February 16th, 2005

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Mystery Shoppers

Hey guys, quick question since there are so many people here who could possibly help:

I am thinking of becoming a "Mystery Shopper"
Anyways, aside from it looking too good to be true, is there anyone out there who has done this? Couldn't find my way around the Better Business Bureau website to find their company, and aside from that I would just like to hear some personal anticdotes, some yays or nays, and how much money was made from it. I was thinking of using it to suppliment a part time job or something like that.

Thanks in advance!

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FYI:The average whale produces over 400 gallons of sperm when it ejaculates, but only 10% of that actually makes it into his mate. So 360 gallons are spilled into the ocean every time one unloads, and you wonder why the ocean is so salty?

Don't we live off whale migration routes? Giggle


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"*"on your marks..get set..STEAK&NOODLES"*"

I need some suggestions on where to score the best steak dinner experience and the best italian experience..I am escorting the 'rents to dinner 2 nights starting tomorrow..dads a steak man..moms a noodle woman..help me out if you got the goods on where to take them..thanks in advance and all that crap
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My two girlfriends and I live in a two bedroom apartment at the Imperial Arms, things are great, but cramped and we want to move into a three bedroom apartment somewhat close to downtown by April. Our budget is 1000$. Any suggestions?
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You might want to check your credit reports

Acccording to this LA Times story, hackers broke into the systems of ChoicePoint, a credit reporting firm, and stole information on up to 100,000 people.

Are you one of the people, you might wonder? Well, you have no way of knowing. ChoicePoint could probably tell you, but they are only informing affected people in California. That's because Cali is the only state that requires such reporting by law. The other 65,000 people nationwide whose information was stolen won't hear a damn thing about it. Because, as it turns out, corporations don't always act in our best interests when not required to do so.

So yeah, if you're the paranoid type, y'all might want to check your credit report for weird activity.
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good times..???

First of all, thanks everyone who helped me with my last post. :-)

second thing...on the radio this morning i heard that they indeed might be passing the law against agressive driving, which means they will be able to slap you with a $400+ ticket just for looking pissed off while driving.
The law includes petty things such as speeding, passing improperly....etc...many of them seem very subjective to me.
Has anybody else heard much about this?

If this does pass in Multomah County, I'm moving to Clackamas or Beaverton..and spend my money on other things.

On odd sightings....

There's a 11-or-so-year-old guy on one of those motorized stand-up scooters with a cigarette in his mouth and a AAA sticker on the side of his tank.

I don't suppose the Association offers towing service for those, do they? If so, will they tow across city lines?

*he he he*
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I'm posting this here in hopes that someone can offer some help.

I received an XBox for Christmas, it doesn't work, and hasn't since I got it as a gift. It is a refurb, but I have the warranty. I know I can get it replaced for free at any Game Crazy store, or pay a little and get a brand new one. The problem is that I've called a bunch of stores and they all say they're out of stock and put me on a waiting list. It's going on two months now.

Anyone know a Game Crazy store that could help me? Perhaps you work at one? I live out in Beaverton, but I'd be willing to drive anywhere in the PDX area to get it replaced. I'm just worried that the more time goes by, the less likely they'll replace it. That, and I want to play the damn thing!

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February 07, 2005

Dear Musician,

The representatives of Gentle Hall at Western Oregon University are
putting together the first annual WOUstock. This is an outdoor event
that will take place on May 14 from 12:00pm to 6:30pm. This concert
will be held for the entertainment of the students and faculty of
Western Oregon University, as well as the community.

Western Oregon University is in search of talented musical artists who
would be willing to donate their time to a charity event in Monmouth,
Oregon. We would like to invite you to audition for WOUstock. This is
an opportunity for your band to expand your audience and reach a new
fan base. Auditions are open for all styles of performers.

In order to audition we are asking you to fill out an application and
send 3 songs and 2 photos of your band or a minimum 15 minute video of
you performing to either the mailing or the email address below. Be
sure to properly label your entry. All entries MUST be postmarked by
April 1st; however, we request that you send them earlier. You will
be notified by April 14th if you are selected and given further

As a participant at WOUstock you will be given space for a booth to
sell your merchandise, and you will receive a free lunch.

This is an all day charity event in which all donations will be given
to VH1: Save the Music, and MADD.

E-mail me for an application.

If you have any questions, please call me at 503-838-9054. We look
forward to your participation.


Caitlin Bishop
Activities Director, Gentle Hall Government

c/o Caitlin Bishop
RSC Box 140
347 N Monmouth Ave
Monmouth OR 97361

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Dear City of Portland Employee,

While I do appreciate that your "the city that works" and that your out there driving around in your new Toyota Prius or whatever it is that only uses half the gas of the rest of the cars around Portland. I don't appreciate when you come to the stop sign that crosses my normal walking path and then wait until I'm in front of your car to lurch into the crosswalk and bump me.

I'm sorry that you weren't paying attention. I really hope I scared the shit out of you when I yelped out of suprise. I should have fallen to the ground. Instead I kicked the grill of your new car and called you a few dirty names.

Next time I would appreciate that you wait your turn when trying to turn and let me get to the sidewalk.

Thank You.

Your Friendly Tax-Paying Damn Portlander

(no subject)

Any laptop friendly bars in the downtown/close in SE/NW area? With wireless would be neat.

Dark and dimly lit a plus. I just don't feel like working at home or in a coffeeshop at the moment.


I think I just remembered Dante's has wireless... Anyone know if they're doing anything that would involve a cover tonight?



I would like to start taking care of some health issues and am wondering if anybody knows of a good...

1. therapist. I'm looking for someone who is pretty cheap (like as cheap as possible or a sliding scale that goes low). Besides that, I'd like to have someone who doesn't have the just sit back and let the client talk approach. I want someone that has direction and ideas, makes you work, and doesn't let you just spend the whole time smalltalking. I'd like them to be trans-friendly but not assuming that everything that comes up has to do with being trans. Also, I'd prefer they have experience with psychiatric survivor stuff, emotional abuse, depression, anxiety, add, and self-injury. Okay. That's a lot to ask and I doubt I'll find someone with all of that, but I at least wanted to put all that out there, cause who knows. If you have someone in mind that only fits a few of these things, please still comment.

2. chiropractor. Specifically, I'd like someone that does a lot of soft tissue work and gentle stuff as well as standard manipulations. Especially someone good with insanely tense muscles that constantly pull bones out of alignment.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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AOL Chat

I am having a problem with AOL chat. I can not chat with anyone. I do not know if it my windows software or the multitude of popblockers of my ISP. Does anyone know how I can cut through so I can chat?