February 11th, 2005


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Where can I get a payroll check cashed without paying like 15%?

I heard safeway does it, but I cant find any conclusive information online right now. I've tried the 7-11 machine 20 times tonight and it keeps saying it can't read my check.

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Mmmm cake

I swear to god I am not a crack head. That being said..I really want some coconut cake and its 2:41 am. Now I have coconut in my cupboard, and a good recipe that says I should have coconut cake in about 2 hours. But I want it now...any suggestions?
P.S. I live in ceder hills and I have a car.
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does anyone know what time will call at the roseland ballroom opens on sunday?
have never gotten tickets at will call there before.

haha, sorry, wasn't sure who else to ask...
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Drive time to Wilsonville?

So this summer I have an internship in Wilsonville, and I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to get there/back during rush hour? I'd be leaving from Portland State (getting on I-5 from before the sixth avenue exit), taking I-5 south to exit 286 toward Stafford/N. Wilsonville. I need to get there before 8:00am. Any idea when I should leave?
it's me!

Tax Advice

Can anyone recommend a tax person/accountant?

I need some tax advice regading a very complex situation. I'm NOT looking for a seasonal H&R Block college student.

Any recommendations for specific individuals/firms?

Thanks so much.

- T

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Does anyone know if the Danday Warhols are going to play another show sometime soon? I missed the Tsumani relief show because of work...and i really really want to see them!!

Dandy's rule, OK!

Eggplants in the Cemetery

Any idea why there would be eggplants in the Lone Fir Cemetery? I walk by there every morning along 26th Ave on the way to catch my bus, and I often see the usual rubbish on the sidewalk or inside the fence (including an unused condom yesterday, still rolled up and ready for love), but this morning I saw about a dozen of the swollen purple veggies scattered about. And I've been mightily perplexed all day thinking about it. My girlfriend suggested maybe it had something to do with the Lunar New Year (there are many Chinese-Americans buried in Lone Fir), but I couldn't discover anything on the interweb.

It could be as banal as: Someone had a crate of ready-to-rot eggplants and wanted to dump them. But my imagination wants to believe something more wacky. Cthulhu worshipers or John Barth enthusiasts or something.

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lunch suggestions

I'm going to be in Portland next week and i'm gonna have alot of time on my hands. I havent been in portland for almost 6 months, I would like to go to lunch somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions of where i should go?

thanks for any suggestions!

oh yeah....i'm not a picky eater either so suggest away!
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Oh for the help of the morbidly inclined!

Edit: Thanks for the suggestions boys and ghouls. I think he's decided on either a Seppuku death, or a suicide bomber... of loooove. Yeah.

My co-worker will be attending an Anti-Valentine's Day costume party tomorrow night, the theme is "Your favorite suicide" where you may dress either as your favorite form of suicide (Seppuku anyone?) or as your favorite person who killed him/herself. I think there is a bit of conflict over the last, because you never know with people like Marilyn. Was it depression? Papa Kennedy? The CIA? Ah well. Anyway, I'm trying to help him brainstorm on this, but I can think of relatively few famous people who outright done themselves in. I mean, do fat comedians count? They must've had some idea of where they were going with all of that, right?

Damnportlanders, let your morbid little minds run wild, make a suggestion for a fabulous form of suicide, or a person of some pizazz who offed 'imself. Michael Hutchinson is out, just because it's be annoying to have to run around with your pants at your ankles all night. Drop dead drag is perfectly acceptable, so famous women are fair game too.


I still have an extra pair of Duran Duran tickets available for Thursday, March 10th 2005 at The Rose Garden.

I'm selling them at cost excluding service charge ( $110 compared to $127.00)
They are Section 119, Row H, Seats 1 and 2.

I'd prefer to sell them together, but will consider selling seperately for $55 each.

I can be reached via commenting here or on my journal, or through e-mail at jessicaemerald@yahoo.com.

I hope to hear from some of you.
Thank you so much.

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