February 15th, 2005

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My sister started working for the post office in January. A few weeks ago, she fell and hurt her knee walking up some steps delivering mail. I told her to go in, she said she couldn't because they told her if she was injured or involved in any accidents on the job during her first 90 days she would be fired. This includes being bitten by a dog, if someone hits her in her mail carrier jeep, and any injuries.

Today, she slipped on a muddy driveway and broke her ankle. They told her she would be allowed light duty in the office(she lives in Vancouver, works in Portland, broke her right ankle and drives a stick) until her ankle heals so they can pay the worker's comp claim, but advised her after it was healed she would likely be fired.

Ok, as far as I know, isn't it illegal to penalize an employee for on the job injuries? Anyone have any input? This just doesn't seem right.
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The Killers

My friend got her ticket to see the Killers at the Roseland acouple cays ago, we were gunna go to celebrate my 16th birthday. When I went to get mine yesterday they sold out.

Anyone have a pair or even one ticket that they would like to sell?
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movie night

Chance of Rain Cafe
1522 S.E. 32nd Ave.
(on Hawthorne)
Portland, Or 97214

Hours: 7 a.m.-10 p.m., daily.

Movie Night

prepare for kick ass fantasy tonight...
or maybe im just a geek (survey says? both)

movies are free, starting at about 6pm
coffee is pretty tastey.
madmartigan and sorscha are seeeexy....
ive got a half chub already hehe

Feb.15 - Fantasy Night 3 - Krull & Willow

if nothing else, come in and drool with me :)

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Need a job?
Have Access experience?
Have customer service experience?
Want to work in a casual environment?

We are seeking intelligent applicants for a position where I work.
The position is Fundraising Program Coordinator. Hours are M-F 7:30 am - 4 pm. (It is awesome to be done working at 4!) We are located in Beaverton.

The job entails a good bit of data entry, lots of good customer service skills, and proven organizational skills.
Bulk mailing is done 2-3 times a year to an established customer base. Potential for overtime in the fall, our busy season.
Possible to work slightly less than full time til later in the summer.

The pay will start at $12 per hour. Benefits available after 3 months.

Questions? Respond here, or drop me an e-mail at kaleidoscopeeye at livejournal dot com.

Interested, send your resume to kaleidoscopeeye at livejournal dot com and I will get it into the right hands. Be sure to list all of your computer skills as well as customer service skills on the resume...and a cover letter sure helps. Word format is wonderful.

Come on folks, this is a decent job for decent folks with decent pay.
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need your input

[ im doing this for a school project and i need to get as many people as possible to answer ]

what was it that initially attracted you to the person who you now consider your best friend? [was it external charactristics like clothing style, or things that have to do with the personality aspect...or whatever else you can think of]

EDIT: if you can please also include your gender and your friend's gender as well

your help would be greatly appreciated!


Looking for a cheap Lawyer


I am a US citizen w/o a SSN(i dont want one either) and it has been hell on earth trying to open a bank account. I have full legal backing that banks are not allowed to refuse to opeon the basis of my of SSN, but they are giving me the brush off because they dont want to deal with me.

Does anyone know of a good lawyer who can write a letter on legal letterhead for me? Since I know I have a legal ground to do this, its not shady at all, and I just need a little help to motivate the lawyers at the bank to get off their ass and look at what I am sending them.

I just want a checking account! sheesh. It really shouldn't be this difficult.

Thanks in advance!


Since the concept behind a SSN has come up recently (it is tax time, after all), how can I go about finding out if someone else is using my SSN? I have heard stories about people getting ahold of a SSN and using it for work, etc. but not being the actual owner of the number. Often times the victim does not know until it's too late. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can figure out if there's another name associated with my SSN?

I've already put a credit alert on my number, but I've heard that doesn't always solve the problem.
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Help a mod out ;)

Hey guys - I know this is short notice, but I need someone with a truck/van/suv to help me move my mattress and box spring from SE to NE sometime tonight. I have help moving everything else but the bed won't fit in my friends truck. :(
I can buy beer, smoke you out, and/or give you gas money. Please respond if you think you can help (or call me as my computer may already be packed by the time you read this - 503-238-4569). Ask for Melissa.

Thanks guys!

Of Ninjas and Diabolical Spies

I swear I see the strangest things in the Pearl. Recently, on the same day, While I was driving to work at way-too-early a.m., I saw a young guy bundled up with a scarf around the lower part of his face(ninja style) doing Tai Chi at a bus stop.

Later that day as I was leaving work I saw a man with a wild mane of shock-white hair wearing a wide lapeled, dark jacket driving a small flashy red convertible. Oh yeah.. he was also wearing an eye patch.

I love Portland
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Fill tummy in PDX

So a friend and I are planning on going to dinner tomorrow evening, and I'm having a hard time coming up with a place. I'm looking for somewhere with decent food for a good price that has a chatter-friendly atmosphere in proximity to PSU (we'll give it a 10 block radius). Any suggestions?

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Before I run out of income tax return money...

Ok guys, does anyone in here or does anyone know someone that knows how to fix cars? I need a tune up and I need my power steering fixed. My rack and pinon is shot and so is my power steering pump. Its a ford taurus if that helps. But I have a condition that makes it really hard for me to try to drive, especially with no power steering :(
Please help.
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zuul & gozar
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how come no one told me the bins moved?



if you haven't been yet the new place is kind of nicer and cleaner... for what it's worth...
Oct 2010

Hiking with dog

If I wanted to go on a short hike this weekend with my dog, and get some beautiful scenery at the same time...where would you suggest I go? My dog is 10.5 months old and this would be her first real hike, so I need to keep it pretty simple to test her out. I just bought a new camera and was hoping to get out and get some pictures this weekend with it...so I am hoping to incorporate the two trips. Suggestions please???