February 7th, 2005


In relation to the cookie lawsuit...


The girls ended up coming out $1000 ahead. The evil cookie-hating lady got death threat, and some guys at a forum I know also sent her 10,000 USPS boxes. Maybe she can make a box fort to hide from all of the cool people who actually like cookie goodness.


my bestest friend in the entire world (and i mean it) is coming to visit me early next month. she is not yet 21, and mentioned that she would like to see a quiet acoustic show "or something". any joanna newsom or mirah shows coming up that anyone knows of? or other input? i always appreciate some damnportlanders input. while youre at it, just fire all your best ideas at me. i want to show her the crem de la crem of portland, so she will move here, so i never have to leave again myself. southeast area or anywhere...just as long as its a genuine good time on the lesser expensive side.

thanks :)
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Scratch my back?

I'm looking to become a licensed massage therapist sometime in the near future. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with any of the schools in Portland or the surrounding areas (East West, Oregon School of Massage, Ashmead, and so on).
I was also curious if any of the local community colleges had any accredited programs. I've been looking at their programs online, but its hard to tell what they have going on.
Thanks a lot :)

Fundraising Coordinator Positon available

PT til late summer/fall then FT, $11-13/hr. Hours of business are M-F 7:30 am - 4:00 pm, those would be the full time hours. For the summer, we anticipate the job requiring approximately 24 hours a week during our business hours. We can discuss the actual hours during the interview process.

Organized, detail oriented, computer literate. ACCESS EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!!! Prefer someone with knowlege of databases, using SQL or MySQL preferably. Must be experienced in all general office software, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Job requires working independently, data entry, excellent communication, customer service and phone skills. Light advertising. Prep and process bulk mailings.

Layout experience with Adobe InDesign preferred, but not required. Web design experience preferred, but not required. Solomon experience preferred, but not required.

Small, casual work environment. Great place to work! Benefits package for full time employees.

If you are interested in this job, please email each of the following:

1) Your resume (be sure it shows your computer skills and experience, as well as any customer service and sales experience). Please send this in Word format.

2) Your salary history and expectations. Please send this in Word format.

3) A brief cover letter explaining why you think this is the perfect job for you. Please send this in Word format.

If anyone here on LJ is interested, please send your resume to: kaleidoscopeeye@livejournal.com

If you have any questions, let me know, I would be happy to answer them for you.

.*.the handheld dilema.*..*.

bleh..I want to get a handheld for someone for a birthdaypresent..he is a bit of a computer snob...and I am unfamiliar with handhelds/pdas..whatever..ANY INFO..on what ones are a good bet or any good deals on them is much appreciated..THANKS!
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I've been fascinated by and fawning over the Meme-O-Matics around Portland for months, and finallyfinallyfinally someone posted an article about them (complete with pictures and comment replies from the Meme-O-Matic itself).

So far I've seen them on 28th and Burnside, 24th and NE Alberta, and I stumbled across one downtown at about 8th and SW Morrison on Saturday night (behind Nordstrom), which made me squeal in delight. Looks like there's one on Hawthorne somewhere, too? This is one of my very favorite things EVAR, though I have yet to submit to one. I will, I will. You should, too!
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shoe store.. in SE PDX

im trying to remember the name of a show store in SE PDX..
it is for running shoes, its on woodstock, across from the Bi-Mart..

anyone know the name?.. i tried google, but nothing is striking me as correct.

thanks in advance.

**edit - Thanks for the Help, Place is called PACE,
I dont know how it didnt stick out better when i googled it, but.. there you ahve it.
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Some slight help...

I don't usually do this

Can anyone help me find this guy?

I know...curiousity killed the cat (except for Marshmellow Choo-choo Bear, nothing can kill that), but...gah...just help. If you know that guy, send him to the craigslist listing. But if you are going to pretend to be him to get some booty, I'll give you the same warning I give most people ("i'm wearing steel-toe combat boots and am not afraid to use them").

Oh yea...to help...he goes to OSU appearently, a photographer too.
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(no subject)

I have an extra pair of Duran Duran tickets for Thursday, March 10th 2005 at The Rose Garden.

I'm selling them at cost excluding service charge ( $110 compared to $127.00)
They are Section 119, Row H, Seats 1 and 2.

I'd prefer to sell them together, but will consider selling seperately for $55 each.

I can be reached via commenting here or on my journal, or through e-mail at jessicaemerald@yahoo.com.

I hope to hear from some of you.
Thank you so much.

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manicures and pedicures

the question of the day:

Where can I go to get a cheap manicure and/or pedicure?

It must be inexpensive. When I lived in San Francisco there were all kinds of asian beauty shops where you could get both for like $15. No one in the shop would speak very much english, but they were fast, cheap, and great!

I would also like to bring my boyfriend with me; he would like to get a pedicure.

Any little shops you go to? Beauty schools? The cheaper the better. I'm not picky.
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Dentists in SW PDX

Now that we have insurance, my husband and I are looking to get in to see the dentist. We found for places that are covered by our insurance and before I start calling I thought I'd see if ya'll had any input in. If not, I'll just randomly call, but I trust PDX'ers word of mouth much more than my blind faith!

**Burlingame Faamily Dentistry on Terwilliger**
Good dentist there? One specifically to avoid? Anything?

**Terwilliger Dental on Barbur Blvd.**
Good dentist there? One specifically to avoid? Anything?

**Dr. John Duncan on SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy**
Know anything about the guy?

**Dr. Daniel Gipp on SW 77th Avenue**
Know anything about the guy?

Thanks in advance guys!
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(no subject)

Anyone know of any coffee shops on the east side that have smoking areas similar to anna bananas? I would like to go somewhere and be able to enjoy giving myself cancer while drinking coffee and studying.
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(no subject)

places to get hard to find magazines...someone told me there was a magazine shop downtown...but that doesn't help much since downtown is kind of big...help? thanks in advance.
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Last Thursday on Alberta...

Show ends March 29th

'She saw only his famished eyesight
And smelled the supper in the air
Now she knew she was the main dish.'
--lyric by Polish metal group Tetsky

And now you, too, fair viewers, will have the chance to trip the dark fantastic and oscillate wildly in a world where eyes have mouths (finally!) Christopher Rainone's shadowed skein of altered images will set your mind wandering, sleepless, through the snack-less cupboards in the windmills of your mind. Christopher's experience in performance somehow seeps into this abattoir of bizarre photographic morphs, which in their almost painterly quality, capture the kind of grotesque atmospheres as might be evinced by photographer J.K. Potter. By turns, each new image presents itself like a lost Lovecraftian horror of some science gone awry. Nightmarish; Daymarish;All around marish. Christopher's is a landscape where the devourer is also the devoured.
Christopher sez: 'I see photography as a balance between observing and freezing motion...I want to question the nature of the visual record as objective reality...revealing the darker nature lurking just below the surface of things [and] incorporating the familiar and twisting it just enough to unsettle perceptions."

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Chocolate fondue and wine tasting benefit this Friday

Hearts for Humanity Benefit

Friday, February 11th
4:30pm to 10pm

~ Chocolate fondue and wine tasting ~
~ Art showing by local artist David, unveiling his "Veronica" series ~

Bellamar Salon and Spa
4605 NE Fremont
Suite 105

$25 suggested donation gets you entered into a drawing for a romance package for one night at Portland's Benson Hotel or Fifth Avenue Suites Hotel.

All proceeds go to benefit Mercy Corps and their work with the tsunami disaster.
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Doctors, doctor, on the wall...

...Who's the best one of them all?

Any of you damn Portlanders use Kaiser for a medical group? If so, I'm looking for a good reliable and helpful general practicioner and eye doctor since my work just got me signed up for insurance (finally!). I prefer to choose from MDs and Optometrists that work at either the central portland medical center (on Greeley) or on the west side. Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!
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Mult County Tax: My resonse to your responses

I've gotten so many reponses to this that I felt I should respond in a separate post.

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful to be in a place in my life where I have the relatively high-class problem of having to pay too much in taxes. I don't mind doing my part. I have a son who will be in Mult County Schools in a year or so.

My beef is that this tax is not a solution. It's not large enough to solve the problem, it only puts a bandaid on ONE COUNTY's problem. Now, sooner or later, the State is going to have to seriously approach the funding problem and they're going to come looking for money to.... Multnomah County, among others. Don't think for a minute that we'll get to avoid the county tax if a state tax levy or property tax increase comes down this year. I wish that we had a state-wide solution. I'd be much more content contributing to that.

Now, thanks to Pres. Bush (oh... here's a flame war waiting to happen) I get enough of a Federal tax break to almost cover the County tax, but none of our problems are solved, and the Dems would rightly point out that that Federal Government should not be handing me back tax dollars right now.

So yeah, I'm not too happy when I read stories about bailing out the Rose Garden, or Civic Stadium, or paying consultants huge dollars to study porky programs like MLB or capping the freeway.

Just venting I suppose. I was raised on the East Coast. I'm still amazed that there is such a thing as a state that cannot fully fund the school year. And this problem existed LONG before even Pres. Bush #1, so you can't put all the blame on the Bush Administration, although I'm sure many DPers will try!
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Also known as Single's Awareness Day.

Last year, my best friend and I filled condoms up with Squirt and one with Jello. We ate sushi and saw "50 First Dates", and back to my place for bad poetry.

This year, we're filling them all with Jello.

What are you folks all doing?
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