February 10th, 2005


Vagina Monologues!

The PSU Women’s Resource Center Presents:


Feb. 10, 11, 12 (that’s Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) 7:30 PM in the PSU Smith Center Ballroom (thats on the third floor. Smith Center is at 1825 SW Broadway) Tickets are $12(student) and $15. All of the proceeds go to benefit the Tri-County Sexual Assault Task Force. This is a really wonderful production, and you should make a point to attend even if you have seen it before. It is a different cast every year, and there are a few wonderful new pieces. And besides being entertaining, that twelve bucks you spend on it goes to a really wonderful cause. Come and bring your friends! Tickets are available at the door, in advance at the PSU box office or via Ticketmaster.

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My husband and I are looking for fairly inexpensive kittens. We have rats and would like to socialize the lot of them so a kitten is a must. We've looked at both humane societies (Vancouver + Portland) and in the Columbian and Oregonian and neither one have any kittens that are less than $85!

So tell me.. where's a girl to find a cute, cuddly kitten for say.. less than $30?

Thanks for all your help!
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Just throwing it out there~

I'm looking to buy a '95-99 Jetta sometime in the next month or so.
Ideally, I'd like to trade in my car (1989 Honda Accord LXi) and pay cash for the remainder...

Anybody had any good, honest, no-bullsh*t experience w/ some local dealers?

Or, Do you know of anyone looking to sell/trade their IN VERY GOOD CONDITION Jetta?
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Red Light?

My mom went to the Red Light the other day with my sister, and she said that they had the perfect skirt for me in the window of the shop.
But when she told the guy that she wanted to buy it, he said he couldn't take down the display, he offered to call her when he took it out of the window.
Here's the problem, she didn't give him her number, because it is a very rare occurance when my mother goes so far from home.

If anyone here works at Red Light, or knows someone who does, will you get in touch with ME when the display comes down? Just from the description I know I need the red skirt... mama knows what I like.

My other option is to go down there and pay for it, and then wait for them to give it to me, if they will even do such a thing...


Calling all techies...

I have the internet at work connected through a firewall, and I would like to install AIM and an LJ client, but when I tried both, they wouldn't connect saying they couldn't get through the firewall. Now, is there a setting that will allow it to pass through, or does something need to be enabled at the server to let third party programs access the net? I am looking for very legal options here, please. Thanks!

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Portlanders to the rescue.

I just got word Billy Collins is reading tonight somewhere in Portland, and I need help finding where! Help me!

*big hugs*
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upcoming events

from the PoetryOffthePage mailing list:

Friday Feb. 11th
@ Lewis and Clark College
Hosted by: Turiya Autry
Featuring: Hungry Mob, Sirens Echo
Renee Mitchell, Rochell D. Hart, Darlene Solomon
Free, All Ages and Open to the public!

Saturday Feb. 12th
Jazz Storytimes @ the Public Library
Turiya reads Short Stories w/musical accompaniament
11am @ North Portland Branch Library
512 N Killingsworth
4pm @ St.John's Branch Library
7510 N Charleston Ave
Free & Family Friendly!

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For more current info visit the PSU Black Studies Department Website.
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IFCC Presents David Daniels' Black Hippie Chronicles


David Daniels’ Black Hippie Chronicles, an autobiographical solo performance

Saturday, February 19, 2005, 7:30 PM
Sunday, February 20, 2005, 3:00 PM and 7:30 PM

IFCC Theatre
5340 N. Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR, 97217
TriMet Interstate MAX – Yellow Line to Killingsworth Station, or Bus #72

Evening - $10 General Admission, $8 for Seniors and Students
Matinee - $6 General Admission, $4 for Seniors and Students
Reservations: 503.823.4322

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Local Peace Center puts on Upcoming Bike Tours!

Hey everyone! My friend recently founded a Peace Center here in Portland and is
organizing some bike tours for this summer. This is an awesome experience to live! Last
year he and a group of people biked all the way across the country from New York to
California and he said it was one of the most influential events in his life....and this comes
from a guy who's traveled abroad and gone on humanitarian trips to Palestine to fight the
apartheid. Whether you like to bike, travel or just meet some cool new people this is an
oppurtunity that you shouldn't pass up to enrich your life!! They're putting on several
tours and they range from a week to a month long and will travel all over the state. Collapse )
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