid fucks think and talk about what you don’t even know if you want.

If you want a meal tell us the god damn size, if you don’t know what sizes they are cause there is a monthly change on what they are called there are:




We will also need to know the drink you would like. I cannot guess which “soda” you want.

Don’t try to be a speed talker when saying your order; our registers only go so fast.

If you are done ordering, let us know “that will be everything” even though I can usually guess I’m not a goddamn mind reader.

Before driving away from the speaker box, let me tell you your total, I might have missed something you had asked for or have a question for you and how am I supposed to get your fucking order right if you wont let me talk to you?

Between speaker box & window:

If you are waiting behind other cars try to get your money ready if the total was told to you, if you don’t know your total at least have your money/credit card ready.

At the window:

Roll your vehicles window all the way down, if your window is broken drive forward enough to open the door and hand me the money.

-Isn’t it annoying when you hand someone money and it gets dropped? Did you ever think maybe you are a dip shit when it comes to handing the money to them? Well this will help…

When handing the money to the person at the window, if you have change hand that to them first then the dollar bills, if your money is all crumpled be respectful and un-crumple it as much as you can.

If you are somewhere that you get sauces think about it right now what kinds you like so that when you get something you can let the person know.If I ask you if you would like sauces and you say no, I am assuming you do not want sauces, so don’t get angry with me when I give you your order and you are missing the sauce you wanted.

Give the person at the window eye contact, sometimes we go a line of cars without one person realizing we are even alive, we deal with all your bull shit, and put your meal together, have the respect to see that we are a human helping you.

-Now I understand when you go to some drive thrus the person that takes your order is rude, and I apologize for that, I can not make that change, but I know if you do the least you can to make it easier for them to take your order, the chances are they will be more respectful. We deal with a lot of rude people each day, so please keep that into consideration next time you want ‘fast food’.



Is there a doctor in the house?

I've been working on a novel and a large part of the back story involves the medical history of some of the characters. I was wondering if anyone with a strong medical background would be willing to meet with me soon so I can pick their brain for research? I'd be happy to buy you dinner or drinks (and credit you if the novel ever gets published.)

I've been doing research on my own, but I need to make sure I get the medical details right. <voice type="McCoy">I'm a programmer, Jim, not a doctor!</voice>

I'm particularly interested in xeroderma pigmentosum and telomerase research. If you prefer, you can email me at publiustemp-lj1 at yahoo.

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for a friend

Please pass this on to everyone you know or feel
comfortable passing it on to!

I am doing a project on family vocabulary. I am
collecting words created by and used in families for a
paper. If you or your family has special words you
use that have been created intent or accident, and are
willing to let me publish them, please feel free to
e-mail me both the word and the meaning
I’ve listed
some words below as examples:

Pizza bone – pizza crust
Eargasm – the feeling you get when you clean your ears
with a Q-tip
Chicken Potatoe – an egg

I'm asking everyone I know to pass this on ad
infinitum to everyone they want to. You can e-mail me
your word (or short phrase) and it’s meaning at:


molding cutting help

I am in the middle of a bathroom renovation project that I would really like to bring to a close. Here's my problem. I don't have a saw and I don't know how to cut 45 degree angles.

I will buy the supplies, take all the measurements, and even drive the stuff over to your place. What I will need from you is to cut the molding for me. There are only about 5 corner cuts that I need done.

I can pay in beer, wine, or even real money say $40?

Leave a post if you could do this, and if you have previous experience that'd be even better. I can meet you either after work in the evenings or any time next weekend.
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(no subject)

would anyone be interested in starting up a chill game of soccer tonight or tomorrow at laurelhurt park? hmmm leave a comment. if you would be interested in doing this at somepoint.


2:00pm tomorrow afternoon. Laurelhurst park, near the playground. SE 39th & Stark.
I'm going to show up rain or not, and just see if anyone shows. and we'll see how it goes. peace

::you also don't have to be good at the game, just dont be a wuss"
birch trees

(no subject)

What are your very favorite restaurants in the Portland area? You know, the places you tell other people they *must* go to. The places you go back to again and again. What kind of food? What makes them so great? And where are they?

Looking for ideas for a place to go this weekend. We want to go somewhere new, but somewhere good!

Comcast and Cable Modems

I'm going to be getting an internet connection through comcast very soon. To save some cash, I'd rather just buy my own cable modem instead of renting one.

Any suggestions on a modem that will do the job? Or maybe even a different ISP?

Thanks for all the help. I think leasing is probably the way to go. I guess it's only $36 a year. I can afford that. :)
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(no subject)

I need to bring my car in for some general maintenance, oil change and all that. And my check engine light's on.

Anyone know a nice place in Portland that'll give me a good deal and not fix problems that don't really exist? I've come across too many dishonest mechanics, so I'd appreciate the help.