February 17th, 2005


hmmm curious and curiouser..

place: random beaverton Red Robin around 7-8 pm..

you: girl with red-ish shirt, glasses, and dark hair

me: girl sitting with 2 other girls at the table behind you... we made eye contact

you looked SUPER familar... perhaps i know you on here? :)
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Dear Portland-

I need to find a tattoo artist. I know exactly what I want; it's small, simple, geometric, one-color. I just need to find someone who can replicate what I have on paper accurately on my skin. That's it. Because it's so simple, I'd prefer not to go to pay an arm and a leg for it. or even an arm, really.

This is my first tattoo, so I know nothing about the process, but if it turns out well, I'll be back for more.

So where do you go to get tattoos done well and cheaply?


Rock Star, Mo Reznor

Clear. Again.

Damn, the weather is so beautiful again today. I had the (mis)fortune of parking on the roof of the parking structure downtown on my way to work, and from high up, I can see not only the blue skies all around, but also Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood very clearly.

This is definitely a day for taking photos of the excellent weather. I wish I had my camera with me. I'm kind of bummed that I am spending the daylight hours working indoors on a ground-floor office downtown. I am, however, looking forward to taking a nice walk along the Waterfront during my late-morning break.
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So I had this bag full of books that I wanted to get rid of...Powell's didn't want most of them and I feel bad just throwing good books away.

Are there any other places to sell/donate books in the Portland area?

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so, my boyfriend won't ever admit this to me, but i know for a fact that he has been having phone sex with his ex girlfriend since we've been dating. we've been together for oh...four and a half months, and it's been wonderful. i care for him alot, possibly even love. the only thing that has really been a downer on the relationship is this thing with this other girl. i've confronted him on a few different occasions, just to have him deny it, but...he's really not that good of a liar. so, here's the problem.

tomorrow he is going over to her house, so that she can 'show him her new room'. now, i don't know about you, but i can't help but raise my eyebrow and frown at this. and i don't want him to go. as a girl, i know what 'show him her new room' means exactly. i know she'll try to put a move on him, just because i know this girl. and i know what she's capable of. and he is a guy, and as much as i want to trust him, i'm not completely sure i'm 100% able to do so.

do i have the right to be upset? or am i just being rediculous? i don't want to act like the psycho girlfriend and tell him that he 'can't go', or he 'can't be friends with her', but at this point, i just don't know what to do.

help, please. i'm dying.

(no subject)

Hey, I'm looking for a cafe or place where I can go with a laptop or book or homework and just hang out for a few hours. Preferably some place downtown that doesn't expect me to have to buy anything to stick around. Youthful people (~college age) are a plus.

Thanks in advance
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does anyone know of a trustworthy dentist (i.e. one who won't discover numerous nonexistent cavities) who will give someone without insurance a standard exam w/cleaning for under $100? any portland metro location is fine.

i haven't been for a check up since i lived in ohio (where i seemed to get a good deal - i think it was $75), but i did have some decent emergency work done with a huge filling dropped out last year. the bloke who did that wants $210 for a check up though.

Talk by P. Sainath: "The Globalization of Inequality"

Damnportlanders, mark your calendars now.

AID Portland and WSUV invite you to attend a talk by P. Sainath on "The Globalization of Inequality".

When: Friday, Feb. 25, 7 - 9 pm
Where: Washington State University, Vancouver, Room SS 110 (directions)
Free and open to the public

P. Sainath has established himself as among the pre-eminent chroniclers of rural life in our times. He is Asia's leading development journalist and photojournalist, writing frequently about issues such as poverty and the effects of industrialization on India. His 1996 book, 'Everybody Loves a Good Drought' defined the discussion of poverty in India.

(I've read the book and it's a great read.)

Sainath has received dozens of awards including the A.H. Boerma Award in 2001. In July 2004, he was awarded the Prem Bhatia Award for excellence in political reporting and analysis for 2003-04 in recognition of his "outstanding, indeed exceptional, work on the problems of the poorest of the poor, especially in Andhra Pradesh." Sainath continues to cover the countryside while at the same time writing about international economics and politics and critiquing mass media.

You can find his articles here.

For more information on the talk, contact Dr. Pavithra Narayanan at 306-546-9732 or visit http://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/programs/csejustice/newsandevents.htm.

.:*:...the G-ball is a mystery...:*:.

I always get great info about the Downtown Portland area as far as places to eat and stuff to do..I actually live in Gresham..and some nights I find myself wanting to just "run somewhere real fast"..aka..stay in town or close to..anybody able to supply me with the super duper helpful info on the G-ball?..thanks MUCH in advance..heh
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Miranda July

put my thang down, flip it and reverse it!

dear portlanders,

why is it so freakin' hard to buy a honda civic in p-town!?!?!?! it seems like the minute they are released in the oregonian or auto trader, they are sold. if anyone is even t-h-i-n-k-i-n-g about selling a car similar to this OR if you know anyone who's trying to sell a car like this:

under 100k
no wrecks
air condition
5 speed
sun/moon roof (optional)

....please give me a heads up. i'll send you some candy.


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I have really thick hair. Like, at least three times that of the ordinary person. Because of this I have had issues with hair stylists--only one managed to make it look okay, most of the time things turn out in a blunt sort of thing vaguely reminiscent of mullets.

Not good, folks.

Soooo, does anyone have a really great hair stylist to recommend? :D

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Dear Portlanders,

Is there anywhere in this far city that will allow me get up really high. Say an observation deck on one of our many skyscrapers?

I would really like a good view of this place where I live.
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Any Good Restaurants Around in Wilsonville?

Hey guys, I am trying to find a couple of really good restaurants around in Wilsonville (or nearby), something very unique maybe? I need to find something good in between of Portland and Salem to make it fair for my Portland and Salem friends, so if you think of other town, around there with an excellent restaurant, that'd be great.

Nothing so American please. And DONT DARE to say Izzy's! My ideal places are: Japanese, Thai, Middle East, Indian, Mexican, and on.

And thanks!