February 5th, 2005

Naked Smirk


So, I live in PSU housing, and like so many other buildings on campus, mine is old with crappy insulation. Often times I have wondered just how much my neighbors can hear my music, my loud friends, or me when a date ends well. Now I think I know.

My upstairs neighbor is getting the shit fucked out of her, and I can hear every damned move. "OH YEAH! OH GOD! UH UH UH!" Not only can I hear her, I can hear the guy, too. And while I'm all for getting a little action (or a lot), and I'm glad my neighbor is having a good time, I'm not all for listening to it.

So, what should I do? Pound on the ceiling with a broom handle? Start moaning, hope they hear it, and get the hint? Give her a knowing wink the next time I see her, and ask, "Have fun last night?" Or, should I slip classy, anon. note under her door? "Next time the sex is that good, invite me over. Listening to it was such a tease."


(Well. In the time it took for me to type this, they (read: he) finished. If I were her, I wouldn't invite him over again.)

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fred meyer rewards card....

as some of you may have noticed, fred meyer has just introduced this new "rewards card", which they are pitching very hard to customers. i work there...so i thought i might share some thoughts on it for the uninitiated.

the card WON'T GET YOU LOWER PRICES. period. what it will do is give you cash rebates if you spend a certain amount of money at freds. using the card earns you 1 point for every 5 dollars you spend. accrue a minimum of 100 points in a given period (about three months long) and you get 5% of your points back in cash--$5 for 100 points. that 100 points represents $500 of spending. so, you got a 1% rebate. if you didn't manage to spend $500 in that particular period, you get nothing, and your points are reset to zero.

now, fred meyer insists the card is "FREE" and that they value your private information. i would submit that you do pay a price for having the card. the entire reason that they are introducing the card is so that they can build a massive database of information. they will use the card to track every single item you buy, when, and where you bought it. they can use this information for just about anything they want. according to their own "privacy policy" (on fredmeyer.com):

"Kroger and its affiliates may use personal customer information to create merchandising and promotional programs tailored around specific purchases, the frequency of store visits, volume of purchases, and other data. Kroger also may use the data it collects to investigate and respond to customer requests, concerns, and claims...
...We may share personal customer information with our subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, representatives and trusted business partners for the limited purpose of providing services or information to Kroger or our customers at our direction."

your info could also be obtained by a subpoena...

so, make the decision of whether or not you want this card carefully.
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Safeway is full of fucking shit.

Their weird chemical log things state clearly:


This is no three hour log. I had a three hour log after eating a bunch of yogurt with cheese melted on it one time.

This fake-ass log lasted 45 minutes, tops. I HATE both the real and the fake log mafia. The real log gangsters assemble, like, an elf package of wood, for 4.19$. By the cord this shit would cost like 21 cents. Urban wood dealers make crack dealers look like the Good Humor Man. Not to mention, its SOAKING FUCKING WET. Tonight I siphoned diesel fuel using my mouth, a garden hose, and three milk jugs just to try to soak this retarded little elf pack of wood with enough to spark a fire. NOTHING.

Who am I supposed to lodge my complaint with?

the log section of the better business bureau?

It actually costs me way more money to heat my house with elf packs of wood and safeway (totally full of shit) "3 hour clean burning chemical logs" than it would if I was to install a sauna and a hot tub and survive off the steam. It would make the ramen Im eating, in order to heat my home, easier to prepare and season.

Hot Tub RAMEN!

actually that would pay for itself....

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I can't do car payments anymore! I'm selling my awesome 2003 Ford Ranger pickup. Hands down, the most practical and useful vehicle I've ever had. If you're looking for a truck, here it is:

It's a 5 speed, with about 31,000 miles on it. The factory warranty is good until 2006/36,000 miles, and can be extended through any ford dealership. It's a pretty basic truck; two wheel drive (but with as much ground clearance and my friend's 4 runner), and a CD deck -- no power stuff, because in my experience that always seems to break after about 50,000 miles. I have a camper shell for it, too, which is included in the price. Kelly Blue book values it at about 10,000 to 10,300 (it was 10,200 and something), but I just want to get out of my loan -- I'm willing to take $8100 for it. I might also be willing to trade cash and an older Subaru. Reply here or call my home if you're interested: (503) 598-0863.

Incidentally, I posted this on craigslist as well; there are more pictures of it there, or at this site.


(incidentally, please only reply if you're interested in the truck -- I like to keep things on-topic. thank you!)

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i enjoyed reading all of your responses to my post about your favorite brew. thanks for sharring your opinions.

now, second step, whats going ON tonight?

shows, movies, plays, speeches, im open to whatever, i feel like going out (albeit by myself, that just happens to be the way i like to do things), so please do share any info you have about that too.

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Happy weekend, Portlanders! I have a weird request. I am a student at PSU doing an anthropology project on the public library system — it’s pretty generally focused at the moment but the main point is to look at the sort of public space supplied by the library. And I thought, think of all the people on LJ who must use the public library system and maybe some who even work there! Think of how those kind souls might deign to give you their opinions! Think of how many less people you would have to harass in person!

It’s really hard to ask for interviews at the library. You know, with the whole not talking policy. ;)

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I made a really amateur little page of my journey through January's Last Thursday Art Walk on NE Alberta. It's got pics of me (hee) and then lots of crappy shots of really beautiful art. So if you're at all interested in checking out one of our coolest little local Portland art scenes, take a peek. It's on my diaryland site, here. Enjoy! <3<3

optical smarts?

2 things I ask of you, beloved damnportlanders...

1) Contacts, and prescription. Where can one with no health insurance find the best prices? (prescriptions and actual lenses, maybe I can mix and match). I called the big guys who claim cheapness and they were not. In the past, I've made use of coupons for acuvue lenses and whatnot, anyone have anything like that or know where to find them?

2) Smart cards. Have any you're not using? I'm in need of some (preferably) 16mb ones (3.3 volt), but if there are 8mb or 32mb I'd take a gander. I'm hoping to find folks just looking to get a bit of extra cash for stuff they might not have a need for, and who might part with said cards of smartness for small amounts of the green stuff. But let's talk.

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Recommend me a repair shop or a computer geek, preferably in North Portland or the Vancouver area that won't charge me an arm and a leg.

I have a motherboard, hard drives, and a CD burner, all I need is somebody to help me put it all together, because I am stoopid.
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I Need Good and Quick Internet. Any Help?

Being a total computer nerd who doesn't know much about computers, I'm wondering how I can go from from using the archaic dial-up system to access the internet I'm using to something a lot quicker. I'm on the spiritone plan currently but want something faster. What's best for me that's good and relatively cheap? Any local carriers that are good or should I use something else? I'm looking for something that's good for a Mac user if that helps at all (if not alienates the many PC users out there). :)