February 6th, 2005

Mmm chocolate...

So VD is coming up and part of our weekend we'll endulge in some chocolate treats... that's the plan anyway.

Does anyone know of any good places to get good chocolate treats other than Godiva or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? I'm especially looking for chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate/caramel apples.

Thanks in advance!
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A friend of mine is coming in from Dallas, TX next week, and although I have lived here most of my life, not many 'must see' things are coming to mind, that I could either show or take him to. He hasn't been here before, and I'd like to at least give him a decent tour of the place.... any suggestions? Also, although I know there is a Seattle community, are there any places in Seattle that I shouldn't skip over, for someone who has never been there?


on on teh intarweb!

Don't forget, tune into D-lish on sobroken.com radio to catch Tasty and I doin the genre mashup tonight from 7pm-9pm (PST). We'll be mixin up house, breaks and techno from the deep `n funky to electro, to the bangin warehouse and tribal shiz. w00t. It'll help cleanse your soul after all the jock rock from watchin the Superbowl. ;)

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So my best friends birthday is on Wednesday, he'll be 22.  And one of his freinds was going to plan our night out but now I need to.  And in all honesty I'm not good at this sort of thing - so I come to you damnportlanders to ask for your suggestions... Many thanks in advance!

EDIT - he decided we are going to Harvey's... I'm not big on comedy clubs but eh - it's his day... I'll just drink lots :)

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sublet available

we have a room for rent in our house for the months of march-may (though we might be able to have someone move in immediately if need be). the house is located in ne portland right off the 8, 6, and 75 bus lines. we are within 10 minute bus ride or bike ride to safeway, 3 boys market (grocery outlet), fred meyer (and the interstate max line), new seasons, wild oats, big city produce, SCRAP, PCC cascade, alberta arts district, woodlawn, alberta, and penninsula parks, and a quick 20 minute ride downtown and to portland university. the house is three bedroom and one bath, plus a big basement with lots of storage, a craft room/creative space, and an additional room that you can help us decide what to do with (it had been used as a band practice space and we would be opened to that again or any other ideas you might have). nice yard with a white picket fence.

we are two girls and two cats. we are crafty zinesters, queer/queer friendly, bike riders. it's generally a pretty laid back and quiet house.

the kitchen is currently vegetarian, but we'd be opened to respectful meat eaters. gender is unimportant.

the room is available February 25 (possibly sooner). we are planning to move out in may, so this is most likely a march and April sublet, however if you decide to stay in the house and find new roommates, that might be a possibility. we are also opened to anyone interested in staying any portion of the two months depending on your needs.

call 503 240 1801 or email sarahswingset@yahoo.com if you're interested!

rent is $333 + 1/3 utilities. we have cable internet which you will only pay for if you use.

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Ooh, Ooh, pick Me!

So I need some spare pocket change to make ends meet, a check that comes more than once a month (which is how often my twice a week teaching job pays.).

I'd like a gig one day a week at a coffee shop, or perhaps someplace else. I have barista experience, and I'm an affable sort, so I'd love to get back into the face-to-face customer world, but I'm open to possibilities. i've worked a couple of different sorts of retail, and I've always done well. Filing, answering the phone, and alphabetizing rows of books are also in my repertoire, along with Supervisor Experience (ooooh...aaahhh), creativity, and work with small children.

Does anyone out there in Live Journal Land have any sweet hook-ups for a Uber-Part-Time-Job, or have you heard any rumours going around where one could find such a thing?

Any legitimate ideas you have would be appreciated and taken into account in this search (which shall hopefully not wind up some wild goose chase.).
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straigt up gangsta


i have a friend in townwith a partner recently hospitalized that needs short-medium term rental (preferably in the clackamas area) that accepts kitties (just one). i'm counting on you folks :)

Bitch & Stitch

Are there currently any Bitch & Stitch groups started for folks in their 20's. I just learned how to knit a few days ago and was inspired by the Bitch & Stitch book. I have 2 girlfriends who are also interested in either starting a club or joining one with me.