February 8th, 2005

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movie night

Chance of Rain cafe
1522 S.E. 32nd Ave.
(on Hawthorne)
Portland, Or 97214

Movie night tonight...
It's AH-nold night

starting sixish:
Terminator, followed by T-2 when ever the first one is over :)

excerpt from movie:

Kyle Reese: Pay attention. The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy. But these are new. They look human.

Sarah Connor: Hey, I'm not stupid y'know. Coffee makes me pee!

Kyle Reese: No. Not yet. Not for about forty years.. wait.. thats not right...
patsy stone thanxgiving


maybe i posted this already, my memory is AWFULLY vague [yay for brain drain caused by my courses...]...but is anybody here giving away kittens??? or perhaps you know of somebody giving away kittens??
[or selling for around $20 or less]

i have looked into craigslist and all that other good stuff. thought about adopting at humane center but don't feel like paying $80 for a kitten. [sorry :-X]


needing help for philosophy class

alright. i'm hoping ya'll can help me out with this. i need to do a small presentation on a "person with ideas" which could include philosophers, religious leaders, musicains, etc....
i can't think of anyone that really inspires me to do this idea. if anyone has any great ideas, please leave a comment. it would be greatly appreciated.

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(no subject)

It's a longshot, but, well, I've got the minute or two to waste at the moment...

Looking for a bar, preferably downtown. Specifically, a place with at least one good, dark beer on tap (I'd prefer Guinness or Blackwatch) and at least a couple of bottles of single malt (scotch).

That's the easy part. The hard part is finding a place where the jukebox isn't completely bound up with punk, britpop, or random technoise. If I walk in and they're playing Joan Jett, I'll probably never leave. I'm looking for the Stones, GNR, AC/DC, Ozzy, STP, Alice in Chains, hell, even Kiss... Hard rock and metal, but not this mewling nu-metal crap that has taken over all the Clearchannel World Domination Network radio stations.

(If you've seen it, think of the soundtrack to "Singles" and you're not far off.)

Come on, DP. I know I'm not the one surviving rock fan in this town...
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Ornery Boy

MP3 Player

Ok, I'm looking into buying a MP3 player for my girlfriend misfit_girl and I need some help. I really don't like the iPod but my girlfriend doesn't care which one she gets as long as it has a lot of storage.

So which one should I buy?
content, chicken

Review: Fire on the Mountain

We saw this on LJ long before they opened, and we were excited since they're an easy walk from our house. Friday night, I stopped on my way home and picked up a dozen wings, mild, with sides of medium and hot sauces; a jerk chicken sandwich (comes with sweet potato fries) and some fried mushrooms.

I called the order in before I left work, about a 20 minute drive. They figured my order would be ready when I got there, but I still had another 15 minute wait. I was not distressed in the least, they have good books lying around for the reading, and it means they are getting business!

The mushrooms were good, not too heavily battered. The sweet potato fries were incredible, just the right combo of sweet/salty. And with the demise of Chez What, I've been craving good sweet potato fries! The wings were good, if a little tough. In my house, we eat Tabasco on nearly everything, so our heat-tolerance may be skewed a bit, but my beloved thought the medium was plenty hot enough. I liked the hot but couldn't eat as much of it as I wanted to! It has a different heat base, probably habanero? The jerk chicken was the only disappointment - too much of a sagey flavor that just turned me off. Good and hot, though, if you like sage!

We'll defintely be back - the sweet potato fries alone guarantee that! Oh, and they offer sweet tea, something you can rarely find in Pdx (even if it is on the weak side).

4225 N. Interstate Ave. PDX, 97217

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future transplant

Hello to you damn portlanders

So, I'm very seriously thinking about moving to Portland later this year or early next, and am requesting your advice and information. Like a lot of people I've talked to about this, I am kind of sick of the east coast and would like to live somewhere on the west coast with interesting, intelligent, culturally rich twenty-somethings. I've heard nothing but good things about Portland in this regard. I've also been told that Portland's health insurance is affordable, which is a big plus for me. I even finally got one of those automobile machines, so transportation wouldn't be an issue. My question is: what is it like trying to find a job out there? I graduated college a few months back and have some publishing, copyediting, and audio recording experience. I just need something to hold me down while I work on freelance projects and independent research and buff up my resume before eventually applying to grad school. Are there a lot of opportunities out there, even in the retail sector, and do they pay decently? I know your housing is insanely low cost (at least by nyc standards) so I figured there was a catch. Additionally: do you guys have any major gripes with the city? Is there anything lacking from the overall social experience there? Feel free to add in anything else you think I should know or companies/organizations you think I should start getting in touch with.

Thank you!

-Kidd O
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(no subject)

Do you guys know of a good place (like a consignment store) that I could sell old prom dresses, bridesmaid, fancy dresses to? (not anything like buffalo exchange but somewhere that maybe specializes in used formal dresses?
dun dun... dun dun....

Can I get a witness? Can I get an amen?!

Today, I recieved my first lockout/banning, though I feel it slightly unfair. I'm posting here for you, my panel of peers, to clue me in. Heck, considering I'm quite new to this whole LJ thing, I'll understand if you'd rather I keep this sort of thing to my personal journal... Though I believe it has potential value to us all:
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Worky Work!

(no subject)

Attn : DP! I have received over 20 resumes in regard to the position opening at my work...so we have enough.

You will receive a response (either yes or no) by the end of the week. If you do not receive a response, the boss decided not to warrant any attention given the fact that the resume was poorly put together.

(P.S. Emoticons in a resume does not look professional - I'm just saying. Nor does a 2 page story about your favorite band look all that great)

Good luck to everyone! I'll be working with one of you soon!

Sardonic me
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Hot Tubing?

I want to take my Valentine Hot tubing on Thursday...now...I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. And Places that offered hot tub rental rooms and even hot tubs out doors were very popular, but I'm doing some Google searches and I'm not coming up with anything...so If you have any info, or maybe a better idea for me, please lemme know!

Thanks all!
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(no subject)


question part two:

i went to the affordmentioned location and bought random drinks.

so i need more suggestions for random ethnic markets to by weird drinks, particularly energy drinks.

so sugestions with names / locations would be awesome!

thanks guys.

(no subject)

Heya DamnPortlanders-

This is kinda a sensitive issue, but...

Do any of you know of anyone who has successfully kicked heroin?

Any input is appreciated.

EDIT: I guess what I'm really asking is, what should the bystanders do? What can anybody do? (This very well may be a rhetorical question.)

EDIT numero dos: Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond and share your experiences. I appreciate it very very much.
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(no subject)

Hey, I want to make a mix of bands/artists that originated here in Portland... So anyone have any suggestions? They can be just famous or just starting. Any imput would be great! Any genre too.

a couple of cats

Hi there. I have a friend who is moving because he recently became a dad. He has 2 cats he loves to death but can't take with him. He asked me ifI could take them, and I would because they are very loving and adorable cats, but I already have two that don't get along very well.

If anyone is interested in them, I can get pics in a day or two. We both live in Vancouver. Thanks in advance.

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