February 14th, 2005


Happy Beaten By Clubs and Then Beheaded Day!

Origin of this excerpt and more information on the development of the actual day. Still inn't romantic. :P Pbbbbbbb!

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One more perfectly good pagan ferility holiday stuck with a suffering saint because some Pope juuuuust couldn't leave his constituency to fuck in the fields and be happy. That's messed up. I say in celebration of the True Spirit of St. Valentine's Day, we start clubbing mofos, or we toss it altogether, get Roman and get nekkid!
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Has anyone had any experiences with AppleOne employment agency? I have an appointment this week. What should I expect?

Can you recommend any other employment or temp agencies that you've had success with?

Thank you.

EDIT: Thanks for your feedback. But they called me today and told me not to bother coming in since I haven't worked in the past 2 years. Do they not understand that this is why I need their help? Oh well, I'll just try someplace else.
all in the same boat

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Valentine's day music mix
Just burned a mix for Valentine's day, check it out. If any other lonely hearts out there tonight come on over to the Blue Moon for a beer by the fire. See you there!

American women- Guess who
Lorelei- Styx
Hard to handle- Black crowes
She's tight-
I want you to want me- Cheap trick
You shook me all night- AC/DC
You ain't seen nothing yet- BTO
Rock you like a hurricane- Scorpins
Dirty white boy- Foreigner
Hair of the dog- Nazareth
Dead ringer for love-
Paradise by the dashboard light- MeatLoaf
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Are you hungry?

Hey winter_in_asia, thanks for taking the turkey! I would have come out and introduced myself but was already warm in the sheets! Thanks for the info on the complex, btw. Our last couple of places (one in Corvallis & one in Portland) have been really really strict regarding cleaning before leaving and now we have fair warning that this place will not be different!
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looking for a recommendation

Going to have a lunch date with a new friend. Would like a brewery pub near I-5, North or NorthEast. Hopefully it will be a little dark, have good brew, and a reasonable sandwich. Help would be appreciated, this is a special person and I don't want to screw it up. Graci!
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new, stephen h

you people make me laugh

valentine's day is for suckers.
just saying...

it was worth the chuckle this evening to stand in line at fred meyers looking at all the other people waiting in line to buy their stupid flowers, chocolates, and heart balloons. and none of them looked any happier for it. what a joyous non-holiday.

-s h

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hey anybody know if there's a place to get a portable cd to car cassette thingy, you know, the kind that come with an adapter in some cd kits, that is cheaper than fred meyer? i just need the tape part that you play in your car's tape player and plugs into the portable cd player. they cost like fifteen bucks there.

suggestions? anybody have an old one they don't want?