February 9th, 2005

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Anyone here use MyYahoo? If so, do you know how to get the damn front page back to how it used to look? I try changing it to "Yahoo Basic", but it stays the same!

Also--this is kinda a long shot, but if anyone's going to the Pokémon card prerelease in Salem this Saturday, I *need* a ride.

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Computer geeks of Portland/Vancouver! Are you free tonight? Do you know how to put together a computer, given the parts? I will buy you pizza and beer if you will simply put together a computer for me and make sure the damn thing works.

Email (pearwaldorf at gmail) IM (AIM, pearwaldorf) if I'm on. Thanks.

Dungeons and Dragons players wanted!


New to Portland by way of Iraq(gov't contractor) and I now that I'm back in the US I would like to start gaming again. I am willing to DM and even have a place that will let us play locally(SE 122 and Stark), but I need players! Anyone want to play in a 3.5 campaign?


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Thanks for all the suggestions for chocolates the other day! I went out yesterday to Moonstruck and found some great stuff =).

Anyway, now what I need is a flower shop in downtown that may have boxes of rose petals. Anyone know of such a place?

Thanks in advance!

Travel times and some other stuff

I have a job interview in Tigard tomorrow. I get out of class in North Portland at 2:20. How long will it take me to get there? Is there lots of traffic at that time?

Secondly, what are the towns of West Linn and Oregon City like? Are they ghetto or are they new suburban type towns? With traffic, how long would it take me to reach each from the Rose City area?

Thanks for helping the lowly Californian :)
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free credit report

Hello ... awhile back, there were a couple posts about how/where to get a free credit report, and I seem to recall something about it being only for West Coasters or Oregonians? Anyone? Beuller?

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Grad School Question, etc

I'm looking to go to grad school either at OSU or Portland State. I'm looking into a program in Environmental Education at OSU or possibly this MST program (http://www.cse.pdx.edu/mst/) at PS. I've started contacting professors, etc, but I'm curious as to any opinions on either of the two schools (general opinions are fine) or if anyone is in either of the programs listed. OSU would probably be my first choice, but they are damn expensive, and PS is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Also, how's the job situation in Portland?

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Where can i find stylish, but cheap fabric? Is there a jo-anns (they usually have a bargain section for like $3 a yard.. which is what i'm looking for..) that's bigger than usual in portland?

sick of what crappy styles stores have to offer so i'm making my own stuff!
dun dun... dun dun....

If you have ever had the privilege of seeing me shocked...

...forget all you'd thought knew of the world.
hold on to your pants, friends.

FinAid just sent me a mystery check amounting to a cool, crisp thousand bucks!!!

not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm cashing first thing in the morning and buying my airfare for Germany this summer!!!

I have never been so astounded in my life, btw!

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I'm giddy with dreams of this summer

I'd like to find a patient German tutor to help me hone my conversational skills before my stint in the fairest of faraway lands this July-September...

native speakers are prime, though I'll gladly accept applicants with degrees as well. Honestly, its the disposition that matters, second to the ability to successfully get me off to a good (or great) start.
I currently have a very flexible schedule and the wage is also fairly negotiable, so drop me a line and we'll get started :)


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And I was thinking winter was over. My fingers were almost numb walking home from a certain Old Town adult establishment to The Yards.

In other news, damn Girl Scout cookies for being so bloody yummers!
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Follow up to my recent post...

...asking about haircuts. I ended up going to Blades Hair Studio on NW 21st after all - Rachel cut my hair and did a great job. So if you have curly hair and are looking for someone who knows how to work with it, I definitely recommend Blades (they're probably just as nice with straight hair too!) It's probably the first time I walked out of a hair salon and liked how I looked. Plus the people who work there are extremely friendly. I definitely recommend it.